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This story is a sequel to Pinkie Pie goes to Hogwarts

More adventures and fun when Pinkie starts her second year at Hogwarts. Will there be new friends? Fresh parties? Yummy food? Obviously!

Will there be bad stuff as well? Nothing that a lil' bit of old fashioned friendship can't fix!

So come along and dive back into this wacky world filled with weird secretive rooms, the odd cranky potions professor and who knows what else!

It's gonna be a hoot!

Chapters (3)
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Keep up the good work can't wait for the next chapter

Pinkie gets the Oak to grow big and strong so it can give plenty of Apples?

Cos, Oak Apples, Minecraft, Pinkie? :pinkiecrazy:

So very glad to see this continue!!

Lockhart, what are you doing?

He's managed to put himself in a very strange existential position here, I can't wait to see where these countervailing influences lead.

Good to see a sequel, I look forward to wherever the story wanders next!

I literally SQUEED when I saw this update, you have no idea how I’ve looked for the sequel to my favorite story!
Thank you so much!!

Round 2:Magic Boogaloo

Couldve been worse. If Gorefist adnt pulled that lever, then Pinkie and the kids wouldve got a lift back to the Banks lobby, on the back of a particularly upset Dragon?:pinkiegasp:

Well I say, there appears to be a bit of bad blood going around. Quite unfortunate that.

Where the goblins the ones that cuasex the attack on the original pie family compound?

Thanks you for come back, please continue asap!

There seems to be several plots going on at once. Someone deems Pinkie is more dangerous than the Boy-Who-Lived, hmm? Interesting.

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