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Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, friends since childhood, now continue their long friendship with their move to Ponyville. A new place, a new home, and new ponies to call their neighbours. But the two have each other, just as they always have, and they know that will always be what matters.

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Comments ( 5 )

Cute simple story. The concept reminds me of a story called By Blood or Choice that also deals with Fluttershy and Rainbow moving to Ponyville, amongst other things. I love prequel stories to the show that set up how the characters became who they are and how they ended up living in Ponyville.

Short and very sweet! Have an upvote!

Another really good short story. LOVED Rainbow and Fluttershy's chat as they arrived in Ponyville for the first time.

This was quite sweet. Simple, but it had no need to be complicated or detailed. Solid work! :yay:

This was a sweet prequel to the show.

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