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There have been many stories where Queen Chrysalis and her changeling were only trying to do what was best for their race. That they had no choice but to attack Canterlot, or risk dying of starvation. That it was all a misunderstanding, or some other treacly excuse.

This is not one of those stories.

This story was written with absolutely zero sympathy for the devil.

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Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. LOVED IT!

A rubber duck!? That is truly BRILLIANT!

Those screams! Ha! Not even god knows what they did to Chrysalis!

This was awesome and funny.

It's nice to see someone else who thinks the Changelings were in the wrong. Too often this site feels like it's stuffed full of apologists who are more willing to vilify the protagonists of the show rather than admit their pet villain was an avaricious invader without excuse.

I do hope Shining and Cadance let up just a bit a few years down the line, hopefully when (and if) Chrysalis starts to straighten out.

Also I love the fact that you seem to share the same general headcanon about the royal sisters. Maybe not specifics, but still, same idea.

Good story, definitely worth a fave. This should by all rights be a featured item, and I hope it gets there.



"In fact, tis the only medieval torture device you'll not find in an adult toy store."

:twilightoops: I nearly choked on that one.

Good story!

What will happen to Chrysalis after this 8 years?
And will she get an higher rank in the army or will she stay at bootcamp and latrine-service forever?

7010748 Corks and holes no doubt. Why does this seem like a precursor to the whole Flufflepuff/Chryssi story-line, her army deserts her to go make up for their wrongs, Chryssi is carted off to Canterlot for punishment only to be handed off to Twi for reformation. Shortly after Fluffle appears & hits it off with Chryssi, eternal love source meets insatiable love hunger, perfect. All this and more over at Dan's 'Ask Fluffle Puff' tumblr page.

Where can I get some of those shoes? Know just the perpetrator that needs to be glued in a pair.

This... is beautiful.

, and riding your skateboard on the sidewalk.

Such a crime cannot go unpunished.:trollestia:

Wait - what did they do with the rubber duck? Were any rubber duckies harmed in the writing of this fiction? Boneless II might not be happy if that happened... :pinkiecrazy:

Can you just imagine the reaction when Chrissie meets Gosling and his rubber ducky cutie mark from " The Perilous Romance of Swans ' by Kudzuhaiku

There needs to be a separate branch of the Equestrian military dedicated to punishing/training criminals, so the rest could do what the military is supposed to be doing. Aside from that: Bravo!

Just re read this.....I laughed for TWO MINUTES!!!!!

Rebellious teenage Chrysalis.....

I like it.

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