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The original box OC. I am harsh but fair, witty but dull, and kind and cruel. Sometimes I cry at puppies, too.


November · 9:31pm Nov 1st, 2013

Apologies for the lack of updates, but amidst working on MWBD, finding a job, completing school, and rewriting 60% of the past chapters for Homebound, I've been really, really busy.

... The Steam sales may or may have not played a part, as well. Nobody's perfect, least of all me.

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Writer's Box · 4:48am Sep 18th, 2013

if others can get away with gifs instead of words I deserve to as well
.homebound is coming

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Promises · 4:01am Mar 10th, 2013

Oh dear. It's certainly been a while, hasn't it? I suppose I don't really have any excuses for being absent for over a month, right after a giant cliffhanger on Homebound, but what can you do? I got sick once, had surgery, got sick from the painkillers and felt like death was probably a nicer option than having my stomach decide to try and crawl up my throat, and then sat around being depressed about life for quite a bit.

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Back. · 12:42am Nov 24th, 2012

New Homebound chapter up, secret project cancelled, no progress on the Rainbow Dash story*, and three scenes away from completion of the first chapter of VV, which is currently looking to be 25k long.

That is all. It's good to be back.

(For Homebound readers, I posted some questions in the comments of the recent chapter. Could use some input on that.)

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Leaving. · 12:33am Nov 19th, 2012

I'll be gone for the next couple of days, until Saturday at best. During that time, I'll still have access to the computer, and chances are I'll be very, very bored. I believe last year when this happened, I wrote over 12k words (which later ended up becoming Homebound.) and with that said, I'll still be writing. I've got Chapter 19 (the dreaded Pinkie Pie chapter) of Homebound, Rainbow Dash Has Tea With Jesus (I might rename it to

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Apologies and Fair Warning · 12:53am Nov 2nd, 2012

I don't have much choice but to make this brief, because I've only just managed to get my phone internet connection working, and as I got to show my good friend Laichonious in person (I'm not actually a pony or a box in real life :o ) it has a super tiny keyboard and I have super big hands. In short, my internet is out and it won't be coming back immediately. Minimum time, maybe for two days. Once again, though, all my recent work is on gdocs. This means, of course, I can't write in them. I can

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It's Here. · 6:07pm Oct 7th, 2012

Magical Brony Wizard Detectives.

It's a collab that I've co-written. Specifically, a Terry Pratchett styled Equestrian Noir, as a direct sequel to TGBM (The Great Brony Migration, which I edited). It's a comedy, and it has my OC in it.


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It Comes. · 2:46am Oct 5th, 2012

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The Eagle Has Landed · 3:45am Sep 22nd, 2012

Really I'd prefer "Coyote" but the reference wouldn't work as well, right?

Holy cow, the computer is so much bigger than I remember. It's all that time spent using the phone, I say. You forget the size of things and you fingers need time to learn the ropes of the keyboard again. Hooboy.

It's late, I'm tired, but I'm home.

writing will commence

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Last Transmission · 11:11pm Sep 17th, 2012

No, I'm not back yet. Yes, I did go crazy and start writing a little bit over my phone. Yes, I am probably going to do the Hitler and CMC Teaverse fic. Yes, when I write it, Hitler will be speaking German and the CMC will be completely oblivious to what they have on their hands.

So no, I'm not back yet, but as I type this, our last day us coming to a close.

That doesn't count the four days it will take to get home, mind you. That includes driving and flight time.

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