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This story is a sequel to Along New Tides

Frick, Frack, Fred and Frieda, four life long friends from Central Nebraska, decide to go fishing together one spring weekend. The Event happens, and now, they have to find civilization, with nothing but their wits, what they can scavenge, and an old fishing boat. Where else to go but downriver?

A Ponies After People story, as started by Starscribe, and a direct sequel to 'Along New Tides', as done by Merchant Mariner. My sincerest appreciation to them both.

Also, the pics that will be appearing on this story are done by the absolutely brilliant Foxenawolf (puts on shades) courtesy of Goldfur (shines just as bright)

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Ah, new adventures.

On down to the Mississippi Wir go.
Also a very christian family, I prefer Non-dimominational churches but I ain‘t one to go smackin‘ on another‘s beliefs. you do what ya want ta do just don‘t force your ideas down my throat.

Anyways nuff ramblin‘, I look forward to this adventure.

Believe me, I won't. I feel the same way. Besides, I have not been in a church since 1984. I'm just going on guesswork.

Hey, I live in the Bibel Belt and I‘m not that religious, I have no idea what church is like in the region their in, say what you will but Christanity has never been a clean or simple religion.

O this is going to be a amazingly fun story, i can see so many things in the future for the 4 F..
this is going to be a story to watch.

No trouble even without magic UNLIKELY been how long since anyone made sure the mississippi and connected rivers navigable removing wrecks and other obstructions. as well as drudging channels in some cases

Well, that‘s two groups we know from the original, one set of minor characters, and one new group.

Fun for the whole family.

this is fixing to be a grate story with a boat load of action. :facehoof:

If you like it, then why is there an emoji of Twilight facehoofing in your comment?

Well not much new, but conflict will be happening soon-ish.

a grate chapter team.
the details are amazing.

wow things are really moving. new players a new god and bad guys moving in.
i am really loving this more and more.

Technically, because it's a cub, its venom shouldn't be that strong (sibling rivalry), but proper precautions do pay off ...

Well some things went right, other things went wrong.

And I’d hate/love to see how the two nerds react to BattleTech, because big stompy robots is fun.

wow a awesome chapter. i love all of the details.

If I remember right, young scorpions don't know to hold back on their venom, and empty their venom sacs in one strike. Yes, it may not be as strong, but there is more of it...

Battle Tech? What's that? Nevah hoid'a it.

Otherwise known as MechWarrior, BattleTech is a sci-fi tabletop war game, computer game, book series that dates back to the 1980‘s. The series is the source of the eastern style of mech, th‘ big ugly stompy ones.


Oh, okay, those things. Never could get into that particular game.

I preferred Traveller, GURPS, V&V and D&D.

the 1.0, three-book version. I did have some later versions, all the way to GURPS.

“Will do, bro!” Frick said before taking wing


“Swimming?” Frick said incredulously.

Frack again.

Also watch out for mixing verb tenses. It's a bit jarring the way you've been going from past tense to present tense, for example.

And now on to the next chapter....

I've been told I have. Covid flaring. Thanks for the heads-up. Next chapter next week.

I hate this damn disease. Some days I wish...

some how i can see one pissed off Ursa Major chasing a truck around..
this is a grate chapter so much fun and every one is safe and happy.

Something I try to do. If something is SO BAD you can't make a quip out of it, time to check out. I try to find the laughter. Keeps me going.

this arc is going to be messy. DD only know one thing the one with the biggest weapon rules.
new friends and a hole bunch to trade. this can be a vary good thing.

Nothing is ever simple after an apocalypse - even a pony one.

A COVID-19 mass-vaccination site just opened less than ten minutes drive away from my home. I'll be getting my first shot next week. I would have gotten it immediately but I was flying to Queensland for the FurDU convention and did not want to be suffering any side-effects during it.

May you have few side effects, Goldfur, like the Demons are doing now. I'm jealous.

amazing chapter.
i really like how you worked all of this out.

friend take your time and stay healthy.

this is a grate chapter we get all kinds of new people.
and talk about the fish that got away. wow just wow.

The storm birds were a nice touch. Looking forward to what comes next.

Elvis is going to find out what happens when one gets between a hen and her mate ...

he may be a Minotaur but a good high power sniper rifle is not picky and a Minotaur is a nice big target with lots of squishy places.
some one hand me the ammo i have a few ideas of how to make this a game of just how many holes i can make and keep him alive.

Best place to be in relation to anything chambered in .50BMG is in a 180 degree arc centered directly behind the thing. Preferably as far away as practical.

a 50 cal i love it.
there is no such thing as over kill there is dead and not quite dead i prefer the first every time.

.50cal BMG? Seriously?.... I wonder who carry that heavy gun to shoot biology target. I rather choose M24 than that gun.

P/S: .50 BMG never uses in this situation.

When I was in service (Navy), a .50BMG is considered a small arm, when compared to the two main weapons systems we used, the MK48ADCAP torpedo and the Trident missile. Besides, do YOU want to piss off a gryphon hen? In person? She wanted that minotaur DEAD. Can you figure a better way?

.... What kind of gun she is using. According to wikipedia, .50 BMG is just a type of ammo, not gun. (Please don't barret)

The only ,50 cal weapon that I am acquainted with is a good-sized rifle I saw used on Mythbusters a while back. Who knew water could be bulletproof?

Freida used a rifle that fires .50 cal shots. Not an automatic. The shot to the throat came from another direction.

Comment posted by Dragon Shimmer deleted June 25th

... That type of ammo used on... Machine gun and Sniper rifle.... And I know sniper rifle don't shoot this fast. (Because machine gun is impossible in this situation, sniper rifle... Maybe except it is AS50 sniper rifle)

Plus, if get shot by this ammo with the sniper rifle, I don't think their head still there.

What do I know? I just write. Have not shot a gun since 1984. Looks good in the story, ja?

Maybe, but you already shot me mood down when this .50BMG appeared. Careful with this ammo because not everyone enjoy this "edgy" ammo in the fic.

Plus, the .50 BMG only uses on enemy military vehicle, rarely uses on biology target (if the situation forced) because the guns use this type of ammo is very heavy. Plus the recoil can make you go to the hospital if you don't careful.

Like this situation, I don't see any situation forced to pull that guns out (I will find it suitable if this gun is already there before)

Apologies. Read my AN at the end. Been feeling off for weeks.

Next chapter will reveal more. Just need the time and clear-headedness to do it.

I will give you advice. Becareful with two weapon, first is katana and second, .50BMG because these thing in real life is useless, (well at least .50BMG can use on vehicle ). Two things can make your fic is worse because it edgy. Don't know how to use it, stay away from them.

P/S: I don't think your griffin can contain the recoil of that gun though.

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