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Legal Brief


Twilight Sparkle is a mare of science. With her newest creation finally completed, she undertakes her greatest challenge yet: find out where Pinkie Pie (the decidedly unable to teleport earth pony) goes when the party pony vanishes from sight only to appear somewhere completely different.

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That was so funny! Ah, the abbreviations. :twilightsmile:

A cute and funny story, this has my favourite and my thumb. Write more!



I wonder how closely related science is to SCIENCE! And I also wonder who was silly enough to expose Twilight to either of them. :derpyderp1:

557078 I got a suspect... :trollestia:

I managed to keep it together for a considerable amount of time, but I lost my shit laughing at

Science was everywhere, even places science had no right to be.

A MUSTACHE FOR YOU :moustache:

Also, you missed the beginning quotation mark here:

I must know, for science!” Twilight Sparkle practically shouted

I loved the innuendo.
Also I think Dr.Insano could help in this situation. I mean between him and his gay-dar he's even sciencier than twilight.

mmmm just taste that science. Glorious glorious science.:twilightsmile:

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