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Wow … Has It really been one year since I finished my story about Sweetie Belle – a heart's warming tale. … It has, hasn't it?

Well, since its the holiday season, I wanted to give all my readers a little something to reassure them that I am still here. More specifically, I wanted to tell you a story.
It wont be a new fanfiction, Or even a chapter to my ongoing one.

Instead I wanted to share my thoughts about the story that became my first contribution to the Brony fandom, and how and why it came to be. (If anyone is interested in that sort of thing.)
(And be warned - there are spoilers below, in case you have not read the story yet.)

The Story Behind The story of Sweetie Bot.

Where do I begin? Well … it all begins with my desire to read some Sweetie Bot stories.
I just know that one day I got a massive fascination for Sweetie bot (for the philosophy of what makes a robot alive in general), and wanted to read some good stories with her. Unfortunately. Most if not all of the stories I found was … not up to my standards (Aka the all fu***ng su**ed, were incredibly short, and for the most part incomplete.)

(I'm sorry if I have offended anyone. I'm just not easy to please.)
There were no epic stories to be found in the Sweetie bot group on fimfiction. I wanted to fix that.
I already felt like the fandom had given me so much to enjoy that I wanted to give something back. This was the way to do it.
So why Sweetie bot? why choose to write Sweetie Bot? Well – simply because there were not so many Sweetie bot stories to begin with. I wanted to fix that. They do say you should make your story stand out in some way. So writing a story about something that had not already been explored to death seemed like a good idea.
Another way to stick out was to deliberately be grim and gritty. I remember thinking about “Cupcakes” and how much attention that got for being a “legendary badfick” So I thought I was gonna fool the reader in with a jolly innocent title – Like “A hearts warming tale” and see what happens.
(The Title wasn't random, A main focus of the story was on Sweeties Heart – And whether or not robots can feel real emotions. The fact that the heart drive is slowly deteriorating was gonna be a ticking clock that was always counting down in the background. (I was thinking about ending every chapter with a message about the Heart Drive's integrity) Plus that the whole story takes place close to hearts warming eve – Then I learned that Hearths and Hearts are not the same thing.)
A great lot of them also seemed to be about how sad Sweetie would be about finding out she was a robot. So I was just like “Ok your mother****ers, I'm gonna make the saddest, darkest and most depressing story that I possibly dare to make it.”
And I did (sigh).
- Note: It still did not become as dark as I possibly could have made it: I did have a few rules to follow: The first and foremost being ”No one is allowed to die.” Not the heroes, not the villains, not the bystanders or any small critters. (And all those who think you need to kill of a character to evoke a response from the readers should know just how far I was able to take this rule.)
The second rule was: No swearing, - ( This might be a Grimdark tale. But everyone should be able to read it, darn it!) And nothing sexual of explicit. (I might bathe in blood and gore, but I have standards!)

A Grimdark Inspiration.

Truth is – I actually started writing about Sweetie bot while waiting for Somber to finish the final book about Project Horizons. A fallout Equestria story that had previously been occupying my life. And the main heroine: Blackjack (a Cyber pony), inspired the design of Sweetie Belle in a lot of ways. From the cyber-disks who act a lot like the memory orbs from fallout equestria – To Sweetie being powered by eating crystals. The horrors of being trapped in a body you feel increasingly alienated by. And the grimdark tone in general. (Not to mention that its about a mare who dies, yet comes back for more.)

Its almost like Sweetie bot could fit into the grimdark world of a Pre-apocalyptic Equestria, that had yet to become consumed by the great war. (I'm not saying that it intentionally takes place in the same world as Fallout Equestria – that was not my intention – I'm just saying that the possibility was pretty hilarious.)

For the longest time I just wanted to point these similarities out – but I could not do so until my story was complete, for the fear that it might somehow spoil something.

Did I go to far with Sweetie Belle?

One of my main worries was that I might have pushed Sweetie belle too far. It would have been bad enough to just have her figure out that she was a robot and puzzling together the tragic truth behind her origin WITHOUT having her walk through hell to do it.
Like you mentioned previously – It could have been the fear and distrust of the everypony that drove her to utter the 'classical' phrase “If the world isn't going to love me. Ill teach it to fear me instead” (first uttered in 'Friendship is witchcraft' – A line that I just had to include – Along with “my primary function is failure”)
As it was now - its just the insane villains that stand for the alienation. And she starts hating the world because of them (for a brief time at least.)

One ingredient in the story was That Sweetie goes through all of the 5 stages of grief – And her thoughts about causing fear was a part of the RAGE phase. (because the logic goes: If they see nothing but a murderbot – why not be a murderbot?)
I personally think I did the denial phase best, in the very beginning of the story. Before everything when literally out the window.
Of course I went too far, as over the top as I choose to be. I can only hope that I didn't push Sweetie over the edge – Just right up to it.
(One thing that would have made her fall over the edge would be If she had killed another pony, or creature – Something that would have been irredeemable.) Of course I still had to have her blast and battle some other things like robots and clay-golems. Because if she was gonna have blasters she was bloody well gonna use them.


The main reason the villains went mad was supposed to be because the crystal recording devices slowly rotted their brains. The character of Shockwave was a normal respected doctor before being recruited to the Sweetie Belle project, and he ended up as a broken religious zealot. Most of the staff might have been good ponies at one point or another (except Neurosa, who was mad from the start.) The only one to be sort of spared the madness was the hobo - Bucking Bronco
About the blue crystals. I also realized I completely fucked up at one point in the story - When I wrote that the crystal transplanted into sweeties mind grew until it absorbed her undeveloped brain. It seemed like a nice symbolize then – until I got to chapter 25 and realized that It made no sense for the scientists to put something that could grow and take over their brains in their heads! The 'crystalization' was supposed to happened so slowly that nopony noticed it. Which is why the crystal should not have been able to grow to swallow sweeties brain. And the scientists only thought that the devises absorbed brainwaves, not that it transmitted its own signal (A signal that hid in, and could only travel with the help of: electricity) Which is What Twilight discovers when she asks Madam Macadame to transmute something for her.
Sigh … I became a big plothole. But since I had already posted my stupid mistake I decided to just roll with the punches to not confuse anyone who had already read that part.

One thing I did change as I was writhing the story though, was that I originally thought Sweetie Belles parents would have deliberately deleted all memories of her time in the laboratory in order to spare her the trauma/ to spare her the feeling that she was different. But thanks to ac comment I realized – Especially with how bad I paint out the whole “deleting memories” thing. That it would’ve been unforgivable of them to do something like that to their own daughter. '
So the whole blame of the attempted memory wipe was shifted onto Neurosa – who wanted to delete all memories of her family to see if Sweetie could start to view her as a mother instead. And she tricked Rarity – who wanted to forget everything about that place, into helping her.
About the parents: I was thinking about making the parents into Scientists, but eventually decided against it, and just let them be ordinary ponies. - I didn't even gime them names, because I did not know what kind of Fan made names that suited them the best. (Apparently the father is called MAGNUM – but the mother had a river of alternative names that I didn't know how to choose from) As It stands – BETTY BOUFANT is the only mane I can remember (from the gameloft app game) (– I might go back and give them real names at some point. )

5 nights at Freddie's?

Funny enough. The chapter “Two days at Teddies” wasn't originally planned. The only thing Sweetie was supposed to do in the town of Ravenloft was to find Madame Macadame. But I still started toying with the idea. And as I drew closer and closer to Halloween that year I finally decided to make something out of those Idea's. I had also realized that I wanted one more antagonistic pony for the villains party – else they would be outnumbered in the final showdown.

Sweeties inside story.

The parts of the story that were the most fun to write were the inner workings of Sweetie's Cybernetic body. And what had gone into the making of her major systems.
I did not just want to make a story about Sweetie bot. I wanted to re-invent her. Literary tear her apart and put her back together again, just to see what it is that makes her tick. Part of the reason she takes so much damage was so that we got to see all her major system. (literally see her insides.) But the real reason was that she throughout her journey was gonna looses everything that she thinks makes her a pony – Everything from her skin – her senses – To even her voice.
Did I go too far with it – Of course I did. I knew I had gone too far with it already by the hospital fire in chapter Inferno. Jet I kept going because I had started this story, And Gold Darn It I was gonna finish it.
It was also partly an experiment on my part. I wanted to see if a Good ending feels all the Sweeter the more bitter the story is to swallow. (The more bitter the story – the Sweeter the end – Sweet as Sweetie Belle in this case.)
I was not just gonna explore the inner workings of Sweeties body. I also wanted to give her a proper origin story. She was not gonna be a bot just because – No. I wanted something more. I wanted her to be related to the Belle family. Not just in the sense that they adopter/bought or found her, but REALLY related to them in some way. And the only way my twisted mind came up with was to let her be stillborn (of to a flying fu***ng start with this joyride, ain't we? I thought to myself) that had then been experimented on in an attempt to give her life.
I could only ever do my best and hope that people wold like it. Regardless of how horrible it was.
Hell, even I don't want to consider this story too “cannon.” Just the general Ideas and concepts of how and why Sweetie Bot came to be.
What I mean is: A lot of things happened that screwed up the “continuity” of this story. I actually started writhing it back when Twilight still had a library to live in. (Before Tirek's vandalizing of iconic landmarks.) I left it intentionally vague if Twilight was an Alicorn at the time of this story or not. Nopony ever calls her Princess up front. And any such conversations were to occur of screen. (Example: The initial meeting with Rarity's parents about her royal-hood would have happened off screen as they walked to the boutique)
“To think – that your daughter is best friend with a princess”
“Please, just call me Twilight”
And Twilight then wears a raincoat for most of the story, meaning none of the new ponies would see her wings. (if she had any) – then she did ask Dr Cardiac to leave the room before she removed her coat when they investigated the bunker underneath the blown up roadhouse.
And finally – her awe when Sweetie describes her visit to the “Astral Plane.” (Did Twilight know what Sweetie was talking about out of experience, or not?)
(Well – I might have though of Twilight as an alicorn all the time. But I wanted to leave it up to the readers own interpenetration.)
Finally, before I finished this story – another episode aired called “Crusaders of the lost mark.”
In which the Cmc of the show actually got their Cutie Marks.
It made me wonder if I was gonna give Sweetie bot her own mark, or leave that open for interpenetration. I was always a bit skeptic to what people would think of me giving her a mark, (since noboddy else depicts Sweetie Bot with a mark.) But seriously – After everything I put her through, how could I not? It makes the story come full circle – from “Mark of errors” to “mark of life.”
This whole story started with an attempt to get her mark. And it was gonna end with her getting it.
I toyed with the idea that Sweetie Bot could have gotten a shield themed background to her 'Cog-n-Heart themed' mark. And, In retrospect, I realized that all three fillies could have received their shield themed cutie marks in the heat of the battle – as they would have fought to defend each other.
I wanted a lot of things really. I was thinking About having Scootaloo and Applebloom chase after Sweetie Belle – And having the two of them arrive at the factory just before the final showdown, And have Scootaloo declaring she was sorry right in the middle of the factory – with the evidence that Sweetie was made to make orphans go un-adopted. And then have the three defend each other during the showdown.
Unfortunately: this would mean I would have to add Scoot's and Apple's personal stories and struggles to the main story in order to make such an achievement mean something. And that would make this beast three times as long. Something I did not have the energy for.
I even wanted to have the fan made Oc: Nyx in the story, as a outside perspective on the meanings of being an artificial construct. (This Idea would later be spun into the side story “Artificial Daughters Distress”)
But all that would have made things convoluted. And probably made the story go in a whole Other Direction then I had originally visioned. If I added everything I could ever come up with, I would still have been wringing it forever. I had to stop myself at some point, since this story really was suppose to be about Sweetie Belle.
(sigh of relief)
Time to spend all that creativity on making another, happier story.
And don't worry folks. I will continue The story of Sweetie – the magical little bot, sometime next year.

In the meantime. I want to wish you all a merry Christmas, A good Yule. A happy Hanukkah. A happy Hearth's Warming Eve. And a happy new year.

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If you're ever going to read this, I just want you to know I'll gladly edit all of your stories. Just pm me, and I'll fix the grammar myself.

I love your stories and the only thing that is holding them back is the absurd amount of typos.

All I need is a reassurance my work will be uploaded and raw text from chapters.

You are a amazing and very talented, had read your fanfic multiple time and still loving it keep up the great work

Would you be interested if someone did a Audio adaptation to your Sweetie Bot fanfics?

Are you going to do another Sweetie bot story

Comment posted by CheesedPop deleted Jan 28th, 2020

Yes. Her broken - robotic voice is supposed to sound like it did in Friendship is witchcraft. That is what I was thinking about when I wrote it.

I just started re-watching the Friendship is Witchcraft series, and I just realized that a lot of things that you made about sweetie belle in this story actually come from parts in the FiW series. I'll reference things via timestamps to this video. So far I've found these references:

  • "My primary function is failure" at 5:00, I can't remember where it was referenced from, but I remember that Sweetie Belle said this herself
  • "if the world isn't going to love me then I'll teach it to fear me instead" at 8:17. Referenced from the end of chapter 14 where the text says "If she could not teach the world to love her, then she would teach it to fear her instead!"
  • "heart drive" at 11:36, where Sweetie Belle says to Rarity "I am uninstalling you from my heart drive and reinstalling Applejack". Which of course is referenced from Sweetie Belle's heart drive in this story
  • "Initiating Cry Sequence" at 13:34, referenced too many times throughout the story for me to have to give an example

There's one more, but I can't tell for sure whether it is a reference as there is no audio in the story to compare to. So instead I'll ask you this, when Sweetie Belle gets her voicebox partially destroyed from being impaled into a tree branch, is her "robotic" voice afterwards supposed to sound like how her voice sounds in the FiW series? I remember the story describing it as metallic and robotic, which also describe Sweetie Bot's voice in the FiW series. But, as I said before, I can't be sure as there's no audio in the story; without it I'm forced to compare a textual description(from the story) to a audio source to see whether the description matches the audio source. So, I need your confirmation on this.
Lastly, I know that the first two references mentioned("my primary function is failure" and the "if the world isn't going to love me" one) were found before, but I'm mostly sure that the other's which I've found(except the one about Sweetie's voice of course) are references and I'm the first to point them out. I think there may be more which are in the other episodes(as at the time of writing, I'm starting episode 6 in another tab), but if there are, then I will just reply to this comment with new references to add to the list

A sweetie bots tale

It would be wrong to consider this grim dark to me. its very edgy at times but there is aways hope at the end of the tunnel in this series, for me. And I'm glad you kept things simple and forward facing with the content of the story, as I feel that would detract significantly. I feel like the sequal is almost unneccisary, though i'll read it, and there are a few gripes i can't help but have, such as the way sweetie extends disdain for her mane and tail, two things she wound up creating on her own. I think the metal touch sensative plating, being enough to not scare anyone, along with the mane and tail would have been fine, and with the now very obvious theme of sweetie bell becoming fully mechanical being completely at peace with her soul, I'm a little disappointed in the continuation with rarity and sweetie. The strongest part of that story was how dedicated and caring rarity was of sweetie bell, once forced to confront her mistakes, and while I'm sure sweetie might look a little different now. its hard to see rarity as demanding she get her skin on when before she seemed most concerned only with sweeties cutie mark showing up on it rather than the skin. It could even be considered; if sweetie doesn't feel the skin is hers, and not clothing, why does sweetie's self accept that it is part of her for a cutie mark? it almost feels like it could easily be hidden. and not appear on the fur as it's just clothes. I suppose it is technically sweetie bell's skin, but that's not how sweetie's soul seems to view it.

The direction of the story is also a bit convoluted, but the character arc in sweetie's original story was so strong I'm reluctant to disown it at this point. Maybe I'm just not seeing a theme, but in the original sweetie left to go find herself, her motivations where escape from turmoil and self discovery. Right now she's just looking for gems, and it seems strange that they have to go through this much trouble over something so simple.


I know how that feels. I have so many stories in my head i don't know where to start.
And I fear the time it will take to write them all.

2155802 Thats... very useful inability. I wish I have something like this.
I on the other hand/(hoof) have multiple imagination. My brain is so much full of many stories, and other things, that I simply can't do anything with it. It's like watching 5+ films at once, every one is interactive.

-'deamon diary'
-'draco geminis'
-'nightmare reflection'
-'obsidian palace'
-'...of color'

Stories I am developing. (+ sequels)

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Sweetie Bot - A Heart's Wharming Tale - Release Schedule

Merry Christmas, And a happy new year.

Its over. Its finally over. I can hardly believe it myself.

This story took twice as long to write as I had originally planned. (two years instead of one) It just goes to show that plans are made to go wrong. And As much as I wished I could promise everyone that I would be done on time - I dared not, ut of fear of Jinxing it.

This does not mean that the story is finiched however. There are countles mistakes, from imple spelling errors to plot holes that needs to be fixed.
I will probably come back and fix these problems at some point. But for now, I need a well deserev rest.

In the meantime. I want to thank everyone that has stuck with this story despite its manny shortcommings.

I myself will finally take some time to tackle Fallout 4.

Back on track for Autumn

The summer is over, and its back to work. That includes returning to my self abusive time table - as I will once again try to put these chapters out, once every two weeks. In the hopes that Sweetie bots self proclaimed Hearts wharming tale will be told in time for Christmas.

I might have failed to finish the story in time for last christmas. But I'll be damned if I'm going to fail again.

Summer Time

While I tried to update this story regular, everyone needs a break at some point. And now that summer has arrived I have decided to take that break. Especially since me and my family will be going away on vacation.

It wont be a complete Hiatus. I'll still continue working on the story, Its just that updates are gonna be very slow during the summer.

I simply ask all my readers to be patient, and hopefully you have better thing to do during the warm months of the year then sit in front of your computer reading fan fiction.

In the meantime I wish you all a happy warm summer.

First Post

I started writing this story almost a year ago. And I actually wanted to get the full story out in time for Christmas. But things rarely ever go the way you plan them. Writing in a language that is not your native tongue sure took a long time to get used to. Editing was a nightmare. (Is still a nightmare). And life itself always has a ton of unpredictability.

Instead i hope to be able to release about one chapter every week or two.
just so no-one gives up on this story - thinking it will never be completed.)

Its not like I've only been able to wright the two chapters i originally posted during a whole year. No. Every chapter up to the finally is on my working board. They just need a little more fine-tuning.

(Then again. Just because i plan to have a weekly release probably means something will happen that shatters my schedule. Life is unpredictable like that.)

In the meantime I wish all my readers (and anyone else who sees this message) a very merry Christmas.


Well, I jinxed It.

I have been so caught up in holiday preparations and celebrations that i have not been able to wright a single word. And with family coming over for the holidays i have not gotten any lonetime for my wrighting.

I hope to get back on track, and get another chapter out soon.

In the meantime i wish everyone a happy new year.


New year anoncement. · 6:25pm Jan 7th, 2018

Happy new year everybody. I hope you all had a very merry christmas.

Now... Its now been two years since I finished my first fiction. And four years since I first started posting on this site.

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