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Legal Brief

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Am I the only one who hears Applebloom telling me to buy some apples when I go to the store? Excuse me while I go buy some apples....:applecry:

Hmm... Interesting... I have a feeling about this... but I'll keep that to myself for now.

Looks good, if a tad convoluted at times. Good job :D

"I'm an American."

What a twist. Also, why am I allowed to only like this once?!

Moving on. Ya wanna buy some pineapples?

Nice details for a story about buying apples. Good job. I enjoyed it. Also,


Pears? Vile things.

oh my god the dreaded pears

Whats he got against pears i like pears

Please execuse my retardation for not having watched dr.who

Excuss me, but I love pears...and I was laughing so hard on this fic that I think I popped a lung:rainbowlaugh: and DERPY!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite pony of all of life, poor Derpy, she just don't know what went wrong! Ha....so he is a tritor to his own body huh?

Nobody ever buys any carrots...

Pears do evil things to intestines!!,:pinkiesick:

Oh my, your imagery is AMAZING! :raritystarry:
And you still made me laugh! You're Watched, now.

Hahahaha:rainbowlaugh: I laughed out loud in the middle of th library when I got to the end, great story!

Hahhahababhahbaaa ahaha.*gasp
I think I laughed. 5/5

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