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Maud is called to Canterlot to meet with the princesses. When she gets there she discovers more than she ever bargained for. She's not an earth pony? She has another mother? Great Scott, where will the insanity end. Right about here, at this sentence. Enjoy.

NOTE: I do not hate Star Trek. I just hate the communist Federation and its prime directive.

Chapters (2)
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how is the Federation communist and why are you butthurt about it

This would be a far more interesting story if she were an M61 Vulcan.

I had hoped she would be Vulkan from Warhammer 40k and that you just misspelled the name, but no it's just star trek.

My only nitpick is the bit at the end. The Federation is a stupid socialist wanna-be utopia, but because of that they're a bunch of limp-wrists. Picard was all whingy about moving people off of a planet to prevent a WAR with a neighbor of equivalent technological and military strength, I doubt that the Federation would be so hostile to send an entire fleet after a stolen shuttle or small ship or something and then get all butthurt when someone refused their offer. Hell, even Kirk tended to respect that sort of refusal. The show is filled with virtue-signalling crap like that, so I think it's a bit out of character.

I think the end would've worked better had it (the First Contact) been fleshed out, with a proper conversation to show the well-meaning-but-utterly-condescending-arrogance of Federation starship captains post-TOS. And then Maud could have given a "the reason you suck" speech and let them know when the Federation recognizes real friendship, and not that patronizing more-advanced-than-thou crap, then Equestria will be waiting to teach them.

Ah well, the meat of the story is still good, and I do love the idea of renegade Federation citizens going and uplifting other races instead of that stupid Prime Directive crap that TNG started to embrace. Something LIKE the Prime Directive would be necessary to prevent cargo cults and a-holes setting themselves up as god-kings on primitive worlds, but the moment you use it as a justification to let an entire people, an entire SPECIES of sapient life go extinct just because they haven't reached an arbitrary level of development, well, you've lost the argument. And your soul.

Also Maud is just adorable in this. I wanna hug her.

So good job, on the whole, even if it's not perfect. I'd give 4 out of 5 Starfleet insignia.

7984986 I did want to flesh the ending out more. But, I was in quite a hurry to leave for MEPS that I just spat most of the last chapter out and ran out the door. It wouldn't take much for me to revise it.

7987277 Well, that's up to you. It stands fine as is so it's no big problem.

Funnily enough a Wiki trolling looking up something unrelated got me over to the Fermi Paradox and the Zoo Hypothesis. Funny how that works out. :rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh:

Keep on truckin'.

Well shit. I was expecting jokes and some light hearted comedy. Now my chest hurts.

7983912 It's a post-scarcity society and it shows collective action. If you look at Enterprise, the Vulcans treat humans the way non-white peoples, such as Native Americans, have been treated by the colonial powers and society today. I'd imagine that would be galling, but I don't have to imagine. As an Inupiat Eskimo, I've seen that crap far too often.

The worst part is that the Prime Directive is still a vast improvement over the historical treatment of non-whites throughout the history of colonialism. It toys with ideas like the horrible noble savage archetype and ideas like "the white man's burden."

8082505 ....so you're against post scarcity?? Because it comes across as communist???

8082532 No, I was trying to figure out why the Federation would bother the author, given my history as a person who's been deeply affected by colonialist bullshit. It was the best explanation I could come up with. Capitalism is like another religion to a lot of people in "The West." It can be quite disquieting, especially seeing people using communism like a snarl word in this day and age, because of the memories it brings up of how anti-communism or pro-market stuff was used as a justification for doing terrible things to my people and other indigenous groups.

when i read the title i thought about vulcan the greek god not vulcan from startrek what does that say about my nerd levels?

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