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In a region called Warpla, the last of the humans live in various tribes and clans. Hostility still exists in the harsh region over there and the humans remain isolated for hundreds of years.

However, one tribe has reached out to make peaceful negotiations. In the agreement to strengthen the pact between the Tribe and Equestria, they send one student to learn from the School of Friendship. The human's mission is thus: Establish friendly relations and find companions to call their own.

Content Warning: Bit of blood, humans from this imaginary setting and not from the real world, silly stuff closer to Slice-of-Life, Slightly over dramatic

Have fun reading this at home!

Featured on 4/12/2020, a few hours after release
4/21/2020, 4/27/2020, 4/28/2020, 6/11/2020, 10/26/2020

Chapters (26)

In Cloudsdale, almost everyone that lives there can fly. The very few that can fly are visitors and one resident: A human with the ability to walk on clouds. When taken in by a young Rainbow Dash, he gains new family and friends.

Follow him on his story to learn more about himself as well as the world he now lives in.

*Set on Teen because I don't trust myself.*

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This story is a sequel to Celestia's Care Taker

A year has passed since Alex has said goodbye to Celestia. Another year to the ponies who found themselves taken care of by Alex. A year passes since Alex has seen his beloved.

That was until Alex receives the other end of the deal, and is now thrown to Equestria instead of the other way around. There, he will reunite with his many, many friends. Celestia will see him once more.

And memories return, good and bad.
FEATURED on 11/20/2016!

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This story is a sequel to Heart Plus - Dawn Arc

Going for a rewrite of Heart Plus. Splitting personalities and such.

The story starts off with a girl by the name of Emma and how she is stuck in the land of Equestria. After her arrival, she starts trying to find a way back home. But her journey to that goal is blocked with all kinds of perilous obstacles, threatening her and her friends.

Luckily, she has a few tricks up her sleeve. With the help from her allies and a little luck, she may just turn the tides to save the land and go home... or not.

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Vent Psych, an antisocial with a complex personality. After a battle along with a chain of accidents, Vent is now stuck in Equestria. However, being trapped in another world doesn't mean his past is left behind in his world. Now, a sudden trigger of events happen. Some because of his very existence, and some not at all. Can he turn things around and make himself along with Equestria better? Or will he bring all to dust?

Before you like or dislike (I urge you not to dislike just for the heck of it. I'm fragile.) Please read the extra information down below. Thank you, and have a nice day.

~For your Information~
-This is a human in Equestria story.
-This is NOT a human from our world. It is a human from a more fictional world. It will use some references to the real world.
-This takes place before Twilight is an alicorn. (Almost as if it never happened. Like Heart Plus)
-This has multiple Points of View. It will be First Person and Third Person.
-It focuses on events and relationships along with character growth.
~For your safety~
Dark Rating: Questionable Themes
Sexual Rating: Questionable Themes
Profanity Rating: Tolerable
Violence Rating: Questionable Themes

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Son of Twilight Velvet and Night Light.
Little brother of Shining Armor.
Older brother of Twilight Sparkle.
Unknown creature of Canterlot, battling against society and his very being.

His life is an adventure. These are his first years.
-Celestia and Cadence are in it, but I can only pick 5 characters.
This is a story that is all about Time Skips until season 1 begins.

Chapters (6)

When Princess Celestia is taken from her world to a planet of humans, she is immediately housed by a human named Alex. Promising to take care of her until a certain portal would open, he only asks her to stay in the house until then. Celestia however doesn't completely trust this alien creature and his sudden hospitality. She wants more than words before she'll listen to him.

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Luffy lands nearby Ponyville due to a fight that happened not so long ago. During his stay, he encounters, befriends, and soon has adventures with six certain ponies that will shake Equestria.

One Piece X My Little Pony Crossover
Teen Rating - Multiple use of cuss words.
Gore - Bits of bruises and cuts, nothing too serious.

Part 1 - Introductions
-Chapters 1 to 7
-Luffy's arrival attracts curiosity of the ponies as he demonstrates his numerous abilities causing a disruption of peace. Though not meaning to do trouble, he gives the six ponies the next few days they'll never forget.
Part 2 - Ponyville Arc
-Chapters 8 to 16
-Luffy finally makes a move that will plunge all of Equestria into war. Alliances will be revealed as well as actions no one ever knew about until now, and the fate will be determined by Luffy and his crew's actions.
Part 3 - Griffon Arc
-Chapters 17 to ???
-The time to enter the war is now. Luffy along with Twilight and the rest of the team will go into Griffon turf in order to end the feud as well as finding the rest of the Straw Hats.

Takes place after two year time skip
Takes place before Discord was freed and wreaked havoc
Inspiration and better story in the link.
One of the many One Piece X My Little Pony crossovers with potential
Ace-Catel the artist

Chapters (48)

Cliffside High was sent to the outskirts of Ponyville, causing mass hysteria to both the ponies and the humans. After Mark and Princess Celestia patches the trust, the students continue to learn in school while learning the life of Equestria. Many are hoping to come back home while others have left behind the school altogether, both students and teachers.

Question remains. Will they come back home? Or are they stuck forever?

You may suggest random human names for future chapters.

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Chase has been in Ponyville for only a month. He is known very much for what little emotion or expression he shows to the world. But why in the world of Equestria would a boring boy like him ask out a party eccentric girl like Pinkie for? Only time will tell of what is to happen to their first date.

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