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Welcome to the internet, where all arguements are invalid because we can't shove books down anyone's throats. Have a nice day.

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    Hooves. How Do They Work? · 9:06pm April 2nd

    Well, here's an idea...


    A little alien, perhaps, but that's the reason we got into the show, because it was rather alien. I mean, at least it's a concept that doesn't just go, "blah-blah-blah magic blah-blah arcane jargon".

    Well, now there is a way for non-unicorns to use doorknobs and silverware that don't involve risking gum disease.

    Also, can someone please explain how to post youtube videos? Just giving links like we are is rather unprofessional.

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    You want to thank me for the fave? Thank me with chapters

    In response to your thanking me for the favorite.

    Your going to have to really try to disappoint me.

    Its been great.

    Oki doki just wondering

    2408351 I am working on it. Just been a little busy of late.

    Are you going to ever update Space Captain Andromeda?

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