• Published 9th Jan 2016
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Alex's Care Taker - SparkStone

When the Care Taker of ponies get sent to Equestria, many rejoice, and many meet the beloved human of the Equines.

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Chapter 3

What you Lose, and What you Have

The rooster gives a loud wake up call to all. Applebloom and Big Macintosh woke up bright and early. Granny Smith didn’t take much longer to follow suit, and Applejack preps for her daily chores. If there’s one thing the family prides in their morning rituals, it’s their wake up time. Not a lot of ponies can wake up as early as a worker like them. But as they approach the dining table, they found for once, a city goer manages to beat them at just that. Plates of pancakes with exotic apple syrup and a square of butter is in front of the seats. The family stares at the delectable breakfast in front of them while Applejack turns around to look for Alex.

“Alex, I told you to let us take care of you for a change!” She complained before sighing. “You just can’t get that boy to be a little selfish once in a while.”

“Hey, it’s no problem if we eat these, right?” Applebloom asked.

“Of course not.” Granny Smith assured her. “In fact, it’d be rude if you didn’t eat it.”

“Eeyup!” Big Mac agreed, already seated and eating.

“Big Mac!” Applejack growled.

“Come on Applejack, you don’t want to let your food get too cold now.” Granny told her. Applejack gives a defeated sigh and joins the absolutely delicious breakfast. Applebloom can barely contain herself as she already compliments the breakfast ten times over.

“WHOA! This is the best thing ever! It’s better than the time you cooked pancakes Applejack!”

“Alex is a natural when it comes to cooking, cleaning, heck, he can even fix our wagons if he had the right tools.” Applejack informed her little sister. “He’s the perfect package for a hard working pony. But he doesn’t seem to remember that he should be treated just as well at least once in a while.”

“Some ponies just want to make others happy more than themselves.” Granny suggested. “He seems to be that kind of human.”

“Still… I wished he’d let other ponies take care of him for once.” Applejack sighed.

Outside along the picket fence, Alex watches the clouds go by. He keeps a harmful thought to plague him a bit longer, just to fulfill his curiosities. During is deeper thoughts taking control, he hears Applejack call him.

“Alex, it was real nice of ya to make us breakfast, but you told me you were gonna let us take care of things.” Applejack complained. “I know you’re getting tired of me acting like this, but if you keep this up, you’ll let ponies like Rainbow Dash walk all over you.”

“I’m sorry…” Alex replied, not smiling. “I just wanted to relax a bit. Cook up something to ease up, but…”

The stern mare stops her lecturing assault as she realizes Alex is acting a bit off. Similar to how he was yesterday to be precise. She approaches him and takes a seat on the picket fence as well to take a closer look. Alex seems to be very saddened, but he also keeps the composure of an adult. How he remains well focused even in the most emotional of moments surpass Applejacks ability to do so. But the look in the eyes, Applejack can tell she sees suffering.

“What’s the matter Alex? You seem sad about something.”

“It’s been too long since I’ve seen you Applejack.” Alex reminded her. “You are among the twelve ponies that don’t know what happened to Rochelle four years ago.”

“What… What happened to Rochelle, Alex?” Applejack asked, becoming frightened by the possible answer.

Alex sighs and looks up. His hands clench as he closes his eyes and breathes carefully. “She’s dead Applejack. Rochelle was killed.”

Applejack was still, unsure what to say. Although the news hits her hard, she looks at Alex as if it’s as new to him as it is to her. She places her hoof on Alex’s lap and asked, “What happened?”

“The thirteenth was… it was just really unlucky what happened. She died in front of me, in my very hands. When I saw you with your brother and sister, it reminded me of myself, Aurabelle and Rochelle. The times together were very similar indeed, and the happiness is just as pure.”

Feeling guilty for bringing up old scars, Applejack attempts to apologize while in her shocked phase. “Alex… I’m… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

Alex declines the apology, and assures her once more. “Don’t say sorry. It’s not your fault. Truth be told, it’s nobody’s fault. I know that. Even if she was in my hands, there was nothing I can do. For a while, I accepted this. I felt normal about it until… I started to wonder… If I have anything just as uplifting as the family I used to have.”


“I’m still wondering about everything I lost. If I even have… anything at all…” He explains, shifting his gaze to the side.

“Of course you have something Alex…” Applejack told him, grasping his hands. “You still have-”

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spots a purple swirled mane. She squints a bit and realize who it was. Once the mare realized she’d been caught, she peeks out and whispers, “Kiss him~!

“RARITY! YOU GET OUTTA THAT BUSH AND STOP EAVESDROPPING!” Applejack shouted at the top of her lungs, screeching to Alex who had taken the point of the sound.

“Ooh… You ruined it.” Rarity sighed woefully. “Oh darling, how are you going to win his heart by acting like that?”


Rarity gasped. “I do NOT spread gossip like some silly filly!”

Applejack held her head in the pain of trying to cope with this mess. Once she calmed down, she asks, “What do you want Rarity?”

“I’m actually here for a Mr. Alex.” She informed them. “The party for all of your friends to come and see you is tomorrow, and I believe I can get you a new outfit before the time comes.”

“That sounds nice.” Alex smiled some. He looked at his clothing, already showing signs of overuse. “The shirt is getting a bit too dirty for my liking.”

“Come with me. I just need some measurements, and we’ll be good to go, darling~!” Rarity sung.

Not hating the idea, Alex follows while Applejack stays behind to tend the orchard. Unknown to all, Applebloom was watching behind a bush as well, giggling at the scene.

At the boutique, Alex takes a look at all of the clothing in the room. Many were dresses of a variety of colors, and different occasions. Formal, parties, and even masquerades were neatly worn by the mannequins around. Rarity guides him to a platform surrounded by mirrors. She took out a measuring tape and wrapped him with it lightly.

“Stay still, it won’t take long.”

“Alright.” Alex replied.

Taking measurements was quick and easy. Rarity was glad it wasn’t the Rainbow Dash dilemma all over again. When she started working on the design, she looked up to Alex and asked, “So, what kind of attire are we aiming for?”

“Um… I’m not really sure.” Alex shrugged. “To be honest, I always had Aurabelle, Julie, or Brin to pick out my clothes. Actually, even Harold and Charles helps me pick them out. Whenever I go shopping alone, I tend to… buy ridiculous clothing, especially for formal occasions.”

“Hmm… I suppose I’ll aid you through this dilemma.” Rarity suggested. A light knock echoes from the door, calling the white unicorn’s presence. “Oh! Pardon me for a moment.”

Rarity opens the door, and in comes in none other than the famous mare with a stylish blue mane and wonderful fitting. “Sapphire Shores!”

“Hello Rarity!” She greets back. “I’m here for my order.”

“Yes, of course!” Rarity nods before leaving to go get Sapphire’s clothing. “I was also surprised when I managed to have it done early. How about I show you the order one more time just to be crystal clear this will suffice?”

“I see no reason to-” Sapphire pauses halfway as she entered the building, seeing Alex looking up in thought. The mare caught his attention after a few seconds pass. “Alex!?” She speaks out.

“Sapphire!” Alex calls back.

Rarity freezes and slowly turns around realizing what this meant. “W-Wait a moment… You… you two KNOW each other??”

“Rarity! You didn’t tell me one of your clients was Alex!” Sapphire stated. “Why, when I read the newspaper that you were here, I came rushing to see if it was true! I’m glad my doubts were wrong!”

“Sapphire, it’s great to see you as well!” Alex said cheerfully. “How’s the music business doing for you?”

“Splendid! Absolutely marvelous~!” Sapphire said with flare and dazzle. “You should come see me in a concert.”

“That’d be neat.” Alex smiled back.

Sapphire looked at Rarity still jaw dropped of all of this. She waved to the star struck mare and gathered her senses. “Rarity sweetie, the dress?”

“Huh? OH! O-Of course!” Rarity complied, trotting quickly to the dresses.

Sapphire looked to Alex and said, “So, how are you liking Equestria?”

“It’s been good to me.” Alex told her. “I haven’t explored all of Ponyville yet, and I’m still having a great time.”

“If you think its fun here, try hitting the big cities like Canterlot or Manehattan.” Sapphire suggested.

“Seeing how my friends aren’t all in Ponyville, I got no choice if I wanna see them.” Alex noted.

“Then you should consider going with me on my tour.” Sapphire told him. “I’ll be going to all kinds of places! You’ll find it pretty convenient if you have any far friends.”

“Thanks Sapphire. I’ll consider the offer.” Alex responded. “Right now, I have to get ready for a party tomorrow.”

“Alright. Oh, and Alex…”


Sapphire reaches for her pockets on her dress, and pulls out a mixtape. “This is for you. The music I’ve been making for a while. Some of the releases I made here in Equestria were about you. I think you should listen to them.”

Alex takes the mixtape and looks up to Sapphire. “Sapphire, thanks. I don’t know what to say.”

“I-I have the dresses!” Rarity told them, struggling to keep up with the dramatic knowledge from earlier.

“Why! It’s wonderful! I don’t think of anything less from you Rarity!” Sapphire told her. Sapphire leaves her payment and leaves with the product swiftly, but gallantly. Alex looks at the empty door before looking at the purple mixtape he was given. Rarity notices the item and gasps.

“Why! That’s the limited edition, Never forget memoir playlist! Did Sapphire give that to you!? You lucky devil you!”

“Do you have anything for me to listen to this?”

“Of course!” Rarity answered immediately. She leaves for one moment to get a music player and some headphones. She gives them to Alex and says, “Enjoy the music! I have to get working on your clothing! I have an idea on what it should be.”

“Thanks Rarity.”

Outside, Alex sits on the grassy ground, where he takes the chance to listen to the music. The first one that plays has a little announcement.

“Thank you for purchasing Never Forget, the memoir version! Here, you’ll receive a song that used to be a poem. For the ears of my most loved fans, you’ll hear the song dedicated to… some pony who has undergone the struggles of family.”

You have a heart of gold

But you see a stained soul

You have a kindred mind

Plagued with thoughts of dark.

You care for all the ponies.

But you think you’re a phony.

Well I’m here to say that’s not true

You’ve been there as many times as you can be

So it’s time to stop blaming yourself!

You have so many who love you back

I know it may seem like a dream

But all the colors on our coats are real,

And so is the goodness in your heart~!

So start believing that you are truly good!

The proof is here, the warmth of our hearts

Dedicated to you, you are my friend as close as family

So start believing…

Upon hearing those words, Alex looked up and started to remember all of the ponies he cared for. Meeting them all is coming, and while his family isn’t here, he has some who will see him like family. His mind perks up some as he stands up and looks to Ponyville.

“Tomorrow's the big day… I wonder who’s coming to see me?”

Author's Note:

You know, I realized most people don't want Celestia to meet Alex again just yet.

How long are you gonna torture the poor mare? :trollestia:

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