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Purple Point: the foul-mouthed, poker playing (and winning) Assistant Chief Engineer of the Cosmic Lotus. Eidetic memory, triple doctorate, and holder of secrets. Does anyone really know him, other than how good he is in repairing systems so that they never to be fixed again? Well, not really. Few know just how determined he can be. Also, don't EVER cross him...

Based on my OC in Goldfur's Cosmic Lotus story. Hats off to you, Goldfur, if I was wearing one...

This story closely parallels Goldfur's Cosmic Lotus. To fully understand this story, read Cosmic Lotus as well and spot where the two stories intertwine. You'll like it!

Featured Story 17 May 2018. wowsers...

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Goldfur's Cosmic Lotus story

Where can I read that story?

Here on Fimfiction. Look up Goldfur on this site. If I knew how to post a link, I would do so.

Making links -> go to page or right click on link to page and save the URL.
Then write some thing like -> Go to Goldfur's page
Then select the word "Goldfur's" and click the chain symbol. A pop-up will show two lines - one with the link word "Goldfur's" and one where you paste the URL. Click the Save Link button and the system will automatically add the BB Code.

So now you can go to Goldfur's page!

(What I won't do to get a few more readers! I'm shameless. :twilightblush:

Shameless? You? No way! There has to be something good about you, to induce me to write in your story lines, giving them more exposure. Shameless, indeed!

I'll fiddle with link making when I wake up. Time for me to sleep.

No, you're not shameless, not at all. Any other orders, oh great master?


Any other orders, oh great master?

Yeah - be my new Muse. I'm in a slump! :raritycry:

Expect a note and a clip tomorrow (or today, your time) I do have an idea lurking in my skull. But now, my bed summons.

You got some strange characters at the end there.

Also, hello from GoldFur.

Damned if I know how they got there. Thanks for pointing it out.

Goldfur and I chat a lot. Necessary, if I'm playing in his storyline.

I try hard. Sometimes, it works.

That was a fun read! Thanks for sharing!

Glad ya liked. We know what it takes to stave off boredom on those long deployments, right?

you could get the holo thing working by having someone on equestrian sending a crystal that is just recorded as they wander.

I have a problem with this story!

I can't upvote more than once...

Possible, yes, but teleporting to Equestria and back at .974 lightspeed is a bit of a bear. Not worth it to ship crystals for a holiday. But, to sit on it for later, not bad at all.

Yes, that can be a pain when the story collection is presented as a series of chapters. Thanks for the compliment.

*Chuckling* Point Vs Goku sounds like an even match

Goku? Not familiar with Goku.


MIght of spelled it wrong. was thinking of Dragonball Z

Interesting even without his sisters spirit I could see someone's personality snapping under abuse. Its happened enough in the real world and how much abuse that takes varies from individual to individual

How true that is, Fennec. Unfortunate, but true. I know.

8364325 Sadly that's the part no one remembers or shoves under the rug in various ways or maybe wants to remember. We had our ____ and survived therefor you should be just like us. It never worked like that

Point giggled, his eyes coming open. His eyes were not purple like before, they were orange. “He has to knock up a mare! Mama told him so, and I’ll become his first daughter!”

this reminds me of a crazy fan-comic, appropriately called "crazy future", by Vavacung:

Well, that boss battle ended before it even begun :rainbowlaugh:
Yay for fast resolutions! Though it does make one wonder how Purple's mom was able to find him.
Eh, I'll just chalk it up to magic.

Loving this story so far, definitely looking up for more :twilightsmile:

Hopefully by this weekend I'll have something up.

They wouldn't be siblings if they didn't fight or pull pranks on each other. Got to hoof bump Flix for separating those two into two ponies, though I'd bet some bits it made ship life very interesting. ;3

Well there is the saying be careful what you wish for you might just get it.. Of course just wishing for something doesn't mean whatever grants it will achieve it the same way you imagined.
Remember a lesson in elementary school where the teacher had us write out wishes and other students figured out how to grant them but in ways we probably wouldn't like. This of course has been done in literature many times. Wish for world peace will it be granted because everyone suddenly gets along or because everyone in world is no longer here (take your pick of method)

That is a pretty intense sibling rivalry there. Ah well, we all need to let off steam somehow.
As long as the two won't start hating each other and work well together, all is good.

Yeah, no surprise that she knows so much - as explained, she's been a part of him for a long, long time. He worked hard, she observed him.
Now she is able to give him a different perspective which will help.
The moment he starts on something truly new she will have to learn along with him and now have all the answers immediately.

Point truly does need to loosen up. At least Sunrise knows how to help him with that :rainbowlaugh:

I'll have to remember that he's now called Radiance Point if I need to use him again in my story. But it does show his change of status now that he is free of the constraints of carrying his sister's soul. Time for him to become his own stallion.

That's true. now, if he can figure out HOW... "snickers"

Why didn't you respond to my comment?

A few lumps on the way. And bumps too, but that really depends on when Point'll decide to settle down.
That was quite the surprise indeed.

Just where is your comment, so I can reply to it? Navigating on the phone is a pain.

A good sleep helps anyone. Just because the source of all his turmoil is out of his head doesn't mean he can unlearn old habits and ways of thought quickly. At least now Sunrise can give him the reality kick to guide his progress...

He'll straighten out, eventually, but not all the way. straight and normal is so boring... he'll keep a lot of his quirkiness.

Good. Straight and normal is boring indeed - we gotta keep spicing up our lives somehow, after all!

To link something use the chain icon in the tool bar for the comment pane. then place the URL of what you want to link into the pop up window and add a text for the link.

Looks like I got it puzzled out. Thank you for the pointer.

If only all problems could be solved by adding coffee, unfortunately I have none. Also beer is pisswater, coffee is smelly bean juice, and both deserve to be remove from existence.

Personally, I am a teetotaler, and I have tea in the mornings because coffee triggers acid reflux.

In some cultures, the phrases 'be careful what you wish for; you just might get it,' and 'may you get exactly what you deserve,' are considered very potent curses.


In rare cases, it causes other personas to be created; that's where you get psychological disorders like Split and Multiple Personality Disorder. It's rare though; most times, a mind that snaps from too much abuse simply snaps. If not handled carefully, they can become a danger to all around.

There's been cases where someone like that has even developed a disorder along the Schizo azis, though that's fairly rare. Far more common is PTSD and it's family. All of this is why I loathe abuse, and really feel that those who do so should suffer harsh reprisals for it. Point's father got exactly what he deserved.

Point then looked at Danorax, then at a coil of wire. “Book them, Dano.


I like the story at first, I thought that purple point was interesting but I feel that the attentions was too much on him and he didn't seem to have any definable flash or real weakness to him other then being incredible stubborn and cold, but didn't show it any real negative light. I would have liked that the attention be more spread out to the rest of the crew and that their be a real plot to the sotry other then making Purple point look good.

I was hoping someone would catch that!

The storyline is all about Radiance Point. It runs concurrently with Goldfur's Cosmic Lotus, and I cannot stray too far from it. I'll let Goldfur handle the big story, while I just focus on Radiance, and how he changes throughout the flight.

That Hawaii 5-O reference made my day! Awesome chapter is all I have to say.

Thank you! The idea came to mind, so why not?

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