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Alden MacManx

Ex-fireman, ex-sailor, ex-freeway sweeper, ex-New Yorker, current Zonie and disabled Amazonie. Part-time writer. Full time survivor. Sci-fi addict, avid reader. Also a Yan Can't cook...


My name is, er, WAS Dominic Capobianco. I was in my mid-fifties, taking care of my old man and holding down a good job at a major online retailer. Then, 23 May 2015 happened. How does someone who is not trained in being a survivor survive the end of the world?

a Ponies after People tale, used with Starscribe's permission.

Chapters (6)
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Yes, it is. I'm still feeling my way around things here. I ain't prefect, I'm just trying hard and learning as I go.

Hey you never said you'd posted this. Let me get it into the group for you so other PaP-type readers can find it!

Thank you, Starscribe. I found the directions once, but not when I was ready to post it. I got me toes crossed. (need fingers to write) Hope it goes over well.


All I can do is the best I can do, and the best I can do is all I will do. May my best get better every try.

I never thought we would need, but that’s what I get for thoughting on my own, right?

I never heard of that word:pinkiehappy:

It's a nice little story. I bit fast for what I've been reading recently, but a good first try. Keep up the writing!:raritywink:

Author's Note:
In memory of my father Charlie: 6 Jul 1939- 1 Oct 2015. I'm giving you another chance, you old stunatze. Now I think I can finally say good bye, good luck, good spirits and move on.

Loved the story... and then this part, I cried! So beautiful tribute

Kitten_girl86: Thank you for saying so. For the last five years, he drove me nuts as he aged and deteriorated. When he passed, I literally spun my wheels in place for over a year. A story like this is helping me a lot. There will be more tales of Rapid Transit in the future, once I finish another one I'm hammering on during my off days.

Fistfire: My main failing is I tend to get to the action quickly. I'm working on it, believe me.
Also, you must not be from New York City, if you don't know what thoughting is. I might have said "Who'da thunk it?", but you might have missed that, too. I was trying to tell the story as if Dom, er, Rapid Transit, was telling the story to his great-grandkids in his own way. He ain't a polished talker, Never was, ain't gonna be.
Thanks for the comment. Every little bit of guidance is definitely welcome!

I love the little interludes of the children chiming in about how silly Grandpa is, and the Grandpa is like "Hey! Give me a break! I didn't know any better, unlike you two!". This is actually off to a good start and I plan on reading more. I came because of the crossover with the Pony "Pirate" Crew, and now I have decided to stay for the rest of your stories

I'm really loving this back and forth thing you have set up here. It's pretty unique to do so in fanfics, and I would say that it's working well for you! <3

7947602 I personally rather enjoy this story. It's rather good as is. Maybe some extra scenes of conflict or hardship would be good, but that's about it.

The little insertions by the Grandpa & Grandchildren in the Present, really are what makes this story so special and work so good. They add to the story experience, rather than simply existing as a story telling device


The idea you are enjoying didn't even come to me until I was deep in to the fourth chapter. I had to go back and do some rewriting. I'm glad you find it making the story better. "smiles" Better than six old ponies around a poker table, right?

Working on another with Rapid Transit and family. Taking my time, writing, rewriting, rerewriting, rererewriting...you know the tale. Off to work for me.

Someone needs to make fan art, or better yet Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker models of these characters.

As an artist, I'm an okay writer. I would love to have pics of them all, but I don't have a clue as to how or who.

already got in touch with Foxenawolf. Can't afford any pics now, but soon.

(Okay, so I’ve been a Whovian since 1979.)

"whovian"...Dr. Who fan? that's one i haven't heard before.
to be honest, i used to be a fan, but i lost interest shortly after Tom Baker quit.

a totally amazing story with a perfect ending.

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