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In Cloudsdale, almost everyone that lives there can fly. The very few that can fly are visitors and one resident: A human with the ability to walk on clouds. When taken in by a young Rainbow Dash, he gains new family and friends.

Follow him on his story to learn more about himself as well as the world he now lives in.

*Set on Teen because I don't trust myself.*

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 31 )

Her parents are hillarius.

Sister rainbow is best sister.

Hmmmm. I enjoy the Idea, but the jump between your two chapters is a bit jarring. We go from "look what I found mom, can we keep him?" then have a huge time skip (I assume it is at least a year due to the teacher's comments) which ignores any sort of the bonding time between the now siblings. Due to this when they try and stick up for each other it feels forced and unnatural.

Well, the first chapter was actually happening in the same day.

Rainbow's parents are often too forgiving or too praising to their daughter too much from what I've seen in the show.

I'm interested to see what happens here. I normally don't read stories that don't have adventure elements, but this hooked me.

interesting story!, it's a nice change to see the caring side of rainbow dash for a change and the intro scene in the first chapter is beautiful in it's own unique way with rainbow dash helping a young boy clinging onto a cloud, i wonder how is monochrome able to walk on clouds?, also since he wishes to fly will he grow a set of wings?, it also looks like he's taken quite a shine to fluttershy and gilda?!, i wonder will there be any romance by chance?, this story has great potential!,looking forward for the next chapter!, keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the warm comment!
And there is going to be some more interesting topics, but since someone said I should show off more about the sibling relationship between Rainbow and Monochrome, I have been taking a bit of time to make some chapters in between to fill the gap.

Hopefully, the chapter will be finished soon.

So Cute now more hugs!

Oh that end note st evil! Lol

Great story so far lol, forward to see what happens next!

the last three chapters are great !, i wonder if
twilight's magic has any side effects on monochrome?,
looking forward to the next chapter!. :twilightsmile:

Cant wait for the seconed arc! Keep up the good work man!

Nice reference. I didn't think of that.

Will do. I still have some chapters in stock, so look forward to it.

“So… If I have to learn magic, doesn’t that mean I have to stay here in Canterlot?” He questioned. “I have a family back in Canterlot.”

"family back in Canterlot" WRONG City

Other than that, good story so far:pinkiehappy:

Well crud. Thanks for pointing that out. :twilightblush:

That your choice to make and maybe call it the canterlot arc or not its your call other than that great story

interesting chapter!, so monochrome has dragon
magic now, that's got to come in handy!.

Great start to a new arc!

while i can buy the gem eating is magical i think fire breathing is more scientific as there are sevreal ways.... wait its spike never mind

i think one way to balence out the human so he isnt op op is that the powers he copies are temporary the long her he near the sorce the longer he will copy them but nothing is permanate

Rainbow's parents make me cringe.

good to here your lan lord is understanding

as for the story I would like to suggest the the copy ability be tempurary makes for a more intresting story then him just having all of the magic

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