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Legal Brief


When the CMC try their hooves at getting their cutie marks again, the literary landscape will be forever altered

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Any constructive criticism or feedback welcome. If you find any errors either, please feel free to let me know so I can fix them.

You nailed it.
(haha see what I did there?)
There is no way this story isn't going to be great...

Keep going. I love the Pinkie and the Brain reference in the first two paragraphs

Oh no. This will not end well.

Hmmmmmm, I see one problem already: Scootaloo can't fly. So she can't get to Dash's cloud house. Thus she can't try and see if Dash has any of THOSE sort of books.

Oh dear, this will surely end hysterically. Fave.

932139 Dishonest! WOOPIEE!!!!!!! Love her...she's the dark side of....well...Applejack of course and part of the Dark Elements. Anyway a CMC fic, shit...sign me up, this has humor written all over it LOL.

Pinkie and the Brain reference noted.

Have you by chance read A Clopfic by....Spike?!?


Soon(tm). More is coming.

I included that for a friend to see if they would notice. I'm glad a you and a few others noticed. I was afraid that it was a bit too subtle if you didn't know what to look for but it seems not.

Oh don't worry. I'm sure Scoots will think of something :scootangel:

I actually have read that one and quite enjoyed it. It's not what inspired me to write this, but he certainly came to mind when I was working out who I wanted to be the author(s).

Oh CMC is there anything you won't try? Can't wait, probably will have exaggerated stereotypes of all of ponyville in it.

I'm 99% sure you knew this, but the way you wrote that response makes me wonder if you knew Sweetie Belle wrote the fic, not Spike. That's what made me think this was somehow related, as it could make your story a prequel sort of thing in my head canon for this ficverse.

I've had this on my read later list for a couple days, but just got around to reading it, and let me just say I love it. I like CMC stories, and this one seems like its going to be good. Can't wait to see their reactions when they find out what is in those books.

I'm really looking forward to an update, this has potential to be one of the best stories ever.

Soon(tm) is now upon us. Sweetie Belle is on a mission to get some books and nothing and no pony is about to stop her. First multi-part fic here, so I hope I can keep the momentum going. Bonus points to anyone who can recognize the fics and author I alluded to in the story; all of those are real and popular on this site.

Also, I feel I may have reserved my spot in pony hell with a part of this chapter. I'm sure any readers will know where. Oh well, I'm sure the greats like Andrew Joshua Talon won't mind more company.

Feel free to point out anything that needs fixing.

Happy reading and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am writing it.

I really want to read this story - please tell us the title of at least one! :duck:

Rarity had long since scaled the wall of nervous, jumped across the canyon of terrified and firmly landed in the lake of pure mortification, blood turning to ice in her veins and legs straining to keep from collapsing on the floor.

Favorite paragraph. Excellent work sir!

I loved all the plot jokes.
Obviously some of those books were titled "A Dragon in Twilight", "Tipsy", "Xenophilia", "Four of Two", and "Naked Singularity"

"maybe Cerberus wasn’t there to keep things in Tartarus but to keep ponies like her sister out" :unsuresweetie:

that line got me :rainbowlaugh:

You my good reader certainly know some of the big ones out there.
Without giving too much away just yet, pononymous guessed at least one that will show up at some point.
Maybe it's just me, but the CMC seem worth fleeing from if given the opportunity. They did bring Discord back after all.

Tipsy isn't quite as famous as the others yet, but I'm trying to help a great clop and a fellow Anonymous out.

I still think this is going to be great! For your first chaptered, the flow is really good. Can't wait for chapter 3.

damn you!!!!!!! Why you cant post faster?! We have male fans wishing to know what AJ likes!!!

932139 Oh how right you were and you didn't even know it!

Soon(tm) is once again upon us. And what a ride this has been. So my exposure to southern accents like AJ and her family have is rather....low outside of FiM. I'm sorry if I butchered how anyone talks. I had this sitting around for a while almost (but not quite) done but I just couldn't come up with how to end it. I hope it is still funny. Writing something so far outside of my comfort zone is a nice challenge and I think I've learned a thing or two along the way. Next up: Scootaloo. Then I really get to the part I imagined when I convinced this fic: the part where the girls actually get down to reading / writing.

I assure you, it's still funny. And the thought of the CMC trying to compose clopworthy material -- well, the mind boggles.

Ah AJ that is what you get for passing the buck.

Ha, Dishonest, a very impressive and very powerful dark half of Applejack. On another note.....you have got to love Granny Smith, she's just so bucking awesome, everyone keeps dissing on her but I'll protect her to my very last MLP breath, go Granny!

Also for Apple bloom: *Cue Mission Impossible theme song*

1032838 a good tip is watch Andy Griffith or however you spell it.
And this is what I think of your story Mister!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Ahahaha this is gonna be good. I can't wait to see Aj's reaction when she realizes that she pretty much indirectly gave AB the books XD

Unintentional Sweetie Trolle is best pony.

...I changed my mind. Troll Granny is best pony.
Now to begin Operation Sit Here And Wait Another Long Time For The Next Chapter To Be Posted (or OSHAWALTFTNCTBP, for short).

Scoot Scootaloo! Well, I finally uploaded this. Yay~ So that was a long wait....I think I'll do better with that next time. We are nearing the home stretch. One or two more chapters depending on how I deal with the end of the story. Two references for those who didn't get them: the rocket ship is in reference to the drawing that John Joseco did in honor of Neil Armstrong's passing and the catsuit-clad Scootaloo was inspired by the ask stalkerloo tumbler. Thanks for sticking with me on this wild ride. We're almost there. :trollestia:

First! (Because the author doesn't count.)

EDIT: Now for the actual comment. My brain cannot comprehend the awkward hilariousness of future chapters. Can't wait! :pinkiehappy:

No good can come of this. :applejackconfused:

Rainbow Dash once again proves why she is best pony.

Wait, Scoots vandalized library property?! UNACCEPTABLE!!

Why didn't Rainbow Dash have a copy of Naked Singularity? She loved that book. (go check the fic out and then edit it in to the list) She should also have a copy of Tipsy.

Was laughing at seeing Rainbow Dash having such a glint in her eyes, this is just so freaking epic, I love it.

uhhh...This reallt makes dash sound like a pedo...:fluttercry:

This got lost in my giant read later folder. Good thing I finally found it. What a difference between AJ and Dash's reactions, lol! :applejackunsure: :rainbowlaugh:

Very cute stuff, any chance of updates to it happening anytime?

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