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Speed Racer is eager to get back to The School of Friendship after the winter holidays. It doesn't take him long to notice something is different with his friend Pistachio. The story of what actually happened does drag on however.

Written for TheDriderPony during the Quills and Sofas Secret Santa exchange 2023.

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Pistachio got Pinto Panto Nuts.

If he actually got passed Pished ass iode everyone was too drunk to remember?:trixieshiftright:

You were challenged to write a feghoot? Godspeed, somehow I didn't see it was coming, even though I immediately picked up on the title pun.

...well. I guess that explains why the whole story felt like it was just happening only to deliberately set up for something. But it got a chuckle out of me nonetheless, so it must've been doing something right! :rainbowlaugh:

:twilightoops: Wut?
:moustache::raritywink: Really?
:rainbowlaugh: SmolderNut!
:pinkiehappy: Pistachio ! Smolder! Wowzers!
:ajsmug: Apples!
:yay: Discord, You thinking what I'm thinking?
:facehoof: .... Why? Rainbow has Tank, Pinkie has Gummy, Rarity has Spike, Fluttershy has Discord...Pistachio has Smolder...
:trollestia: Sunset has a Gecko ...:twilightangry2: No! :ajsleepy: I still have Apples if it makes you feel better

Speed followed Pistachio’s gaze and was not surprised to see who had so fully captured his friend’s attention. There, just a few lockers down the hall was a student that never failed to catch Pistachio’s gaze. An intimidating dragoness named Smolder that Pistachio had a not at all secret crush on. The poor sod couldn’t even look at her without blushing.

That's actually a pretty cute shipping between those two a rare one as well I like it

"Well you see…" he began. "I didn't want the end of the story to to drag on. Because you see, the story of how I got my drag on, was also, in the end, the story of how I got my dragon."

I see what you did there very funny lol

Okay this is actually pretty funny story but also cute too and also nice to see pistachio very underrated character and it looks like he goes to the school of friendship so that's awesome and apparently he can't go back home since his parents are sick but at least he got the chance to hang out with smolder the one he got a crush on and with the others as well but apparently things got really crazy but somehow both smolder and pistachio hit it off pretty well I would say this is a very nice story very funny with the puns keep up the good work


During the holiday, did Speed finally learn the mysterious Pony X is actually his long-lost brother?

Eyupp, a Feghoot including an unusual pairing. Glad to met a fellow pun enjoyer. :raritywink:

Thank you. :pinkiesmile:

Eats popcorn while enjoying the peanut gallery.

Thank you. I was hoping it'd turn out cute.
Eyupp, the reciever wanted the story to be a feghoot, so I did my best to deliver.

Thank you so much for the kind words! :pinkiehappy:
Yes, saw Pistachio only had 4 stories on FiMfiction a while ago and felt he deserved more. I'm really glad you liked it.

Could be, could be.

Cute and Cannon :pinkiehappy:

Speed Race's older then all of us...
Chim chim

That was a cute, funny little story. I always liked Pistachio. Him and Smolder is certainly a unique pairing but the story was quite fun, even if the ending was pun-ful.

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