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I'm a science-fiction and fantasy buff, creator of the Chakat Universe, and now dabbling in the MLP:FiM universe. I love a good story!


I'm a contender! · 3:00pm March 1st

Cosmic Lotus is in contention for the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel for 2018. After missing out for the past few years, I'm quite chuffed about getting on the ballot this time. If you feel it deserves it, go vote for Cosmic Lotus, pretty please! :twilightsheepish:


Cosmic Lotus nomination · 11:06am February 16th

I left this way too late, but I want to point out that Cosmic Lotus is eligible for nomination for the 2018 Ursa Major Award in the Novel category.

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So you want another chapter when? · 6:46am Sep 15th, 2018

Sometimes you have to wonder how authors can get new chapters out so quickly when they still have to work eight hours a day plus commute, eating, doing necessary chores, and so forth. The answer is quite simple, and courtesy of a graphic modified by Airy Words, I'll reveal it to you...

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Please support me! · 4:44am Aug 25th, 2018

I love to write, but unlike most authors, I also like to get many illustrations for my stories. Of course, this costs me a lot of money. Help support me and keep up the frequent art additions by buying me a ko-fi!

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Cosmic Lotus books · 4:51pm Jul 7th, 2018

If you are at Anthrocon and you wanted to get a copy of Cosmic Lotus, I have three left as of 12:43pm Saturday. I also have a very few of my other novels too.

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New Q&A session! · 12:26pm Jun 29th, 2018

Have a question about the state of affairs after "Cosmic Lotus"? Check out AlaskaIsCold's new Q & A session with Free and Path!

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Anthrocon and Books · 10:04am Jun 27th, 2018

I will be attending Anthrocon this year as a dealer, selling my paperback books. A limited number of copies of Cosmic Lotus will also be available for sale. Autographed if you wish!

Next year, I plan to go to a pony convention of some kind. I don't know whether I'll be a dealer though because I might want to be having fun instead.


First Contact · 11:24pm Jun 13th, 2018

Check out this short story by Airy Words that shows how First Contact between the Cosmic Lotus and the Stellar Federation may have happened. In a devastatingly bold move, the Equians gain a huge advantage by... well... you'll see if you go read First Contact Protocols.

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Things are looking up · 12:41am May 6th, 2018

I was quite nervous about how the Ursa Major Awards presentation Ceremony would go off, but to my great relief, things went pretty smoothly. Jay Stoat was the MC as he's a much better public speaker than me, and Logan Husky added some professional touches in the AV department. The event went for about half an hour, and I proudly boast that it was the best ever. Thanks to FurDU and its staff for hosting it. Video of the event should be available soon, but you can check out the results on the

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An "interesting" Week · 9:42am May 4th, 2018

Let me tell you about my week. Driving home from work on Monday, my "Engine Overheat" alarm came on. A glance at the temperature gauge saw it firmly in the red, and I pulled over off the road as soon as possible and switched off the engine. I investigated under the hood and found radiator fluid leaking , and a thorough check showed that it was not a burst hose. I let the car cool down before trying to drive off again, but it rapidly went back into the red again. I gave up and called to have

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