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Slamming my head · 12:21am Apr 2nd, 2021

I was hoping to post the story this month, but that didn't happen

I'm just not satisfied with how I laid it out

To explain why this particular chapter is taking so long, well... I guess I would say that this would be considered a pretty big shift in the story, one that leads to the next section of it all.

It's a pain in the butt, because the chapter lead up to 4000 words
That may sound great, but when I read it, it's kinda clunky as it is. So I'm gonna have to split up the chapter.

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Ko-Fi and plans · 7:55am Nov 17th, 2020

Welp, here we are again.

I'm still getting messages that you guys are commenting, faving, and rereading Alex's care taker.

I wasn't into the idea of writing two stories at once, but this time, I decide to do it on the side. It's been proving therapeutic for me. and that's time better spent than sitting around waiting for my noggin to feel better.

Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/sparkstone
You can donate some money to me here, and that's all it is. A tip jar, and nothing else.

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To all of my readers · 3:45am May 4th, 2019

Thank you for waiting so patiently after over 2 years of absence. Things really have changed in the course of that time. I apologize for the excessively long wait, and the only thing I can provide, even now, is a heartfelt apology.

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Net Neutrality: Have you done your part? · 7:21pm Dec 7th, 2017

How many of you have participated so far?

Remember, the reason why our net is still up and running is thanks to Net Neutrality. The freedom to go on the web without paying the extra bucks. Besides entertainment, we also use it for communication, education, information, and so on.

If you haven't gone on yet, do it now!

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Semester ending, final stretch · 6:16pm Dec 2nd, 2017

As some may know, I am in college.
This semester, I transferred to a university.

That's why posting chapters is harder and harder.

This semester I had a class that was really hard. (Because apparently teacher's here make stuff harder. It's not just the course, lol)

But now that the semester is ending, and there's only a little more to do, I will be writing again.

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Star Swirl is pretty old · 5:32pm Oct 25th, 2017

Don't know what to say after seeing him and all.
Apparently he and some other old pony legends were some kind of "Avengers" of Equestria.
But instead of Nick Fury recruiting him, we have this one pony that I can't spell his name right. Stilengio? Stilegio? I didn't really hear his name that much, but I barely remember the other pony legends either. Except Star Swirl, because his name was tossed over and over throughout the series like a famous celebrity.

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Birthday 2017 · 5:53pm Jan 7th, 2017

Hey everyone! I just turned 20!

That's right. I'm technically no longer a teen. :pinkiegasp:

It's been a couple of years since I came to this site. And I don't think I'll stop writing stories. While I have been writing less and less fan fiction, I don't think I will stop entirely. I'll keep writing until my stories reach a satisfying end. :twilightsmile:

Of course, I might end up making new stories too! Heheh! :trollestia:

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Merry Christmas! · 5:46pm Dec 25th, 2016

When it comes down to it, we look back to last year, and the times we started.

I have had a lot of years spent on this site by now. And it seems that no matter how tight, or less and less I update my stories, I still keep coming back. I wish I can make a christmas chapter for my stories, but I couldn't.
I'm sorry. Of course, I'm still working hard! I'll do my best to keep posting stuff!

Merry Christmas!

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Featured! · 7:08am Nov 20th, 2016

I'm not sure what's the best word for this moment. All I can think of is, Thank you for all of your support! :raritystarry:

We got Alex's Care Taker featured on 11/20/2016! And it's thanks to all of my readers who enjoyed the story! :rainbowwild:

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

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Ace's first animation! · 2:14am May 24th, 2016

I'm so happy how things turned out for him.