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Good News, Other News, and Bad News · 6:27pm Dec 12th, 2017

Hello Fimfiction! I have returned from basic training. I am now a fully fledged infantryman. I am ready to get back to work on stories and catch up on all that I missed.

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Long Hiatus · 4:25pm Aug 21st, 2017

Some of you have probably noticed the lack of updates recently. Well, this is because my friend and I are getting ready to be shipped out to basic training.

There will be no more updates on our stories for a few months. But, when we do get back, we should be fully refreshed and mentally prepared to give you updates you've been waiting for.

So, until next time, Fimfiction fans. This is the Weavers of Dreams signing out.

'Murica. Fuck yeah.:rainbowdetermined2:

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Hooves. How Do They Work? · 9:06pm Apr 2nd, 2017

Well, here's an idea...


A little alien, perhaps, but that's the reason we got into the show, because it was rather alien. I mean, at least it's a concept that doesn't just go, "blah-blah-blah magic blah-blah arcane jargon".

Well, now there is a way for non-unicorns to use doorknobs and silverware that don't involve risking gum disease.

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