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A suicide-mission turns first contact when a skeleton crew and their eager captain land smack dab in the middle of Canterlot. To Princess Celestia, it's an opportunity to make a valuable ally and a new friend, just as long as she can trust them. Enter seven Equestrian ambassadors: the six ponies and one baby dragon hoof-picked by Celestia herself to observe and report their findings on what really is beyond Equestria's skies. After all, Celestia can't be everywhere.

Unfortunately for them, Equestria just so happens to be a bright red target on every star-map in the galaxy, and a peaceful tour led by a veteran of a pseudo-mercenary military known as the Wing quickly becomes a race against time to save Equestria, the worlds beyond, and possibly the entire galaxy.

That's only if they can save themselves first, of course.


Though this is technically a crossover with an existing universe, you won't find it anywhere, so there's no crossover tag for it anymore. It is primarily written for myself and a few friends of mine. Also as a note, it is largely first person and told from the perspective of one of the "human" characters - though technically he's an alien. There are a few exception chapters, but if you don't like that idea, then this was your warning. [EDIT]: There will be more third-person scenes following rewrites to the earlier chapters.

If you have critiques, comments, theories, or anything, please comment, favorite, and like. Etcetera. Note: Homebound takes place between seasons two and three of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which is owned by Hasbro, and anything pony belongs to them.

HIATUS EDIT: No, it's not dead. It's just hard to write with what I've had going on, though I am still working on both the next chapter and the quality-control rewrites for the earlier chapters. I /will/ provide links to the earlier chapters, but I've gotten a lot of negative and non-constructive comments because of them, and I feel like I should rewrite them anyway. On the bright side, the official Wingverse tabletop is in full swing with my lovely players, Plebeian, Laichonious, SilentBelle, and some other fourth guy.

tl;dr: it is on.

Cancel edit: Unfortunately, real life took over six years ago as I got ready to graduate highschool and go to college. That, and I and my friends drifted away from the fandom at large. While I don't follow MLP anymore, I look on it fondly. I however managed to eek out one extra chapter and a large rebooted chapter with the purpose of making it more Equestria centered. And also better. This story helped me practice and while I certainly wouldn't cite it to my professors, the skills I learned from making what I did helped prepare me for my English degree and current career.

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This sounds promising. Also... PONIES. IN. SPAAAAAAAAAACE!

Me Gusta! Plus the fact that this is, and I quote, ''primarily written for the enjoyment of a few friends'' and self edited reminds me of, well, me :twilightblush:

Anyway this is really promising. Waiting for more.
BTW: is there any chance you can tell me what's been crossover-ed in this? I'm getting EVE Online vibes...

Cabbage out.

hm... having never read it, I will guess that humans find a planet (I call "PLANET 1198366" [PONY in base-36]) and land there to find equestria...

I'm probably wrong as hell, but I'll find out :pinkiehappy:

make chapter four.

or you will dissapear mysteriously one night. :pinkiecrazy:

Very interesting so far. Can't wait for more.

Great fic so far, keep the chapters comming!

Good! But why are they crewing this ship, on such an important mission, with any cadets, let alone an entire crew of them? Not having briefed them ahead of time is also bad military practice. The Army often doesn't tell you things, but mission briefings are not done 7 minutes before contact.

540180 All the chapters of Act one, which is about nine of them, are currently finished, while the majority are unedited. And... oh, well. I'll be sure to keep them coming at a steady pace, then. :P

534387 A tad off, perhaps.

548165 The legitimacy of the Wing rank system is a bit wonky, which will certainly be explained later. If Jackson wanted to, he could do the mission solo. The reason for having the cadets is simply for cannon-fodder, even if they don't know it. I suppose I had failed to explain their reason for being there properly, though. Woops. And, while I know a lot of people are going to subconsciously compare the two, the Wing isn't the Army we have today.

533791 Ponies in space-suits will not happen. Ever. Sorry. :trollestia:

I don't understand why this fic ain't got a few hundred likes by now.
It totally deserves them. :applejackunsure:

Very well written, nice story overall. Good job!

New chapter?...Bison, if you will.

Also, first blocked BEEYETCH!!

ALL OF MY THUMBS UP. ALL OF MY FAVES. TAKE THEM. Well written, well paced, a good plot


How unoriginal of me.


"Tahm to take flaht!" :ajbemused: piss off applejack, i tried my best to sound like you.

another great chapter. keep up the good work

695237 Heh, thanks. And as for your question:

There are several hints as to what happened hidden throughout the current chapters, mostly the second one. Full details on what history knows about Earth will be revealed later on, but it's too early for any of that, and I doubt what they know will be any great satisfaction. "What really happened to Earth?" is going to be a continuing and hugely important question throughout the story, so don't expect any in-depth answers right off.

"Aran V!los"
.....How the f(:yay:)ck do you pronounce that?

well....i think someones gunna get a hoof to the face

I am so looking forward to the following conversation after that bit of information.

700840 Suddenly: "If any of you get aggressive, you're going out the airlock."

I'd laugh my ass off.

In other news: Way to go TACT. Way to go.

705908 I feel the need to defend Jackson here. While going into the details of why him wanting to "keep the ponies safe" is a bit spoilerish, and why he thinks it's a good idea is even more spoilerish, I think it can be summed up in saying that Jackson isn't destined to be a guy who has everything together. You can look at real world history and sometimes say, "Only an imbecile would make that move!" a whole lot.

"You must be a total imbecile to flee from danger when it come to you anyway. Sooner or later."


A/N, my apologies for the late chapter. I had to quickly gush this out in two days (edit-wise, at least) and it is the last fully-written chapter that survived the destruction of my flash drive, as well as - hopefully - the last boring chapter. The long-time-arc plot introduction starts up next chapter, I promise. The chapter after will be the last chapter in the act, then we can get back to Equestria with the two Interlude chapters I have planned. From here on out, everything is newly written - whereas most of the older stuff came from as far back as November 2011. So chapters will be chugged out a little slower.

Also, new story cover, donated by one of my buddies. :twilightsmile:



+5 internets for anypony who knows

Good job Rets, I finally got to read this. It's the perfect blend of information, sarcasm and awesome characters. I'll read the next chapter now... Cuz, I don't want to jump into the thing without knowing more...

idk why, but I'm oddly leery of Dylan... something about him just doesn't sit right with me. Or Roland for that matter, perhaps I'm just mistrustful of faceless soldiers... Anyway I spotted a couple typos, you wrote 'seem' when you meant 'seen' when he was talking about his lips being dry at the beginning, too lazy to find it and quote it for yah but it's there. And there was a rouge comma hangin' around the middle of it, also too lazy to go find. On ward to the next chapter!

What is it crossed over with? A game, book or movie? I just can't find any references.

Well would you look at that, I was loling throughout most of this, just because it's written so well that Jackson's sarcasm is perfectly placed. I can totally visualize it and it makes me want to read more. ON WARD!

732246 A small universe set up by a couple of my friends, mostly for us to screw around in. The reason there's no "Crossover" tag is because, while it is a crossover by literal definition (Canon A mixed with Canon B) it isn't any kind of crossover with something everyone already knows. Like I said, I'm writing it purely the enjoyment of a few, but I'm releasing it anyways. You won't find any references of it.

Good show, good show. I should probably stop reading this and work on my own stuff but ON WARD TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!

I really should stop... NEXT CHAPTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm seriously tempted to just read all of this in one sitting. This is indeed worthy of more views, what's the matter with people? Also I'm still distrustful of Dylan...

Whelp, only one more after this so might as well read it. Also, just go ahead and jettison Dylan out the airlock anyways Jackson, he gives me the willies, robot or not...

The was a marked increase in typos in this one, just throwing that out there. I've decided I like Jackson, even if he is a complete jerk, but he's funny and has some deep history lurking under his sarcastic facade. Nine chapters in, Awesome. I still want to jettison Dylan, and Roland, I don't know WHY so don't ask... Also, Twilight Sparkle is adorable, just want to make that clear.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Twilight_Sparkle_lolface.png

wasn’t caused by going through the anomaly, because it was because we weren’t ever going through the anomaly. It was... sort of like a teleport spell, but like nothing I’d ever seen before...”

I've had this inkling that the Anomaly was artificial for quite some time now. Or at the very least, the Anomaly is actually an impenetrable barrier, and someone LET them come through.
Celestia was also very quick letting Twilight and friends, hero's that wield the ultimate power in Equestria, go with these unknown aliens after only a brief meeting.

Perhaps they've decided that it's time to join the galactic community, noticed the ship attempting to enter the Anomaly and teleported it in (And then back out)? Either way, it definitely feels like Celestia/Luna are letting this happen. And if they didn't want it to, the ship would have burnt up in the Anom.

Loving where this is going, and can't wait to hear about what's going on with Art and the ground crew, when he gets to confronting Celestia about the Anomaly. Because I reckon it's going to BLOW. HIS. MIND.

That's basically what I said lol.

I gotta put in my two bits, even though I pre-read for you on this one. This is nice and solid. Jackson is hilarious and Twilight is adorkably innocent. And the College of Admirals = epic win.

I am seriously considering going through with my threat of doing a reading of this. Then you will be somewhat more famous and you will hate yourself for writing something so well.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Pinkie_loool.png

WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ponies in SPAAAAAACE!!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:


Could be worse.

Could be a consonant.

Y'know, like L, or V, or Q.

yes, but E is nothing compared to evil, diabolical mind of O.

758757 What about Y? It's got split-personality syndrome. That almost always adds up to chaos.


Nothing is scarier than W.

I'm sorry, but any letter that has a WORD in how it's said? 'Double You' is up to no good.


You will all learn to fear the name! :twilightangry2:


Well... the letter E is a little pointy, so I guess it might hurt being poked by it.

L always creeps me the fuck out. :rainbowderp:

E? Well, as long as it's not Q. J's nice, though Y's a bro as well.


Well... At least it isnt Mr.X. :rainbowwild:

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