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I am an freelance artist and writer. I love MLP:FIM and enjoy reading some of the stories other Bronies write.

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Yes... it is another Pinkie 4th wall breaker fic. I was bored... so I quickly jotted this down. Hopefully y'all were as entertained by it as I was! If you think it is horrible... well, I wasn't going for an epic fic anyway. It was just something to pass the time.

Until Later!


that name, it sounds. . . . dirty:trollestia:

“So all I have to do is think of something I can get it?” Shouldn't it be "and I can get it"?

The purple unicorn began to frantically paced back and forth It should be pace, not paced

Other than that, this is nice. I liked it

For a minute I was worried about a "Cupcakes" story...

Good short story, I was thinking of writing a Pinkie 4th wall breaker fic. In where Pinkie tries to abduct me and take me to Equestria.

Love it. Haha! So funny.

This is really good. You should make some continuation fics on this. Randomness especially if Discord got into it and thinks the author as his father.

931779 Thanks for the corrections! Glad you enjoyed the story. :pinkiesmile:

931799 Another Cupcake... no way! That story is way too overdone (and not very good in my opinion). 4th Wall breakers are more fun to write anyway!

931808 4th wall fics are always fun to write! Scratch that... anything with Pinkie Pie is fun! :pinkiehappy:

931899 :rainbowwild:

931936 Glad you enjoyed it!

931978 I might add an extra chapter or two if I can think of something good. But for now, this will probably be it. Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

931799:pinkiesick:I did to,until I saw the tags.:facehoof:

Love this story. Don't know why though? Just random I guess. I'll leave you with this.


932157 Glad you liked the randomness! Thanks for the emoticons, they make Pinkie happy... :pinkiecrazy:

I found my self stairing at the celing a cupple times:pinkiehappy:
Great short story yo

Spike: Were did you guys just come from? Twilight::twilightoops:

“Or more importantly, what is it wearing?” Rarity hissed. “What drab clothing! No design, no accessories... It has no sense of fashion at all!”

Rarity insulted the brony fashion sense!:raritydespair: MY LIFE IS RUINED!

1: Good story.
2: Pinkie if you keep messing with the fourth wall something bad is going to happen....... And it will probably be hilarious so do it anyway:pinkiecrazy:. I'll cover for you. :pinkiehappy:
3: The Angry Brony approves :moustache:

This amused me. Though I was fairly certain Smartypants was female...

938939 She called it Mr. Smartypants when she was giving to the CMC, but they did refer to it as a she on occasion as well... So I think it can go either way.

938966 That's what she s- No, I won't say it. That joke is overdone as it is.

One of the better fourth-wall breaks I've read. Twilight freaking out was genius!:rainbowlaugh:

Just seen this now... Good story by the way!!! :pinkiehappy:

Short, cute, and leaves me wanting more. :twilightsmile:

I reviewed this ages ago, and I'm finally catching up with notifications. Apologies! In short: it's quite amusing and the characterisation is decent for 2012, though there's a little too much meta for my personal taste and the ending is underwhelming.

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