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Having come to terms with herself as a cybernetic construct. Life for Sweetie Belle continues as ordinary as ever. Well … As ordinary as it can get when you are still trying to come to terms with all that your mechanical body can do.

But hey... Who said being a robot can't be a ton of fun?

Life is about to get even more interesting when Twilight reveals a new upgrade. An invention that might allow the mechanical unicorn to preform magic.

Together with her all to helpful friends. Sweetie gears upp for a day of constant tests and power shortages that will push the experimental technology to the limit.

All in the name of magical science, of course.

Because hey... who said that science cant be a ton of fun?

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Huzza! Must make a new bookshelf with a higher priority than 'Read It Now'

If you would like to have a pre-reader, I can often drop what I'm doing and put in a half hour with out any notice.


Well. If you want to, you can always send all your correction to me, here on fimfiction. Just please send them to 'Private Messages.' Else I'm afraid all the typos are gonna fill the entire comment section. (I have pretty low faith in my grammar.)

Also - I think its impossible to read anything faster then 'right now.'

Your first story was hard and heavy, in a good sense I mean but it still was heavy, so sometimes I had troubles reading it.
This sequel on the other hoof, in comparison is nothing more than comedy. It's so funny that it's (again) hard to read.
I hope that over time you will get back to writing shape, so this story will become somehow more balanced.
I noticed comedy tag, but after first part this story fits mood like Pinkie Pie in the middle of nuclear warfare.


Well. After writing something as dark and depressing as my first story, I needed to see If I could write something comedic.
To distance myself a little from the darkness.
So While it is technically a sequel, the tone was supposed to be much lighter then the original.
After all - I didn't want Sweetie's life to be nothing but misery.

Still - I realized that some dark tones from my first story have leaked into my writing.
And my definition of 'funny' might border on dark comedy.
Which might clash with my attempts to make the characters behave ´quirky.´
I just home the humorous elements aren't too forced.
(Sigh. Maybe I'm not as funny as I'd like to be.)

7122260 There is still adventure tag though. It maybe is 'Piknie Pie in the middle of nuclear warfare' but nopony said about nukes that doesn't explode with rainbow (you know what's better that rainbow? - Nuclear Rainbow!).

That sounded better in my head....
Anyway, the point is to find golden middle, or 'Harmony' :twilightsmile: .
Just add some pepper into that skyberry ice creams which you are serving us.

"Ah... need an... adult..." :applecry:

Sweetie Bell is op. Wonder what happens if she has chaos magic

Well, you have a few Grammer errors here and there, but it flows ok, and the premise is interesting. I'll bite.
I suggest getting a pretender though. The fleshy kind or more advanced silicon based ones should do.

It would hook up to her systems and she would be able to feel the sense of touch all the way out to the tip of the wires. Just like a real mane.

That's weird. You know that horses can't actually feel their mane right? That would be like if we could feel in our hair. Which we don't. we just feel it's weight on our head.

Run while you can AppleBloom!

7225573 I think you mean a "pre-reader."

If her fellow crusader had ever thought of getting a mark in the field of ' guinea-pig in theoretical science'

I really want to see this happen.

7224674 It would probably ruin her circuits and/or unwrite her coding.

Wow. Auto correct really did me in there. Not even I am immune to typos.

Just like the prequel this story is well written, thought out and extremely under rated, eagerly awaiting more.

Still love it and will patiently look forward to new updates

I think we put our differences behind us. For science.

Ahhh so awkward, I literally slapped myself
it hurt:twilightsheepish:

Finally remembered my FIMfiction login, so I can leave reviews now! Yay! Anyway, your Sweetie Bot stories are amazing so far, and I'm most definitely going to keep an eye out for updates. Keep up the good work!


Thank you.

I've always thought that Sweetie Bot needed some more attention.


Ohhh yessss.. this is going to be good... :D adventure indused by shame and guilt.. what could be better than this?? X3

Still liking this story, love seeing a new chapter

“Sounds like you are in quire a predicament.” Scootaloo said. “Wanna talk about it back at the clubhouse?”

Typos this early into the chapter? Welp, guess I better look for more...

As Scootallo spun away down the roads – Sweetie realized that even with her gears unrestricted – She would not have been able too keep up with scoot on her wheels.

It's only capitalization, but still needs fixing. Wish there was a way for me to just automatically scroll up to where I was reading...

“Yeah.” Didn't Pinkie pie use to be a rock farmer?” Scootaloo cut in. “don't they like – mold the rocks so that they become crystals or something … with their earth pony magic?”

...I think I'll stop commenting on every single one and just make a huge list of them here for you, because apparently there's no small number of them.

“... Because I don't want to take anyone else work. Rarity spent a lot of time and bits to get those gems just the way she wanted them. And she cant spend every day digging up gems for me. I don't want to ask anyone to spend their time for me. I don't want my problem to become somepony else problem.”

“Ah, so you want to be … Whats the word … independent.

Either way. I Have to go and find some gems on my own.”

“Now come on. CUTIE MARK CRUSA...

This one I will comment on. First, when a character is excited, as in this case, use an exclamation. Second, if a character is cut off, you don't use three dots. It makes it seem as if they've become distracted and are trailing off. Instead, do it like this: "Now come on! CUTIE MARK CRUSA-"

What she drew was a big yellow machine – Similar to those heavy construction vehicles with cartepillar threads used at build sites.

...You know what, i really don't have the patience for this after all. Sorry, but I pointed out a good number for ya, so I hope it helps. Anything past this point is my view on the actual chapter, typos aside.

Alrighty, so, good chapter. Kinda generic build-up to something more serious, but the drill thing was cool and kinda funny. Interesting to see that the decompression spell is more than just shrinking, by the way. I'm actually pretty damn curious how it would turn out if she let it backfire, if she would still be able to function in any way after "shrinking" down like that. Anyway, what was up with Scootaloo having those goggles? I thought RD was her idol, not Pinkie!

So... They are still treating her like a machine? You dont completely restrict part of someones life because some other fag wants you to!

Sweetie is becoming a Transformer!
This is fun, unrestricted mode has uses.
Keep going! ;)

She has become DRILL MARE!!! (If you don't get the Megaman reference then you are a scrub)


HK-47: "Sarcastic Statement: Oh, I see what you did there... "

Hey welcome back!
We wonder if their smell will affect their next encounter down below...
Keep going! ;)

Hope everything is alright with you author.


It is now, that I'm at it again.

Wow they're... continuing to go down. I hope Sweetie doesn't really run out of energy.

Tremors? I think I see where this is going.

teasing about Sweetie Belle and Button Mash (Sweetie Mash/Button Belle): decently cute, and the reaction that came afterwards wasn't too bad either
Diamond Dogs: still not the sharpest tools in the shed

For a moment, she thought she could see Twilight's purple eyes looking back at her in the colors of that crystal, instead of her own.
“You're to reckless Sweetie. You have to learn how to control yourself.”
Had Twilight said that? Or was it her own inner voice?

why can't it be both?

“Sorry, We should not have teased you like that.”
“Its ok, I'm Sure you'll have someone we can tease you about too”
Sweetie gave Applebloom a pat on the shoulder.
“Someone small and Squeaky ...”
“What! - but I never ...”
Applebloom quickly diverted her eyes.
“Or maybe someone who 'Rumbles' a lot?” Sweetie said to Scootaloo.
“Hey! That's not … !” Scoot began

1) (smirks) Denial (De-Nile) is a river in Africa
2) "someone small and Squeaky" I'm assuming you mean Pipsqueak here...eh, I guess I can see it happening...
3) Scootaloo and Rumble? ...meh: not my preferred ship, but I'm not one to judge...


Curse my 'oh so subtle and unconventional shipping.

Glad I'm not the only one to think of it:


Don't you worry about name, I went to pony convent and didn't ask for names of friends I made there until it was time to go home (two days later).
Also, somepony played a bit too much "Death Worm" android app on their smartphone.

The girls hurried the best they could – Witch was not easy given the crammed space slowed them down considerably.

You meant "which" - because Witches would probably put a curse on them

Drugs and orgies. Classic comedy

Oh good, the worms are actually harmless if you whistle at them correctly. :rainbowlaugh:
Sweetie should totally record that!
Hey! Maybe the moles have no use for gems and would like to trade! Infinite power resource get!
Keep going! ;)

Huh, a mole kingdom, using (likely pony) artifacts to command death worms. It's interesting, but I still don't get why they didn't turn back a long time ago. Sweetie's just too eager to keep going, and wants to pretend she can get more crystals later?

8169651 She can play back any sounds that she's heard, I think? For Sweetie Belle, recording and listening are the same thing.

mi imagination got away from me - and I had to catch it again.

Do you know how often it happens to me? My friends thinks I'm insane because of me running after my visions.

So not all is rainbows in molehills. At their number, it should be possible to overwhelm the dogs, but set in fear prevents plans for invasion...
The mole architecture seems unstable, clearly they haven't experienced enough disaster to encourage them to improve their open-space structures. A single column weakness for the whole cavern? Oh dear.
Keep going! ;)

this starts playing when rarity discovers sweetie and spike

The mole kingdom is beautiful! Saving that mole kid was so exciting! Soo mysterious who the mole king is, and where he learned all that stuff, and who Sim is. And Sweetie Belle might just get some gems after all!

ah, I kind of liked that sweetie ran on just changeling/electricity magic.
I'll never turn down more fic of my favorite bugbot though

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