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Weavers of Dreams

Welcome to the internet, where all arguements are invalid because we can't shove books down anyone's throats. Have a nice day.


She's a clever contrivance of carnal convergence, completely committed to coerce companionship and community into her cold and closed castle of a heart. Crumbling the cornerstones of morality and civility in her crusade for comrades. Come follow the calliope's croon, compiled notes of conviction and cordiality, soar in her castle's cloisters under her compassionate gaze. She can convince all the cute fillies and colts into the comfort of her calloused cuffs, cut from constructing paradise, complete now for certain. Who could compile such a complex contraption to condescend all creations? Come, complete the caper, it could be no other convict than Carnival Cat.

A reimagining of Sand Josieph's classic character.

A sequel to Meeting the Parents
With elements borrowed from Realitycheck's Nyxverse

Chapters (3)
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I love Carnival Cat! Such a cute song for her.

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