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Alden MacManx

Ex-fireman, ex-sailor, ex-freeway sweeper, ex-New Yorker, current Zonie and disabled Amazonie. Part-time writer. Full time survivor. Sci-fi addict, avid reader. Also a Yan Can't cook...


There are millions of stories in Equestrian City. What with meta-humans breaking out all over, what will happen to the individual citizens? Villainy is rampant, while some heroes are stepping forward.

What would happen if ordinary people get extraordinary gifts? What could they do with them? That's what we're going to find out.

Based on the HeroVerse, as created by Malcontent. Great series of stories set in the Equestria Girls series, but with a twist. Lemon, lime, does it matter?

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 51 )

What a delightful story :) welcome to Equestrian City n.n

Nice work. I've had my own ideas like this and always thought there could be so many stories to be told in Equestrian City and you've done a great job in highlighting this character. Interesting to see a character that despite having these abilities, would rather not use them if possible and just live his life doing what he can. He seems extremely easy to relate to, at least for me. his not out to change the world or get a quick payday with his abilities. He just does a job and does it the best he can. Can't wait to see more.

Next chapter next week! Stay tuned to this channel! Updates Mondays! Same meta-time, same meta-channel!

announcer gets walloped by a flying boxing glove
Not here, Doomsday Desmond!

Alden has impressed me and the rest with his abilities and knowledge of our lore o.0

We are eagerly awaiting response to what he has to share and welcome him fully into the writing team :)

Interesting new side story to Meta-verse. You have my attention.

May I keep it (in a good way, of course) for some time to come.

Thank you for the vote of confidence. That's one, is there any more out there?

I don't know what's more interesting about Arrow? The fact, if the Empire finds out about his powers, he's forced to go back against his will or his forever cursed to be emotionless, due to his injury of his last mission destroying parts of nerves in his brain... Either way, his character development is more intriguing than before.

I was wondering when the Metaverse was going to give us a nerd character

Takes all sorts to make a universe, yes?

Who says nerds can't be heroic?

No one, Look at Tony Stark & Hulk

Or Walter Langkowski. Rip Current, however, is on a smaller scale.

Kinda slow chapter for me, but a good read regardless. :twilightsmile:

I'm not liking Rip at all. Blaise has personality than him & he can't even show emotions.

Stay tuned... Rip does improve. Slowly and steadily, but he does.

This was a pretty good introduction for Wave before his official debut in Equestrian City

Thank you for saying so. I work hard on these characters.

Those three make quite the team don't they

How much would you expect to pay for this team? Wait! Dont answer!

Interesting,but not surprising that Wave's sister would discover her powers now , after how many years have passed since the Battle of the Bands. Kinda reminds me of the Static Shock series, some of the metahumans in that series, discover their powers right away & others took months / years.

One more member to join, in a little while.

Interesting, can't wait to see who's next

Yay, A Fluttershy & Veno- I mean Andrea cameo!

With all of them working at it, how could it not be so? Well, excepting the smashing at Rarity's car...)

Yeah, but that was over in less than 2 minutes, so it didn't really ruin the mood

True. Wave and Sand likely have been meta since the Catastrophe, but it took a threat to their lives to fully awaken their meta abilities.
It is likely that way for all the survivors of the Catastrophe who think they came out perfectly normal: they just haven't had something happen to them to awaken their power.

This was good action-filled chapter. It shows how well the team can work together.

So, a slightly underpowered 'Mirror Master'.

By far, Venus has the strangest superpower I've ever seen, however it would be useful in spy missions

Didn't expect to see a beach chapter in this story, but it turned out good & enjoyable

Thank you for saying so. Just wait for the next episode... and the one after that.

Pretty good chapter, nothing too exciting, but it was great to see Wave in that armor

Captain Proton = Star Trek: Voyager
The Electric Company = https://youtu.be/t4mU02Mp3co

Ye found out me dirty secret... been a Trekkie since Star Trek aired on NBC.

The Electric Company... see Wave's defense of the name. Any other ideas?


Ah, ye found out me dirty secret... been a Trekkie since it aired on NBC aeons back.

As for the Electric Company, see Wave's defense of the name. I remember the show, but that opening you linked I have NEVER seen before.

Apparently that opening is from their 6th season (It's what came up when I looked for the theme on YT)

I myself am a Trekkie. In fact, I am a member of STARFLEET International (sfi.org), the largest (5K+) and longest running (1973) Star Trek fan organization on Earth. I am with the Ares, which is in Region 15 (New England).

Never did join any of the Star Trek based fan clubs. However, I did join DWFCA back in the eighties.

the crap is hitting the fan now.

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