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I am an freelance artist and writer. I love MLP:FIM and enjoy reading some of the stories other Bronies write.


After getting their cutie marks, the three crusaders go their separate ways but they try and keep in contact through letters to each other. This story is following them as they grow up to face the best life has to offer, and the worst...

[This story was originally written back during Season 2. It has been edited to add in some elements from the newer seasons, but the story itself has not changed.]

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Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here. Also, a section of this story was incomplete. I can't find where it is though. Please wait until tomorrow before answering this comment.

5278096 I have actually been rewriting it, but have never thought it was good enough to submit to EqD. I might give it a try sometime, but it will need a lot of editing first. :twilightsmile:

That's it?! No! What about Scootaloo?! :pinkiegasp:

is scoots dead

Oooh loving it so far! I hope to hear more on scoots though, this story is definetly going in the top of my Favourites(and tracking of course) list!

Ooh my... Quite a lot has happened... Apple bloom can't be dead! I understand that sweetie probably quit because she lost all of her friends because Of the music industry but... They can't be dead... Please....

please release another chapter soon, the suspense is killing me from the inside.

Applebloom isn't dead.

shit just got real

aj was out of character you made her sound like she was telling sweetie her dog died that her sister applebloom Aj whould freak the fuck.out if her lil sis died family is everything to an apple

also needs more steam punk scoots lol

what the fuck really? did i just read this ? ......

that was a awesome story truly took me by surprise the last two chapters like holey shit never saw that coming you think you read everything on this site but this really went from standered happy typical pony to ohh there dead. needs to be longer and characters a lil off really good tho still nice job hope your next one turns out even better because i will be reading it for sure

Well that was an odd ending. No doubt I LOVED reading this(and the daily chapter releases? Fantastic!) but as kluck mentioned, the last two chapters were REALLY rushed. It went from a good developing story to wow! Dead. The end. Overall it was good but the only being could be improved.

I do know that Rainbow Dash is in good hands

shouldn't that be "good hooves" ? :duck:

:fluttershyouch: that was such a sad ending!

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