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The Mississippi Voyager, after dealing with the dragons who tried to claim the meteor, head back to New Orleans for refit, reassignment, rest, recreation and repair. The reassignment leads them up the Ohio River, to seek out where the dragons came from. What they find is not what they expected...

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The Mississippi Voyager, after dealing with the dragons who tried to claim the meteor,

What meteor? Is this a sequel or something?

Sounds like some dragon who really like the power of horde and hoard is pulling back or at least centralising most likely to Yellowstone, co with the right dogs meal works there can make it utterly inhospitable, rich in resources and self defending very easily?

I thought the Mississippi paddle steamers were that design because the origional pre army works river was so shallow it was the best way to get enough drive reliably, like an undershot waterwheel is about the worst way to get power but if you only got two foot of head, its the only one remaining, if you cant do ducted thruster or horzontal kaplan, Frances thrusters?

Not anything I'm familiar with. I'm presuming a 2' draft, with screws.

shrugs It's what I'm familiar with.

Plus, it's a former barge equipped with motors and a propulsion system based off of river tugs. Cut out of one, install in the other.

🎶...Where have all the dragons gone? Gone to ...blank.., every one...🎶

I always enjoy seeing my state make an appearance in any work of fiction.

Huh, interesting start. Some mystery to unravel and dragons to track : )

Out of curiosity, do you know why Merchant Mariner interrupted his story?

What is the situation with the Abrahamic god in this story?
I mean which image of the Abrahamic god is the real one in this story

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