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Welcome to one of the weak points between the Chakat Universe and Equestria! Enjoy your stay!

- Please limit self promotion
- This does not include responding to people asking about your story(ies)
- Please don't go crazy with the NSFW stuff, use common sense!
- Space in case more rules are necessary

The door to the Chakat Universe is here:

Please close the door behind you, we don't want any eldritch abominations from the void getting in as a result of any carelessness. (Got to be careful when dealing with the multi-verse!)

And if that's out of order, Then try this hole in the wall I made.

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Shouldn't Cosmic Lotus be in here now? (And by extension all of the House Path stories, too?)

Comment posted by yrfoxtaur deleted Feb 16th, 2019

393959 I don't have any exact rules, but the guidelines for using a chakat character are the same here as for anywhere - don't change them from how I describe them. In other words, if anywhere you write "My character is a chakat BUT..." and then describe something that you want on the character but isn't canon, such as giving hir three tails and saying shi's the child of a kitsune, then I won't be happy. And remember that chakats are people and not just caricatures.

Would you be so kind as to put up rules/guidelines for fair use of Chakat and Chakat universe related material in stories for FimFiction? :twilightsmile:

I've started the groundwork for a story where the semi-main character (atm) from Aura, Chakona, has ended up as a pony in Equestria, due to certain events across the multi-verses and perfectly bad timing.
It's in the setting of Zeus's NWNW. Is that alright? :applejackunsure: It's probably not going to make it under E rating, but I intent to keep a certain standard of decency.

Yay! Well hopefully we can get stories in here eventually.

As I am quite busy with my current story, it may be a while before I get around to doing a crossover story, but I do like the idea.
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