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Warning: This story contains massive Spoilers for 'Past Sins' and 'Winter Bells' - written by Pen Stroke, as well as 'Sweetie, a Hearts Warming Tale' - written by me.
If you have not read both those stories before digging into this - Its on you.

Coming to grasp with your true self is never easy, especial not when you are the only one of your kind.

Sweetie - the cybernetic filly, is struggling with this reality. And has been attending sessions under Twilight Sparkle, to help herself coupe with her situation.

While there she runs into Nyx. And the black little filly is not happy to see her.

Feeling cheated by the notion that there was another 'artificial construct ' living right under her nose this whole time, the former reincarnation of Nightmare moon has a little difficult accepting Sweeties supposed secrecy as anything more then excuses.

But there is more then meets the eye in every conflict. And one small quarrel over differences might leas the two to discover that they have more in common then they might think.

Rated teen for some mild violence and some cartoonish yet rude names being used.

(Cover art is coming soon, Also - I have yet to spell check this story properly. So prepare for typos galore.)

Ps: I hope its not cheating that I use the character image for Nightmare Moon as a stand in for Nyx.)

Chapters (1)

Having come to terms with herself as a cybernetic construct. Life for Sweetie Belle continues as ordinary as ever. Well … As ordinary as it can get when you are still trying to come to terms with all that your mechanical body can do.

But hey... Who said being a robot can't be a ton of fun?

Life is about to get even more interesting when Twilight reveals a new upgrade. An invention that might allow the mechanical unicorn to preform magic.

Together with her all to helpful friends. Sweetie gears upp for a day of constant tests and power shortages that will push the experimental technology to the limit.

All in the name of magical science, of course.

Because hey... who said that science cant be a ton of fun?

Chapters (16)

Sweetie was just a normal little filly, waiting for hearth's warming eve to arrive. That time of year when all little fillies are suppose to be happy and all hearts burn the brightest.

But when the latest Cmc stunt goes a little to far, Sweetie makes a horrifying discovery that turns her world upside down - and turn her friends against her.
Unable to bear the haunting looks of others, she runs away from home.

Thus - with the world seemingly stacked against her - she sets of on a journey to try and discover the truth behind her existence, and the secrets of her origin. And above all else if there is a place where she belongs.

Or will this be a heart's warming eve she'll be forced to spend alone?

(Warning: A Grimdark tale with scenes some readers might find both disturbing and heartbreaking)

Cover art by the amazing EstrosianHeaven.

Chapters (32)
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