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Alex's Care Taker - SparkStone

When the Care Taker of ponies get sent to Equestria, many rejoice, and many meet the beloved human of the Equines.

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Chapter 6

The Do of the Daring

A train to a far place followed by a hike to an even further place, Alex and his companions trek the swamp and unknown. The human and the dragon walk in the back as they carry a backpack of supplies while Twilight reads the map. The others checking surroundings making sure no trouble passes by them.

“You know, it’s pretty nice having some pony else help me with the carrying.” Spike commented. “Really makes the trip a whole lot easier.”

“I don’t mind. It wouldn’t be kind to make you carry stuff every time we go somewhere.” Alex noted.

“Yeah, it WOULD be.” Spike strongly said, making sure Twilight heard him clearly.

The purple pony rolled her eyes as she continued to read the map. Meanwhile, Rainbow is whispering something to Alex.

“Hey, you know, we’re pretty close to a writer we know here too!”

“Really? How odd. I didn’t expect any pony else to be here.” Alex stated.

“Well, this is just a secret between you, me, and the others here.” Rainbow assured him.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell just any pony, Rainbow.” Twilight warned her. “Even if Alex is a kind human, we should respect the confidential and sensitive info about, You-know-who.”

“I understand.” Alex replied. “The friend I’m visiting as well would like the privacy too. I hope she’s alright with me bringing company.”

Pinkie thought of something as she skipped down the pathway with the group. “Hey! What if Alex already met up with-”

Suddenly, Pinkie’s hoof was wrapped by a rope before pulling her up to a tree. The group jumps a bit and backs away, unfortunately leading Spike to another rope trap as well. The backpack Spike was carrying drops and lands on Alex, and the group is still left bewildered from the past couple of events. As the ponies look around in confusion, another mare jumps into the scene.

“HA!” She shouted in her battle cry, almost leading on a first attack until she realized who it was. “Wha!? It’s you!”

Rainbow practically squealed once she saw another pony of admiration jump into the scene. “It’s Daring Do!”

Daring Do gave a sigh before going near a tree and pulling a hidden rope from a hole inside. The traps released Pinkie and Spike, plopping them onto the ground. The ponies calmed down as Daring Do starts asking questions.

“What are all of you doing here?” She asked.

“We’re just here taking a friend of ours to another friend.” Rainbow explained. “You know, basic friendship stuff.”

“Well, I don’t know any pony else who lives here that’ll be friendly.” Daring warned them. “Just the usual guys tracking me down.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be on our way.” Twilight told her. “We’ll be back to talk a bit more when we have the chance!”

“Alex? Are you alright?” Fluttershy asked him. Daring Do’s ears perked up once she heard the name aloud.

“Help me get this stuff off of him.” Spike requested.

“Wait, did you say Alex?” Daring questioned.

The group looked at Daring Do as Alex managed to lift the backpack off of his body. He gave a tired gasp before looking at Daring with a smile. “Daring! We found you!”

“Alex!” Daring yelled with eagerness.

The adventurer runs to the human and ands a solid hug to the ground. Twilight and Rainbow’s mouth were wide open at this discovery of friendship.

Around 3 years ago, a secretive mare sits in her room. Having her wings be treated as well as having a roof over her head during her time in a whole new other world, she has come to appreciate Alex’s hospitality.

However, she also wishes to leave as soon as possible in order to keep Alex away from the danger she possess at the very moment. Holding onto an artifact that can control an army of guardians protecting a forest, she tries her best to think of the best way possible to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

In her room, she opens a map on her desk. The map of the amazons was laid out on the table. The same place where she found the artifact, the Emperor’s Emerald. With it, it will call out the powerful guardians to do the bidding of any pony who holds in in their possession. This same power may also be used to take over Equestria, something she can’t let happen.

As she looks through it, she failed to notice Alex looking over her shoulder as he scans the map carefully.

“Writing something for your new book?” Alex questioned.

The mare yelped and turned to Alex while attempting to hide the map.

“ALEX! Whoa boy! You scared me there!” She told him.

“My apologies Yearling.” Alex says honestly. “I just came to check on you, just be sure that everything is alright.”

“Oh! Everything is fine. Sorry to worry you.” She replied.

“Alright then.” Alex nodded. “So, I read your story.”

“Oh? You did?” She spoke with uncertainty. “Well, what did you think of it?”

“I really enjoyed it.” Alex told her. “It was exciting and very well written. It felt like the writer went through the experience herself.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” She smiled warmly.

“But there's a problem.” Alex noted. "There’s no ending."

“Yeah, I’m still trying to figure that out.” She told him as she looked back to the map.

“So, that means you’re trying to figure out where you’re going to hide this?” Alex said, holding the Emperor’s Emerald itself. Yearling turned quickly with widened eyes. “You left it at the living room’s coffee table.”

Yearling holds her face, almost ready to slap her face to her own foolish mistake. Alex sits down with her and says, “So… I’m sort of concerned about what you’re going through back in Equestria. Do you just write stories? Or is there something more?”

The tired mare sighs and says, “I’m an archaeologist. I also write about my travels in order to have an extra amount of funding for each trip. Especially since I can’t just hand any artifact to a museum, only to have it stolen or misused.”

“I see… And I’ll also assume that your real name is Daring Do?”

“I’m sorry for not telling you Alex.” She says honestly with dropped ears. “I was hoping to keep you out of trouble.”

“I understand.” Alex assures her. “But I’m concerned about you as well. You’re about to go back with people chasing you down. Are you sure you can handle that?”

“I can handle whatever those dumbbells throw at me.” She tells him with sheer confidence. “What I’m worried about is going around with the Emperor’s Emerald. It isn’t safe there.”

Alex sighs and crosses his arms. “So I’ve read.”

“All I have to do is figure out a place they can’t get to. A place they won’t figure out where to find either if possible.”

“Then why don’t you just leave it here?” Alex asked.

Daring looks up at Alex with widened eyes once more. “Huh!?”

“I’m sure whoever is out to get you isn’t aware about my residence. And that artifact is useless in this world, isn’t it?”

“That is true…” Daring thought.

“If you choose to leave it here, I’ll make sure that it’ll be safe.” Alex promises her. “If there’s any way I can help, please let me know.”

Daring holds her chin in thought, making sure this was a good idea. She sighs as she says, “Do you have a type writer?”

“I do. Why?”

“I thought of a way to end this book.” Daring told him.

Whatever happened to the Emperor’s Emerald? Well, let’s just say, it was hidden by… top men…

“YOU’RE THE TOP MEN!?” Twilight and Rainbow shouted.

Alex scratched the back of his head as he grinned in embarrassment from the last line of the book. The Emperor’s Emerald was safely stashed away in the safe at Aurabelle’s private bank, maximum security, and never to be seen by the light of day again. One of Daring’s most trusted accomplices in hiding the infamous treasure was right before them the whole time.

“So, I needed to ask you about the Emerald.” Daring stated. “Personally, face to face.”

“It’s safe. I had someone I know lock it up. It’s never going to be seen ever again.” Alex informs her.

“Thank goodness…” Daring sighed in relief. “If that thing came back here, there would be a lot more trouble.”

“I never would have thought that you also got to meet with Miss Yearling too.” Applejack stated. She turned to the archaeologist and said, “We have a lot more in common than I thought.”

“I don’t think we’re that different Applejack.” Daring told her. Looking back to Alex, she smiles and says, “Anyways, I’m glad to see you again Alex. It’s been a long time.”

“I’m glad to see you again too Daring.” He grins.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Rainbow hugs Alex so hard, he suffocated a bit. She was squealing in excitement and said, “Oh my gosh! Dude! You’re so lucky! AND so cool! I didn’t think about it much, but you really ARE awesome!”

“Thanks Rainbow.” Alex chuckled as he gasped for air.

“Wow Alex! You were famous before you even GOT here!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Remember girls! What we say here, stays here!” Twilight tells them. “We can’t bother Daring any more than we should.”

“Actually, for once, I need help.” Daring stated. “Particularly, your help Alex.”

The human raised an eyebrow, but kept a smile on. “Are you sure?” He laughs lightly. “I’m not much of an adventurer you know.”

“We have to go Alex! We just gotta!” Rainbow begged.

“Look, I don’t want to peer pressure you into it or anything.” Daring told him. “But there’s a reason why I really want you to come with me.”

“What is it?” Alex questions.

“I think I figured out what sends ponies to your world Alex.”

The room became silent. Alex stares at Daring in slight shock. His expression simply stares off into space, confused of how this came to be. The connection to everything about ponies going to earth is here? Suddenly, what became a trip to meet with friends, now feels like a step closer to the truth. The secret behind everything.

“Show me…” Alex says quickly.

The group travels through the jungles carefully. Alex looks around to make sure nothing dangerous follows them. Twilight and Rainbow are hiding the blissful joy in their minds as they officially go on an adventure with Daring Do herself! The others however were much more concerned about the other creatures or foes that may occur on this trip.

Pinkie was enjoying herself however, hopping nearby the others. Spike looked around nervously as he walks beside Alex closely. The human soon picks up the dragon and gives him a piggyback ride.

“Here Spike, you can help me keep a look out just in case.” Alex said to him.

Spike grinned and complied. “Sure! You can count on me!”

“So Daring, what can you tell me about the place we’re going to?”

“There’s not much to say.” Daring said honestly. “I looked around, but there’s not much to it. The only thing that sticks out is the open space and the pedestal in the middle.”

“How far are we from it?” Twilight wondered.

“It’s just around here.”

Sure enough, it was as Daring Do described. It was an open space with a foundation of stone bricks. Nothing was on this flat stone layer except for a single pedestal. Upon closer inspection, the pedestal had symbols, particularly of some sort of ancient language. Applejack noticed something quite odd.

“That’s funny… It looks sort of… familiar…” Applejack stated.

“That’s intriguing…” Daring told her. “When I found this after I went to Alex’s world, I thought it was familiar as well. But seeing how you might have seen this before as well, it might not be a coincidence.”

“Does this mean that this pedestal sends ponies to your world, Alex?” Fluttershy asked.

“It has something to do with it.” Alex thought. “But I don’t recognize this language from my world. I could only assume it’s something unique to your world.”

“I looked up as much languages in Equestria that I could find, even some that aren’t spoken anymore. But this still escapes me.” Daring informed them.

“What about the strange symbol in the center?” Rarity questioned, pointing out the hand like carving right in the middle.

“This is why I brought you here Alex.” Daring told him. “When I found this place, I saw the hand symbol on it, and at first thought it was suggesting that a minotaur was needed. I was wrong when I managed to have one inspect it. With that out of the way, I thought maybe only a human can open the secrets behind it. But seeing how you were in another world, I thought that this was one place I won’t be able to get open. And then you finally came 2 years later.”

“I see.” Alex nodded. “Then shall I place my hand on it?”

“That was the plan.” Daring admitted. “However, I’m worried about what could happen. I know nothing about this place, and that just means that all of you could be in danger.”

“What other way is there?” Rainbow questioned.

“Um, if it’s alright with you, is it possible for me to stay waaay over there?” Fluttershy requested, pointing at a spot off of the stone platform.

“I would feel better if we can get as many of us to safety as we can before we start whatever it is we’re about to do.” Alex stated. “I would hate for there to be any trouble.”

“I think it’s for the best.” Rarity stated. “Let’s leave this to the professionals.”

“I’ll scan for any changes in the field.” Twilight told them.

“I’m gonna stick with ya just to make sure things don’t go south!”

“I’ll be right here beside ya Alex.” Applejack assured him.

“Alright Alex, go ahead.” Daring told him.

He nodded and after waiting for the rest of the group to head for safety, he slowly placed his hand onto the pedestal. Twilight immediately began scanning the area while Rainbow, Applejack, and Daring checked the area if there was anything going on. Nothing seemed out of place. As Alex waited for something, he suddenly heard something.

“… Hello… Alex…”

Turning around quickly, he checks if anyone was there. Alas, it was the same ponies as before. Twilight gives a concerned expression to Alex as he gives a bewildered gaze off to the distance.

“What’s wrong Alex?”

“You didn’t hear that voice?” Alex questioned.

“What did you hear?” Daring asked.

“The voice greeted me and said my name.” Alex told them.

“Whoa, that’s freaky.” Rainbow remarked.

Looking back to the pedestal, something interesting happened. Looking at the symbols, he suddenly understood what they read! Squinting at them for a moment, he reads it aloud. “For those who wish to abandon this world of magic, prove your right.”

“Wait, I thought you couldn’t read it?” Rainbow pointed out.

“I thought so too.” Alex replied. “But after placing my hand on the pedestal, I felt something change in me.”

“Do you think you can figure out what it wants?”

Alex held his chin, thinking about what it could possibly mean. He has already placed his hand on the pedestal, giving him the ability to translate the symbols. What more can he do that he hasn’t already done? After a moment of thinking, he wondered about what it said. To abandon this world of magic. Is it possible that these ruins actually belong to…?

Placing his hand on the pedestal, he tries something. Breathing in slowly, he says aloud…

“I am only human. I can only do what my hands allow me to.”

The platform then shakes before stairs started to form and descend deeper down to the ruins below. The group is astounded by the sudden shift of the seemingly plain platform. Once it had settled down, the group formed up again at the pedestal.

“Whoa! You did it Alex!” Applejack cheered.

“How’d you know what to say?” Twilight asked.

“It was something that someone told me back in my world.” He shrugged, grinning. But… how could it be possible?

“You’re a natural Alex!” Daring said with much appraise. “Maybe you should come with me on my travels.”

Alex gave a weak smile and politely declined. “As fun as it is, I don’t think I can help you too much in this field. This labyrinth seems to be one of the only exceptions.”

“Suit yourself.” Daring shrugged.

“Let’s go check the place out!” Twilight told them.

The group traveled down the ruins. As they went on, green flames lit upon their path. The bricks of what looked like sand stone slowly became more and more golden. When they reached the end of the path, they found what looked to be a shrine. The totems were of many strange faces, standing before a path of red carpet lining up to what seemed to be a chest. The group carefully approaches it, watching out for any traps. As they reached the chest, they carefully opened it slowly, waiting for the click to go off and warn them for anything to happen. But nothing does. The chest finally opens all the way, but as they looked inside, nothing is there.

“Aw, what!?” Rainbow complained. “What a rip!”

“Is this really all there is to it?” Daring wondered. She shook her head at the thought. “No… There should be something else.”

“What about that think on the stand over there?” Pinkie suggested, pointing out the stand just a bit further from the chest. Approaching it, they find a letter placed on a book. Alex walks up closer to pick up the letter. Opening it, he reads it out loud.

Everyone wanted to leave because they couldn’t survive alongside such powerful creatures. So we found a world where we could become the superior species using only our intellect. I however wanted to stay. Because of this, I was told that I can do just that. But after I live my life in this world, I must return to this room so my body can lay to rest in the coffin set for me. Although it will be a tragic fate to ask my companions to take me here so I may rest in peace, it is the only way to fully accomplish my final assignment. To close the portal before it becomes unstable.

“Unstable?” Fluttershy repeated.

“That must mean… All of the ponies going to your world are…!”

“Coming from an unstable portal.” Alex finished.

“The chest we opened isn’t a chest… it’s a coffin.” Daring realized.

“Ugh… How distasteful…” Rarity thought.

“This is getting exciting!” Rainbow exclaimed. “Still too bad there’s no traps.”

“The real bad thing about this is we still have no clue about this portal or what this place even is.”

“Hey! We forgot the book!” Twilight pointed out. “Let’s check it out.”

As Twilight went up to the stand and levitate the book out of its place, the stand rose. Upon rising, the sound of something moving within the walls echoed out to the room. Everyone stood still not sure what was going on. Then, Alex saw what was going on. He jumped to Twilight and shielded her from darts coming at her from several places. Everyone shouted as Alex fell unconscious.

Author's Note:

Honestly, this chapter was rewritten so many times, I don't even know what was the better choice anymore.

It's not a fun comedy chapter, that's for sure.

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