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The Mississippi Voyager, after dealing with the dragons who tried to claim the meteor, head back to New Orleans for refit, reassignment, rest, recreation and repair. The reassignment leads them up the Ohio River, to seek out where the dragons came from. What they find is not what they expected...

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The Kingdom of Louisianne and the World Seafarer's Union are cooperating in exploring and connecting any ones pony groups to be found at former major cities. This is about the first of the new riverboats, the Mississippi Voyager, its captain and crew, and what can be found along the rivers of inland America. What will Captain Crane and his mixed crew find along the way? Come on aboard! We got room for passengers! (We got a great cook, too!)

Sequel to my Tidalverse: The Fearsome Foursome, which is itself a sequel to Along New Tides. Both of them originate from Starscribe's Ponies After People, a seminal work well worth reading. ALL of them.

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This story is a sequel to Along New Tides

Frick, Frack, Fred and Frieda, four life long friends from Central Nebraska, decide to go fishing together one spring weekend. The Event happens, and now, they have to find civilization, with nothing but their wits, what they can scavenge, and an old fishing boat. Where else to go but downriver?

A Ponies After People story, as started by Starscribe, and a direct sequel to 'Along New Tides', as done by Merchant Mariner. My sincerest appreciation to them both.

Also, the pics that will be appearing on this story are done by the absolutely brilliant Foxenawolf (puts on shades) courtesy of Goldfur (shines just as bright)

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There are millions of stories in Equestrian City. What with meta-humans breaking out all over, what will happen to the individual citizens? Villainy is rampant, while some heroes are stepping forward.

What would happen if ordinary people get extraordinary gifts? What could they do with them? That's what we're going to find out.

Based on the HeroVerse, as created by Malcontent. Great series of stories set in the Equestria Girls series, but with a twist. Lemon, lime, does it matter?

Chapters (18)

Radiance Point tells a story to his children about his past. He tells one about how he came to be the way he is. The early part, at least.

This is a sequel to 'Purple Point: His Life in Space', set in Goldfur's novel 'Cosmic Lotus'. Thank you, Goldfur, for the chance to play in your back yard.

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ISAEC Hurin Tascheter, an Exploration Cruiser for the Inter-Stellar Alliance, find a species of magic-using ponies deep in the Equuleus sector. Problem is, their uncompromising enemies, the Ratzis, found them first. How much of a head start do the Ratzis have on the ISA? The fate of Equestria is in their capable hands. Or hooves, or wings, or whatever...

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On February 19, 2016, Joe Velloti find himself changed into a red and white pegasus. Deciding he cannot survive in his hometown of Nanuet, New York, when he finds out about Alexandria, he decides to head there. It's a whole new world out there. Can he and others he meet survive in it long enough to join up with others?

A Ponies after People side story, as started by Starscribe.

Chapters (12)

Gordon T. Bayles, a middle-aged supply clerk for the government, finds himself first with a brain tumor, then getting brought to a place called Ponyville, changed into a blue and red unicorn. Given the restart by powers unknown, he decides to make the best of matters. Fortunately, he has fallen in with a most excellent group of ponies.

Chapters (24)

Colonel Hal Sleet asks to go on a ride-along with the A.R.R.R.S. to see how they rescue jet aircraft. Hal does help, in a way he did not expect to. A way that involves his whole family.

A Ponies after People tale, set in the 'Safe Landings' storyline as well as the 'Sin Never Dies' storyline. Honors to Starscribe, Goldfur, and Mixtape, in that order.

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This is the city, New Phoenix, Sonoran Territories, New Years Day, 3266AE. Ponies arrive and live their lives, mindful of the past, but looking towards the future.

This is a place-setter, establishing New Phoenix and its environs. A PaP story, as originated by Starscribe and continued by Mixtape. Set in the same timeline as Mixtape's Sin Never Dies, just 300 miles southeast.

3rd place winner in the 2018 PaP story writing contest. Thank you for the votes!

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