Alex's Care Taker

by SparkStone

First published

When the Care Taker of ponies get sent to Equestria, many rejoice, and many meet the beloved human of the Equines.

A year has passed since Alex has said goodbye to Celestia. Another year to the ponies who found themselves taken care of by Alex. A year passes since Alex has seen his beloved.

That was until Alex receives the other end of the deal, and is now thrown to Equestria instead of the other way around. There, he will reunite with his many, many friends. Celestia will see him once more.

And memories return, good and bad.
FEATURED on 11/20/2016!


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Alex opened his eyes with a tired body. He looks up to see a violet alicorn looking very closely at him. He merely backs away, sliding his body to the edge of the cot. She too jumps back and smiles sheepishly.

“Whoa! Sorry! I was just taking a close look.” She apologized.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to be so close to it Twilight?” Spike asked. “We don’t even know if it’s safe!”

“Don’t worry Spike. I kept some restraints on it. If it tries anything vicious, the magic will hold it back.” Twilight assured him. “But something tells me it’s pretty friendly. And judging from its clothes, it may also be…”

“Sapient.” Alex finished.

Twilight jumps back in shock of the sudden ability to speak. Alex chuckles some as the pony and dragon look at each other in confusion.

“It… Spoke.” Spike pointed out.

“Ooh… This became awkward.” Twilight said with a blush on her face. “I even restrained it from moving.”

“Well, you better let it go.” Spike suggested.

“Right, right.” Twilight nodded, releasing Alex from her previously fore mentioned spell. “Sorry… uh, sir? Are you a sir?”

“Yes, I am.” Alex nodded, getting up from his cot.

“Right! Uh, hoo boy. I’m sorry, I thought you were some sort of rare, unrecorded creature. Heh, but looks like I let my imagination get the better of me.”

“Don’t mention it.” Alex said with a patient smile. He turned around and headed towards the other way. “Let me make you something to eat.”

Twilight and Spike raised an eyebrow at his offer. As Alex opened his eyes, he sees the place he was in was not his own. Instead, he was inside a large castle of crystal, stretching to the high ceiling and providing a lot of space. Once he took everything in, he turns to the two and asked, “Um… Tell me… where did you find me?”

“Uh… we found you outside last night.” Spike answered. “Twilight treated you up. You had, like, some bruises and some scratches after falling from the sky.”

“Really now?” Alex thought. “Well, this is ironic.”

“Ironic?” Twilight repeated. “What do you mean?”

“Well, back in my world, there would be a pony that would suddenly appear with some minor injuries time to time. I took them in and cared for them while waiting for a portal to appear.”

Spike titled his head in confusion. “A portal?”

“Back to Eqeustria.” Alex finished.

“That sounds pretty farfetched.” Twilight stated.

“Even though it sounds a bit strange, it’s true.” Alex told her.

“What should we do Twilight?” Spike wondered.

“Well, we can’t have him moving about. He might cause a panic to every pony.” Twilight thought. “For now, you’ll be staying here. I’m going to discuss what we should do next with my friends tomorrow. Right now, it’s pretty late.”

“Sounds fair.” Alex agreed. “Is that all you have for me to do?”

“You said you took care of ponies, right?” Spike asked. “How good are you… at chores?”

“Spike!” Twilight scolded at the little dragon. “That’s rude! Not to mention, a bad idea. We don’t even know anything about him! Heck, we don’t even know what he is.”

“Oh, sorry. I’m a human.” Alex informed them.

“Well, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy.” Spike noted. “And, there’s a lot of work around here now. Even the others were talking about how you should get a guard or a butler.”

“Still, that doesn’t mean-”

“I don’t mind helping out.” Alex assured them. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable either. The choice is up to you.”

“Come on Twi, please~?” Spike begged.

Twilight roller her eyes with a groan and said, “Oh, alright. Sir, it seems we are in need of some of your services. Is it alright if you lend a… hand?”

“Please.” He smiled. “Call me Alex.”

Back on Earth, Charles stared at Aurabelle while pinching his eyes. Aurabelle was panicking and tearing up as if she did something naughty. A sigh passes, and Charles asked once more.

“Okay… so you were practicing your magic with Alex as usual.” He repeats.


“And then opened a vortex…”


“That lead to Equestria…”

“Uh huh…”

“But sucked in everything like a black hole?”


“And this includes… Alex?”


Charles rolls up the newspaper and swats her in the head. “Bad girl.”

“Charles!” Julie scolded. “She’s not a dog! She didn’t mean to do it!”

“She used a dangerous, uncontrollable force of nature.” Charles reasoned. “Back then when she had corruption, she managed to control it perfectly. Now, it seems that all the oranges turning to apples is normal.”

“Now that I’m no longer being controlled by the corruption… It seems that it no longer guides me on my spells.” Aurabelle explained. “It’s troubling… I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time.”

“This is why humans were never meant to have magic.” Charles lectured. “Not that it was your fault in the first place.”

“So… What do we do about Alex?” Julie inquired.

“We’re just gonna have to help Aurabelle practice her powers until she can reopen the portal manually.” Charles stated. “If our intention is to bring him back as soon as possible. Or maybe we can wait until a pony shows up, care for it, and then have a portal afterwards. That’ll take longer though.”

“Maybe we should help Aurabelle with her magic.” Julie suggested. “If she can make a portal, we can do a lot more that way.”

“Then I guess that’s settled.” Charles grinned. “We’ll be helping Aurabelle here practice until she can perfect her spells.”

Aurabelle clenches her fist with new determination growing within. “I-I’ll try my best!”

Chapter 1

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To Meet Again

It was a brand new day here in Equestria. Alex wakes up fresh and early, looking outside to see the town he never thought he’d be in. Ponyville was right before him, and many of his friends lived in this town as well. For now however, he must focus on the task at hand. Or for equestrian terms, hooves.

Entering the kitchen, he readies breakfast. Finding loafs of bread and stacks of cheeses, he has an idea. Cutting the cheese in thin slices, and places them on top of the bread, he stores the both of them into the oven. While he was waiting for the two to toast, he cuts up some cilantro, mushrooms, and readies some spices. The oven makes a ringing chime, alerting the human to open and take out the cheesy bread. He spreads some cilantro, mushroom bits, a dash of garlic, and a bit of pepper, and the dish is complete for breakfast.

He brings the dish to the other room. There, he finds not two, but six chairs. Each with a different symbol on top. He then assumes that there are others who lives here as well. He heads back to the kitchen to make more.

“Strange, I thought there was only Twilight and Spike.” Alex thought to himself.

Spike awoke with tired eyes and a growling stomach. He enters the room with the crystal map, and sees food before each chair. He runs to a seat, and takes a bite. His eyes then spark at the flavors, making him dig into the dish some more.

“Aw man! This is great!” He said happily.

“You know it!” Pinkie agreed, chowing down next to Spike. The dragon jumped in shock, which was then followed by Twilight entering the room with her other friends.

“I’m glad you all could come over. There’s something I need to talk to…” Twilight paused to see meals set out before them. The other mares took a quick whiff before having a craving for whatever’s on the table.

“Hey Twi, what cha serving there?” Rainbow asked. “Smells, good~”

“Did you prepare us breakfast? Oh darling, you shouldn’t have!” Rarity told the bewildered mare.

“Um… I think he made… all of us breakfast.” Twilight thought. “Yeah, I have a feeling it was…”

“Was who Twilight?” Fluttershy wondered.

“I’ll uh… tell you about it after we eat.” Twilight drooled. “To be honest, I skipped breakfast to gather all of you.”

The mares sat down for breakfast together. The delightful squeals in reaction to the food had made them start talking about the dish on the table.

“My word Twilight! This is absolutely scrumptious!” Rarity stated. “It’s delightful to have some pony serve us such a wonderful meal.”

“Oh, it wasn’t me.” Twilight told them. “It’s probably this alien creature we found the other day who made this.”

The five paused and stared at Twilight with their mouths agape. She looked at their shocked stares, and quickly reassured them. “Don’t worry, he seems really nice.”

“Uh, if an alien came around my house, I wouldn’t have let it off easy you know.” Rainbow claimed.

“An… Alien…?” Fluttershy muttered.

“Ooh! When can we see him?” Pinkie asked.

“Let me call him in.” Twilight told them. “Alex!”

“Alex?” Applejack repeated. Her eyebrow raised as she looked to the doors, slowly opening, giving an entrance to the creature fore mentioned by the violet unicorn.

“Hey everyone. Are you enjoying your meal?” Alex asked.

“Alex!?” Applejack called out.

Alex turned and saw the orange mare with the Stetson, causing him to widen his eyes in disbelief. “AJ? Is that you?”

Twilight looked at the two, shocked that they knew of each other. “Wait, you know her?”

“Wait, you didn’t tell me you knew an alien!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“I could see why.” Rainbow stated. “I would’ve just called her crazy.”

Alex walked up to Applejack with a smile. “It’s been a while Applejack.”

“Ya darn tootin it’s been a long time!” Applejack remarked. “It’s been about, what, three years?”

“I believe it may be four, but I could be wrong.” Alex replied.

“So this was before I came to Ponyville then.” Twilight guessed.

“Yep. Alex took me in when I went missing for a while. He even helped me take care of my kickers when they were twitching some.”

“Wow Alex! You must be super nice!” Pinkie guessed.

“Thanks. You must be Pinkie Pie.” Alex replied.

The eccentric mare gasped deeply and inched her head closer to his. “How’d you know my name?”

“A good number of the ponies that I took care of came from Ponyville, and could easily speak vividly of you.” Alex explained. “Also, I believe I’ve met your sister too.”

Another deep gasp goes on. “You know about Limestone too!?”

“No, not her.”


“No, it’s Maud. Maud came to my world a while back too.”

“NO WAY!!!” Pinkie gasped. “Wait, does that make you her special friend?”

“I… guess?”

“Oh! She told me all about you! That you were great at cooking, and driving, and storytelling, and-” Pinkie then gave yet another, long gasp before saying in a serious tone, “Belly rubs

“Belly rubs? I didn’t know you were into that.” Rainbow scoffed, then looked at Applejack. “Did he do the same thing to you too?”

“More or less…” Applejack answered, reddened in blush.

“Well, judging from your performance on cooking just now, and the wonderful things our friends have to say about you, you must be quite the gentlemen.” Rarity thought.

“I try my best to be polite.” Alex said genuinely.

“If what you said is true, that must mean you know a lot of ponies already.” Twilight thought.

“Yep. And to be honest, I was hoping to go out and see some old friends.” Alex told her. “But sadly, not all of my friends live in Ponyville.”

“I can help with that!” Pinkie exclaimed. “We can just, you know, put it on the newspaper!”

“Um… Why?” Fluttershy asked.

“Because Alex isn’t something you’ll see every day! So the newspaper can spread the news around, and all kinds of ponies will come over! Especially your friends!”

“Huh… That’s not such a bad idea.” Twilight thought.

“AND! We can throw a big party to top it all off!” Pinkie finished with sparkles in her eyes.

“That sounds great.” Rainbow smirked. “You know Alex, you’re making your big entrance better and better for us. First with the food, and now a party? This is just going great.”

“I hope you don’t plan on taking advantage of him.” Applejack warned her. “He’s done a lot for ponies over the years, I can tell. Since he’s here in Equestria, I feel that it’s only right we take care of him in return.”

“What!? But it’s not like he ever took care of me!” Rainbow complained.

“It’s alright. I can take care of myself too.” Alex assured them.

“Yes darling, he is a grown man after all.” Rarity reminded her. “Unless… you have other intentions?”

“Don’t start assuming things Rarity.” Applejack warned her. “I’m serious about Alex. I feel that I should at least bring him home so that I can provide for him if ya’ll ain’t gonna do it.”

“I don’t mind giving a hoof.” Rarity claimed. “And judging by your clothing, I have a feeling you like to have a collection of apparel within your inventory.”

“Uh… In a way, yes.” Alex nodded.

“You should come over to Sugar Cube Corner too! We can cook together and everything!!” Pinkie added.

“Are you sure Mr. and Mrs. Cake wouldn’t mind?” Rainbow questioned.

“They’ll be fine with it, as long as I ask really, really nicely.”

“Um… I’ll see if I can help too…” Fluttershy noted.

“Ugh, fine. I’ll pitch in too.” Rainbow groaned.

“Thanks, it means a lot.” Alex told them. “Of course, like I said before, I can take care of myself.”

“I think it’d just feel right if we did the caring for you this time.” Applejack explained.

Alex sighed and crossed his arms. “Alright I guess. If you so desire, then I’ll follow with you on this.”

“Great! So Alex, where do you want to stay then?”

Chapter 2

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Family Ties

The morning sun shines the spotlight at the building of news and papers. As busy as it should be, all the ponies are staring at the creature along with to mares enter the building with ease. Many wave to Alex, showing familiarity to him, surprising Twilight and Pinkie Pie. In the office of the newsroom, the Editor is at the edge of his seat as three beings enter the room. The two ponies sat with their tall alien friend, who was surprisingly no stranger to all kinds of ponies, especially the editor.

“Alex!?” The News pony exclaimed. “Is that really you!?”

“How many ponies do you know?” Twilight asked, sitting beside him and Pinkie Pie.

“It’s nice to see you again Prints.” Alex grinned. “I’m glad you got the job too.”

“It’s thanks to you ya know!” Printer told him. “I was just exploding with creativity ever since I met you. How’d you get to Equestria anyhow? Did you go through a portal with a pony this time?”

“Honestly, I can’t recall.” Alex shrugged. “But besides that, I have a request.”

“I’ll lay my job down the line for you Alex. Just name it.” Printer told him.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be quite beneficial for you actually.” Twilight told him. “We need you to inform every pony from all across Equestria and so on about Alex arriving in Ponyville.”

“And that there’s a party for his arrival in the next three days!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Oh… Uh, you got it!” Printer winked. “Is there anything else you needed?”

“Nothing else at the moment.” Twilight told him. She gets up and tugs Alex’s arm. “We have to go now. We have a lot of things to do.”

“Uh, right Twilight.” Alex complied, getting up and following after her. He turns to Printer and waves with gratitude. “Thanks again Printer. I hope we can talk some more.”

“Righto Alex!” He says back.

Passing through the vast sea of apple trees, Applejack leads Alex and the others along the picket fence stretched far around the property of the proud Apple Family. The dirt road shows footsteps of hooves and shoeprints dragging on and on. Finally arriving at the houses themselves, they look up to see the barn house loom over all. The living quarters has a kind old mare sitting on the rocking chair on the porch, kindly creaking without making much of a bother. Applejack’s brother and sister also arrive just finishing their work, giving them all a chance to see Applejack’s new friend. The trio stared with wide eyes and such surprise of this unfamiliar creature.

“Hey every pony!” Applejack called to them. “I’ve got some one I want you to meet!”

“What… is it?” the little mare questioned.

“Now don’t call Him an it, Applebloom. Alex here is a human.” Applejack lectured.

“Don’t worry Applejack.” Alex assured her. “It’s nothing to get riled up about.”

“Alex, hmm?” the old mare spoke, rubbing her chin. “Didn’t you mention some pony named Alex?”

“He’s the one who took care of me when I went missing a couple of years back Granny.” Applejack explained. “It was mighty confusing, even for me. I didn’t want to say much about it since it was pretty farfetched. But now that Alex is here, I can tell you the whole story!”

“Well, ruffle my mane! I didn’t expect this at all.” She stated. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Alex.”

“Nice to meet you too Granny Smith.” Alex grinned.

“How’d you know her name?” Applebloom questioned.

“Applejack told me all about you.” Alex answered. “You must be AJ’s little sister, Applebloom.” He then turned to the brother and said, “And you must be the older brother, Big Macintosh.”

“Eeyup.” Big Mac nodded.

“Whoa! An alien knows me!” Applebloom cheered.

“Applebloom!” Applejack scolded. “He’s a human.”

“Don’t mind it none AJ.” Alex calmed her. “Humans are still technically aliens here. So we should let that one slide.”

Applejack sighed and said, “Well, I don’t want it to get carried away. I know you’ve made a lot of friends in this world, but I’m just afraid that a majority of them won’t be so kind.”

“I’m sure we can work it out somehow.” Alex smiled.

“This guy sure is easygoing.” Rainbow noted.

Alex smirked at the rainbow mare as he crossed his arms and tilted his upper body to the side. “Do you think so?”

Rainbow copied the same body frame Alex had done and replied, “Seems like it.”

“It’s almost lunch time.” Granny Smith told the group. “Would ya like to eat with us dearie?”

“OOH! HEY!” Pinkie shouted. She managed to jump onto Alex’s back and hang on by his shoulders. “Can you make something sweet this time?”

“Don’t even think about it!” Applejack stated. “I’m trying to make Alex’s stay here pleasant. I don’t wanna chalk him up with a bunch of chores.”

“Awwwww…” The girls slurred in a frowning matter. Applejack rolled her eyes and turned to Alex.

“Listen, I’m trying my best here to keep you from pulling too much of a load. You’ve been working your hands to your feet for most of your time with ponies. I just wanna have you enjoy your time with us without having to do most of the work. You understand?”

“Okay AJ, I gotcha.” Alex nodded, his eyes closed in understanding. “I’m the guest. I’ll just… leave it to you guys.”

“Good.” She smiled with triumph. The responsible mare trots in with a happy tune in her mind as she helps cook with Granny Smith.

Rainbow flew to Alex with her head close to his. She then whispered, “Don’t forget to call her mom.”

“Rainbow!” Alex laughed.

Applejack’s head stuck out of the door and asked, “Ya’ll staying to eat too?”

“Nah, I’m gonna head back.” Rainbow told her. “Gotta get to work.”

“Oh, I have to check on the rest of my animals…” Fluttershy stated.

“I wish I could, but the Cakes are going for a quick trip somewhere soon, so I have to watch the kids.” Pinkie informed them.

“I need to get home and start writing some letters.” Twilight told her.

“I understand. Alex, you’re staying to eat though, right?” Applejack raised an eyebrow to make sure.

“Of course. I don’t have any plans.” Alex reminded her.

“Come on in and have a seat then.”

Inside the family friendly home of the Apples, full of knick knacks, pictures, and comfortable couches with matching carpets, the house is filled with simplicity and tradition. Applebloom, Big Mac, and Alex sit patiently at the dining table. The two siblings stare at Alex, unsure of how to start the conversation. Alex looks around the house to continue his admiration for the house of the Apple Family.

“So… How did Applejack go to… wherever?” Applebloom asked.

“She went to my world by the use of a spontaneous portal.” Alex answered.

“Spawn… Spoon… Span… Tan is?” Applebloom worded carefully.

“Spontaneous means random.” Alex explained.


“I’m not familiar or sure of how they work. They might be what took me to this world, which is ironic. Many ponies before and after your sister would go to my world under the same conditions. The time they stay there varies, but they do return.”

“Okay, I think I understand.” Applebloom nodded. “So, how was it taking care of Applejack?”

“Applejack was at the time injured for working too hard. When I found her outside my yard, she was still awake. She tried to kick me, which is how I got a bruise right here.” Alex pulled back his bangs to reveal a curve mark, which came from the tip of the hoof.

“OOOOOOOH!” Applebloom teased, making it sound like her sister was in trouble. Big Mac snickered some, making Alex shrug and smile.

“Yeah, it was pretty mean, but I still took her in. I told her everything, and she believed me… somewhat. She tried to escape and find a way back home herself. She stayed at my world for two weeks, and at first, she was stubborn.”

“That does sound like Applejack.” Applebloom admitted.

“Don’t tell him that!” Applejack yelled. The table giggled to themselves before continuing the conversation.

“Anyways, she warmed up once she met Rochelle. Once she understood that I wasn’t some sort of monster trying to hold her hostage, she made it easier on me.”

“Wow Applejack! You sure sounded like a baby back then!”

“AUGH! Stop telling her about that time!” Applejack demanded, blushing in embarrassment.

“Now dearie, you need to remember to act more mature than that!” Granny lectured.

“It was a long time ago Granny!” She reasoned.

The two came out with plates of food stacked carefully on their back and on one foreleg. They place the spread on the table, showing off the cooking of the Apple Family. Alex looks around and smiles at the Mushroom Noodle Soup, being served in good portions. The taste swirls on the tongue, and he smiles at the comfort of eating a food cooked by another.

“Tastes good Applejack.” Alex complimented.

“Thanks sugar cube.” Applejack replied.

“Applejack, how come Alex’s doesn’t have daisies in them?” Applebloom questioned.

“Apparently humans don’t like eating flowers.” Applejack shrugged as she sat beside the human.

“Is that true mister Alex?”

“Just… Alex…” He sheepishly grinned. “And yes, humans in fact don’t like to eat flowers. It’s just a taste thing.”

“Do you like apples?” Applebloom asked.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Good enough for me. I was about to say you had weird taste.”

“Applebloom.” Applejack sighed. “Don’t just blurt out rude things.”

“Eeyup.” Big Mac told her.

As the family talked and laughed some, Alex watches. His friend crosses her forelegs as she tells her younger sister how to behave. The older brother casually lets it slide with a reassuring smile to Applebloom, but hides the unneeded kindness from Applejack. And Applebloom is merely having fun. Watching the three live the way they do reminded Alex of something. It reminded him of… how it used to be…

He looks down to his bowl, and his smiling grace slips. Dull eyes fill in and he thinks of what could have been.

… But what could he do about it?

There was nothing he can do… But he still has Aurabelle…

At least she’s okay.

“Alex?” Applejack called to him. “You okay there?”

Alex snaps out of his trance and looks up to a somewhat worried family. He rubs his eyes and feels the tears about to be shed. He looks to them and says, “I was just thinking about something… I’m sorry.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?” Granny Smith asked.

“It’s fine. I think we should just return to the meal. It’d be a shame for it to get cold.” Alex told them. The others exchange expressions of slight worry, but continue eating to comfort him. Within the mind, he continues to wonder.

“Strange, I seem to have trouble entering this mind…”

“Rochelle… I’m sorry…”

“Who is this? He sounds… familiar…”

“I didn’t mean to take away your friends. You know your friends won’t leave you, right?”


“Rochelle… Please… Please don’t die… I’m sorry I didn’t listen… I’m sorry I didn’t notice…”

“Why do I feel like I know this… Rochelle…?”

“… I’m a horrible brother…”

“No… You’re not!”

Luna awoke with the sudden spike of energy, commanding her to jolt away from that dream. She holds her head and starts thinking.

“Who is he? Who’s… Rochelle? Why are they so familiar? Why can’t I… remember…?”

She gets up and walks to the window, glancing outside at the stars and the moon. She closes her eyes and thinks.

“There was a time when I wasn’t imprisoned for a while… But what did I do in that time of freedom?” She asked herself. She then corrected her question when another idea comes to mind. “No… What did you do, Nightmare?”

Nothing replies, reminding her that her evil is gone. She sighs in relief and walks to her bed once more. “I know it was painful to be near that dream… but I must find out who it is… and why I feel this way…”

Chapter 3

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What you Lose, and What you Have

The rooster gives a loud wake up call to all. Applebloom and Big Macintosh woke up bright and early. Granny Smith didn’t take much longer to follow suit, and Applejack preps for her daily chores. If there’s one thing the family prides in their morning rituals, it’s their wake up time. Not a lot of ponies can wake up as early as a worker like them. But as they approach the dining table, they found for once, a city goer manages to beat them at just that. Plates of pancakes with exotic apple syrup and a square of butter is in front of the seats. The family stares at the delectable breakfast in front of them while Applejack turns around to look for Alex.

“Alex, I told you to let us take care of you for a change!” She complained before sighing. “You just can’t get that boy to be a little selfish once in a while.”

“Hey, it’s no problem if we eat these, right?” Applebloom asked.

“Of course not.” Granny Smith assured her. “In fact, it’d be rude if you didn’t eat it.”

“Eeyup!” Big Mac agreed, already seated and eating.

“Big Mac!” Applejack growled.

“Come on Applejack, you don’t want to let your food get too cold now.” Granny told her. Applejack gives a defeated sigh and joins the absolutely delicious breakfast. Applebloom can barely contain herself as she already compliments the breakfast ten times over.

“WHOA! This is the best thing ever! It’s better than the time you cooked pancakes Applejack!”

“Alex is a natural when it comes to cooking, cleaning, heck, he can even fix our wagons if he had the right tools.” Applejack informed her little sister. “He’s the perfect package for a hard working pony. But he doesn’t seem to remember that he should be treated just as well at least once in a while.”

“Some ponies just want to make others happy more than themselves.” Granny suggested. “He seems to be that kind of human.”

“Still… I wished he’d let other ponies take care of him for once.” Applejack sighed.

Outside along the picket fence, Alex watches the clouds go by. He keeps a harmful thought to plague him a bit longer, just to fulfill his curiosities. During is deeper thoughts taking control, he hears Applejack call him.

“Alex, it was real nice of ya to make us breakfast, but you told me you were gonna let us take care of things.” Applejack complained. “I know you’re getting tired of me acting like this, but if you keep this up, you’ll let ponies like Rainbow Dash walk all over you.”

“I’m sorry…” Alex replied, not smiling. “I just wanted to relax a bit. Cook up something to ease up, but…”

The stern mare stops her lecturing assault as she realizes Alex is acting a bit off. Similar to how he was yesterday to be precise. She approaches him and takes a seat on the picket fence as well to take a closer look. Alex seems to be very saddened, but he also keeps the composure of an adult. How he remains well focused even in the most emotional of moments surpass Applejacks ability to do so. But the look in the eyes, Applejack can tell she sees suffering.

“What’s the matter Alex? You seem sad about something.”

“It’s been too long since I’ve seen you Applejack.” Alex reminded her. “You are among the twelve ponies that don’t know what happened to Rochelle four years ago.”

“What… What happened to Rochelle, Alex?” Applejack asked, becoming frightened by the possible answer.

Alex sighs and looks up. His hands clench as he closes his eyes and breathes carefully. “She’s dead Applejack. Rochelle was killed.”

Applejack was still, unsure what to say. Although the news hits her hard, she looks at Alex as if it’s as new to him as it is to her. She places her hoof on Alex’s lap and asked, “What happened?”

“The thirteenth was… it was just really unlucky what happened. She died in front of me, in my very hands. When I saw you with your brother and sister, it reminded me of myself, Aurabelle and Rochelle. The times together were very similar indeed, and the happiness is just as pure.”

Feeling guilty for bringing up old scars, Applejack attempts to apologize while in her shocked phase. “Alex… I’m… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

Alex declines the apology, and assures her once more. “Don’t say sorry. It’s not your fault. Truth be told, it’s nobody’s fault. I know that. Even if she was in my hands, there was nothing I can do. For a while, I accepted this. I felt normal about it until… I started to wonder… If I have anything just as uplifting as the family I used to have.”


“I’m still wondering about everything I lost. If I even have… anything at all…” He explains, shifting his gaze to the side.

“Of course you have something Alex…” Applejack told him, grasping his hands. “You still have-”

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spots a purple swirled mane. She squints a bit and realize who it was. Once the mare realized she’d been caught, she peeks out and whispers, “Kiss him~!

“RARITY! YOU GET OUTTA THAT BUSH AND STOP EAVESDROPPING!” Applejack shouted at the top of her lungs, screeching to Alex who had taken the point of the sound.

“Ooh… You ruined it.” Rarity sighed woefully. “Oh darling, how are you going to win his heart by acting like that?”


Rarity gasped. “I do NOT spread gossip like some silly filly!”

Applejack held her head in the pain of trying to cope with this mess. Once she calmed down, she asks, “What do you want Rarity?”

“I’m actually here for a Mr. Alex.” She informed them. “The party for all of your friends to come and see you is tomorrow, and I believe I can get you a new outfit before the time comes.”

“That sounds nice.” Alex smiled some. He looked at his clothing, already showing signs of overuse. “The shirt is getting a bit too dirty for my liking.”

“Come with me. I just need some measurements, and we’ll be good to go, darling~!” Rarity sung.

Not hating the idea, Alex follows while Applejack stays behind to tend the orchard. Unknown to all, Applebloom was watching behind a bush as well, giggling at the scene.

At the boutique, Alex takes a look at all of the clothing in the room. Many were dresses of a variety of colors, and different occasions. Formal, parties, and even masquerades were neatly worn by the mannequins around. Rarity guides him to a platform surrounded by mirrors. She took out a measuring tape and wrapped him with it lightly.

“Stay still, it won’t take long.”

“Alright.” Alex replied.

Taking measurements was quick and easy. Rarity was glad it wasn’t the Rainbow Dash dilemma all over again. When she started working on the design, she looked up to Alex and asked, “So, what kind of attire are we aiming for?”

“Um… I’m not really sure.” Alex shrugged. “To be honest, I always had Aurabelle, Julie, or Brin to pick out my clothes. Actually, even Harold and Charles helps me pick them out. Whenever I go shopping alone, I tend to… buy ridiculous clothing, especially for formal occasions.”

“Hmm… I suppose I’ll aid you through this dilemma.” Rarity suggested. A light knock echoes from the door, calling the white unicorn’s presence. “Oh! Pardon me for a moment.”

Rarity opens the door, and in comes in none other than the famous mare with a stylish blue mane and wonderful fitting. “Sapphire Shores!”

“Hello Rarity!” She greets back. “I’m here for my order.”

“Yes, of course!” Rarity nods before leaving to go get Sapphire’s clothing. “I was also surprised when I managed to have it done early. How about I show you the order one more time just to be crystal clear this will suffice?”

“I see no reason to-” Sapphire pauses halfway as she entered the building, seeing Alex looking up in thought. The mare caught his attention after a few seconds pass. “Alex!?” She speaks out.

“Sapphire!” Alex calls back.

Rarity freezes and slowly turns around realizing what this meant. “W-Wait a moment… You… you two KNOW each other??”

“Rarity! You didn’t tell me one of your clients was Alex!” Sapphire stated. “Why, when I read the newspaper that you were here, I came rushing to see if it was true! I’m glad my doubts were wrong!”

“Sapphire, it’s great to see you as well!” Alex said cheerfully. “How’s the music business doing for you?”

“Splendid! Absolutely marvelous~!” Sapphire said with flare and dazzle. “You should come see me in a concert.”

“That’d be neat.” Alex smiled back.

Sapphire looked at Rarity still jaw dropped of all of this. She waved to the star struck mare and gathered her senses. “Rarity sweetie, the dress?”

“Huh? OH! O-Of course!” Rarity complied, trotting quickly to the dresses.

Sapphire looked to Alex and said, “So, how are you liking Equestria?”

“It’s been good to me.” Alex told her. “I haven’t explored all of Ponyville yet, and I’m still having a great time.”

“If you think its fun here, try hitting the big cities like Canterlot or Manehattan.” Sapphire suggested.

“Seeing how my friends aren’t all in Ponyville, I got no choice if I wanna see them.” Alex noted.

“Then you should consider going with me on my tour.” Sapphire told him. “I’ll be going to all kinds of places! You’ll find it pretty convenient if you have any far friends.”

“Thanks Sapphire. I’ll consider the offer.” Alex responded. “Right now, I have to get ready for a party tomorrow.”

“Alright. Oh, and Alex…”


Sapphire reaches for her pockets on her dress, and pulls out a mixtape. “This is for you. The music I’ve been making for a while. Some of the releases I made here in Equestria were about you. I think you should listen to them.”

Alex takes the mixtape and looks up to Sapphire. “Sapphire, thanks. I don’t know what to say.”

“I-I have the dresses!” Rarity told them, struggling to keep up with the dramatic knowledge from earlier.

“Why! It’s wonderful! I don’t think of anything less from you Rarity!” Sapphire told her. Sapphire leaves her payment and leaves with the product swiftly, but gallantly. Alex looks at the empty door before looking at the purple mixtape he was given. Rarity notices the item and gasps.

“Why! That’s the limited edition, Never forget memoir playlist! Did Sapphire give that to you!? You lucky devil you!”

“Do you have anything for me to listen to this?”

“Of course!” Rarity answered immediately. She leaves for one moment to get a music player and some headphones. She gives them to Alex and says, “Enjoy the music! I have to get working on your clothing! I have an idea on what it should be.”

“Thanks Rarity.”

Outside, Alex sits on the grassy ground, where he takes the chance to listen to the music. The first one that plays has a little announcement.

“Thank you for purchasing Never Forget, the memoir version! Here, you’ll receive a song that used to be a poem. For the ears of my most loved fans, you’ll hear the song dedicated to… some pony who has undergone the struggles of family.”

You have a heart of gold

But you see a stained soul

You have a kindred mind

Plagued with thoughts of dark.

You care for all the ponies.

But you think you’re a phony.

Well I’m here to say that’s not true

You’ve been there as many times as you can be

So it’s time to stop blaming yourself!

You have so many who love you back

I know it may seem like a dream

But all the colors on our coats are real,

And so is the goodness in your heart~!

So start believing that you are truly good!

The proof is here, the warmth of our hearts

Dedicated to you, you are my friend as close as family

So start believing…

Upon hearing those words, Alex looked up and started to remember all of the ponies he cared for. Meeting them all is coming, and while his family isn’t here, he has some who will see him like family. His mind perks up some as he stands up and looks to Ponyville.

“Tomorrow's the big day… I wonder who’s coming to see me?”

Chapter 4

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Alex Day

Alex was putting on the casual attire Rarity had for him. The cerulean blue shirt had dark blue sleeves, with the word RARE written sideways on it in white. Long grey pants stretch down to his ankles, and his shoes were simple dark blue shoe, no strings or buckles. They seem to fit on perfectly.

“I thought you’d prefer something simple, Alex.” Rarity thought. “So, is it to your liking?”

“It’s really nice, thanks Rarity.” Alex smiled.

“You’re quite welcome.” Rarity responded happily. “Honestly, I’d never thought you knew Sapphire Shores! Just how many ponies DO you know of?”

“I can’t remember the number.” Alex stated. “But I can recall if I have ever met them, I believe.”

Suddenly, a screaming Pinkie barges in and continues the long shriek as she makes her way towards Alex. The two covered their ears before Pinkie grabs Alex and shakes him back and forth.

“WE’RE OUT OF FROSTING!!!” Pinkie announced.

“Is… That why you came in screaming like a hoodlum just now?” Rarity questioned, feeling a slight twinge of pain in her ears.

“Well DUH! There’s not enough cupcakes for every pony that showed up for Alex’s party!” She cried out. “I’m so sorry Alex! But there’s not enough treats for every pony!”

She started bursting out larges streams of tears from her eyes. Alex patted her shoulder and said, “It’s alright. We’ll just have to cook up something other than cupcakes. Maybe if you take me to a kitchen and some food, we can make some other dishes.”

“I CAN’T DO THAT EITHER!” Pinkie shouted, flailing her arms about. “Applejack made me Pinkie Promise not to ask for your help for the party because I should be setting it up for you! I thought it’d be fine until I found out so many ponies are coming and everything!!!”

“My, my, this is quite a dilemma.” Rarity stated. “Whatever shall we do…”

“Why don’t you and Applejack cook something else then?” Alex suggested. “I’m sure you two can whip something up for the guests.”

Pinkie gasped and said, “You’re right! I gotta go get Applejack as soon as possible! Thanks Alex, bye!” She said in a speedy slur before dashing off. After she left, Twilight, Rainbow, and Fluttershy arrived.

“Hello Alex.” Twilight greeted. “We’re here to escort you to the plaza.”

“Escort?” Alex repeated. “Why would I need to have an escort?”

“Yes darling, it’s not like he has rabid fans or anything.” Rarity noted.

“You’d be surprised.” Rainbow chuckled.

“Lyra! It’s been way too long! How have you been?”

“Oh my gosh! Alex! Oh my gosh, you’re here! Is this a dream!? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” Lyra spoke, gasping for air.

“Come on Alex!” Rainbow told him. “If you keep taking this long, we’ll never reach the podium!”

“Alright, alright.” Alex responded. He gave his farewells as he carefully moved through the crowd of ponies calling out his name. Many mares and stallions were yelling, waving to him and wanting to give greetings. Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow help guide Alex through the sea of ponies, eventually reaching the podium where Mayor Mare waited for him. She moves aside for Alex to take the stage. Looking up, he smiles sheepishly and says the following.

“Uh… To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to make a speech of any kind. I thought it was a party. It’s still nice to see all of you again! I hope I get a chance to talk with each and every one of you, because it’s been too long since we’ve seen each other. So, yeah. Let’s make the most of this day, together!”

From the air, streams of clouds were emitted by several speedy pegasi. Another two squadrons take the air space and decorate the skies with swirls and loops. Tricks fascinated the many, and Rainbow was simply amped.

“Hey! It’s the Wonderbolts!”

The air show went on for a while, giving everyone the energy to shout and cheer. After they finished up, three pegasi fly down to the podium, and the leader takes off her goggles.

“Alex! It’s been too long dude.”

“Spitfire! I should’ve known.” Alex laughed. “I see you’ve taken the helm of Wonderbolts even better than last time!”

“WAIT A MINUTE!!!” Rainbow screamed, her face up to Alex’s. “YOU TWO KNOW EACH OTHER!?”

“Yeah, she came to my world too.” Alex stated.

“Oh, you two know each other?” Spitfire grinned. “So Rainbow, what do you think of Alex?”

Rainbow took a moment to soak in all of the news. “He’s… Really cool.”

“Isn’t he?” Spitfire laughed. She flew by his side and whispered something only she and Alex can hear. “Hey, by the way. Can you do those… belly rubs later?”

“Spitfire.” Alex said, raising an eyebrow. “Are you sure you want that…?”

“Yes…” She said, smiling with red cheeks. Rainbow Dash nearly fainted at the sight. One of her role models are such good friends with the alien? It was a sight to see, especially with how Spitfire being so casual around him.

“Alex!” Derpy called, tugging his shirt. Getting his attention, she turns to her bag and pulls out dozens of letters. “You have, like, a lot of mail! And this package. And this box of chocolate.”

“Oh! Chocolate?” Alex repeated with excitement. When he opened the box, it was empty of sweets, and merely full of wrappers. He looked at Derpy as she grinned sheepishly and said, “Whoops…”

“It’s alright Derpy.” Alex laughed. He looked at the letters and read the addresses. “Hmm… Whoa, looks like I have a lot to do.”

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked.

“It seems there are some friends even farther than I thought…” Alex sighed. “I don’t know how I’m going to reach them.”

Twilight pats Alex’s shoulder and says, “I’m sure we’ll find a way.”

“Look, whoever you want to see later can wait.” Rainbow told him. “But we should focus on the ponies that are already here. Especially since the Wonderbolts are here.”

“You have that right.” Spitfire agreed, chiming in with a relaxed gaze over Alex. “It’s been too long since we talked. We should catch up. Also, if you need some help with traveling, I’m sure I can hook you up with some rides. We have tours here and there pretty often.”

Alex smiled at the offer and accepted. “That’d be great Spitfire! It might be a bit off the charts though. Some places might seem strange from the looks of it.”

“Not a problem! But first, I want you to come to a show of ours.” Spitfire told him. “I want to show you how we do things in the Wondebolts.”

“Sure, why not?”

Rainbow gently pulled Alex away from the group and quickly tells him something. “You have GOT to take me to that show!”

“I don’t see why not.” Alex shrugged. “Honestly, I thought you girls were coming with me.”

“Why us?” Twilight asked, walking into the conversation.

“Well, it seems that I might need some more company just in case, and there’s just something about all of you that seem very trustworthy. I know of Applejack and a bit of Pinkie Pie, sure, but just meeting the rest of you feels much more fun and vibrant. Also, I feel as if you should watch Applejack in case she starts breaking into care taker again.”

“I think I can agree to that.” Twilight accepted.

“Sweet! Don’t worry Alex! From here on out, I’m your wing partner!” Rainbow told him. “This is gonna be so cool!”

As the day went on, someplace in Alex’s mind was another thought. He knew that there’d be one pony that would have definitely showed up after seeing the newspaper. The fact that she didn’t come confused him, and he had a wonder in his mind.

I wonder where you are…

Meanwhile, somewhere far away from the jurisdictions of Equestria, another land of great freedom continues its bustling life of diversity. Ponies, griffons, dragons, and even changelings live in harmony. The cities are crowded with busy but intriguing lives, and the places from shops to parks are packed with all kinds of visitors.

Speaking of visitors, over in the castle, the king’s domain that rules them all, has Princess Celestia visiting the capital, Evera. The Princess is seated across from King Eleron as he and the Princess continue to discuss the trading between their lands. Everything goes accordingly to plan, and the relationships between these two kingdoms go very smoothly.

“Fantastic.” Eleron tells the Princess. “Resources that you have is just what I needed for my citizens.”

“Of course.” The Princess nods. “And I can say the same to you. We can use a bit more iron for our buildings over in the cities.”

“Haha, I knew things would go well.” Eleron tells the Princess. “After all, our kingdom is known to have every kind of creature living in the Alfree Kingdom living a life of freedom as they please. And yours is known for friendship and equality.”

“Indeed. And going to the city and seeing the changelings themselves was amazing. No disguises whatsoever. I wonder how you manage to keep them all fed.”

“We found our ways, and we found a way for all of us to live the way we do. It was a difficult journey, but in the end, even Changelings joined our community.”

“A proud accomplishment, I see.”


The waiters brought them both tea, and they both took a sip. After the two left and the king and princess enjoyed their drink, Eleron asked a question.

“So, Princess, if I may be so bold, are you… seeing any pony?”

Princess Celestia nearly chokes her tea down her throat before quickly regaining composure, and replying, “No, not… at the moment. I’m simply just… waiting for some pony…”


“It’s very complicated…” she says solemnly. She looks down and recalls the man she fell for, but can no longer see. Even though he has probably moved on, and she too should move on, the thought of the chance that he may come here in this world was too much to pass up. Alex might come back, thanks to Charles technologic wisdom. All she has to do is believe that Alex is still caring for ponies, and Charles is working on new blueprint for the new passageway.

But alas. It’s been two years since then, and the first year passing by was fine, until she saw the couples strolling by her castle.

The Ferris wheel, the Couple’s Cake, the bath, everything she has done with him is now but a memory, and no matter how she tells the loving stories, no one will believe her. It’s almost as if…

It was just a dream.

“Well…” Eleron speaks up. “If you ever stop waiting, I’d love to have dinner with you, if you have time.”

“That’s nice, but we must finish what business we have to discuss.” Princess Celestia tells him. “I can’t have my sister ruling alone for too long. She dislikes the responsibility alone now.”

“Hmm… Yes, of course. Let’s continue then…”

Chapter 5

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Alex and his companions enter the Wonderbolts Airshow. Lined with rows of seats, the ponies, dragon, and the formally invited human helps themselves to the open seats. Rainbow was more excited than Alex even though it was Spitfire was the one who had him come along. The airshow starts off, and Rainbow is telling every single detail about every Wonderbolt that shows up to Alex.

It was difficult to process the information, but that didn’t stop Alex from enjoying the show. Finally annoyed of her behavior, Applejack taps Rainbow to calm her down.

“Pipe down Rainbow, the rest of us are trying to watch here.” She said in a stern tone.

“Oh! Right! Gotcha!” Rainbow winked.

She climbed on the back of Alex’s head and leans forward, almost as if she was reaching out the Wonderbolts. Alex, who was watching the show, notices Rainbow’s eyes shine as she pays such close attention to the flying pegasi. They freely fly through the airspace with such grace and performance. She smiles widely and says, “This is so much fun! Thanks for taking me here Alex!”

“No problem.” Alex states. “Since you were coming with me on my travels, it’s only right that I treat you all as well.”

As the show progresses, he watches for two certain ponies. The lightning speed pegasi pass by and wave to the crowd. Among them was the ones Alex was looking for. Spitfire and Soarin. Looking back at the day when he met them, it was an interesting time of his life.

Around 3 years ago, the fire mane pegasus lies on the couch and speaks to Alex in her casual tone. Taking a couple of days to get used to things, she finally opens up enough to speak to him without suspicion. They discuss the life she will soon have.

“Captain of a flight team?” Alex repeats.

Spitfire nods and lies her head on the armrest of the couch. “It’s a huge honor and everything, but it’s way too much to bear.” She tells him. “I mean, I’ve gotten used to directing the team and such, but I really hate answering for every little thing my team does. Every mistake we do on and off our duty gets sent to me, and I end up having to respond to every single complaint or critic.”

“I think I’m impressed by how far you’ve gotten,” Alex noted. “"I'd be at my wits end just trying to manage all of that.”

“Well, one of my members, Soarin, makes things easier.” She mentions. “But after the last team moved to another captain, I’ve been given a lot of new recruits we have to train this season…”

“I see…” Alex nodded. “What do you plan to do?”

Spitfire grins some, but her eyes shade in a grim matter. “I don’t know… I’ve really had it with this. Being rated for the team’s performance and everything just bugs me now when it’s not as spectacular as every pony hopes it to be.” She sighs. “I might retire. Or heck even stays here then go back to face them and tell them that.”

“Spitfire… Your dream was to become an ace flyer and the top of the team. You can’t give up now.”

“All of this criticism is annoying, though.” She groans.

“Annoying, not painful.” Alex reminds her. “You went through rigorous training in flight school. You did so much just to get where you are. All those ponies who talk bad about you probably haven’t been through as much as you. The weight of their words is slim compared to what you’ve faced before, and what you will face in the future. Giving up by words alone is just going to make you regret it.”

Spitfire looks up to Alex with her eyes shining a bit. Almost as if a new inspiration was taken into light. She looks down and considers the option. “I’ll think about it.”

Alex goes to the couch and sits by her, rubbing her belly some. She smiles a bit and stretches as the sensation kicks in. “I don’t think there’s much to think about. But if you really have this as a problem you should talk to your friends. Like Soarin.”

Spitfire looks up at the ceiling, thinking really hard about it. Alex was right about petty words meaning very little. And if she needed help, she had friends to turn to. She looks to Alex and smiles widely. “You know what? You’re right. I think when I go back, there’s gonna be some new changes for the better.”

“Good.” Alex grins. “How about some ice cream to celebrate?”

“I think I’m in the mood for more belly rubs.” She says, pointing to her chest. “Riiiight~ here”

Back at the lobby, Alex, and his friends talk about the show. Rainbow was the one leading the discussion, of course, rambling on and on about the tricks that were shown off. As she went on and on, Twilight went to Alex to talk about something of importance.

“You know Alex, I thought your story about this other world and ponies coming and going to be fascinating and even a great opportunity to bridge cultures together. But at the same time, it’s something we should really pay attention to.”

“I agree…” Alex replied. “I’ve been worried about what happens to ponies if I wasn’t around anymore. When the time comes that I am not around to help the ponies that get sent over there, they may be become lost and get into trouble. It might be best to consider some measures to ensure the safety of ponies in the future.”

Twilight raised her eyebrows in surprise. “I’m… a bit shocked that you thought the same thing. Usually, I find a lot of ponies ignoring the situation at hoof, or not even consider the issue.”

“I will admit; I wasn’t too worried until I came here. After spending a couple of days here however, I started to wonder what if a pony is teleported there right now. Without my care nor explanation of the situation.”

“Well, I’m glad you are aware of the issue.” Twilight commented. “Let’s discuss this when we have more time. I happen to know some ponies that would like to hear about this too.”

Just as they agreed to do just that, Spitfire arrived and greeted the group.

“Hey guys. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.”

“Ha, it’s no problem.” Rainbow assured her.

“It’s nice to spend some time with you Spitfire.” Alex told her. “I’m sorry I can’t spend too much time here.”

“It’s no problem. There’s a lot of ponies wanting to see you, huh?” Spitfire guessed.

“Yeah. And I feel that I should go see them now that I have the chance.”

Spitfire smiled and responded to that comment. “You know, a lot of mares like a stallion who is very considerate of others. Is there any pony catching your heart yet?”

Alex looked up and took a moment to think. As he thought about some pony he would care about, only one image came to mind. Celestia. His smile widens and his eyes close calmly. “I guess I have one in mind…”

Rarity gasped and went to Alex with much haste. “You DO!? Who is she!? What is she like!?” Then she gasps. “Is it… Sapphire Shores?”

“Sapphire Shores?” Spitfire repeats.

“You know Sapphire Shores?” Twilight asked.

The ponies in the lobby looked at the group and started to listen in to their conversation. Spitfire sees things getting a bit too much of a gossip, so she quickly gets the group to retreat to another place.

Meanwhile, back in the Alfree Kingdom, Princess Celestia and King Eleron make their way to the meeting room to continue talks of a future trade. As they walked together another mare, equal to the size of Princess Luna, runs into the two.

“Father, are you still discussing things with the Princess?” She asked.

“Yes Goldie, it will only be a few days longer. Worry not.” He assured her.

“I’m not, father.” Goldie smiled warmly at him before turning to Princess Celestia. “I’m glad to meet you at least once during your visit here princess.”

“You must be Eleron’s daughter.” Princess Celestia assumed. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“My father does love me well.” She says proudly. “He also cares for many of his friends and allies as well.”

“I’ve noticed. It really shines through, and assures me well.”

“Come now. Enough flattering me.” Eleron chuckled. “Let us move on to the meeting.”

And with that, they continued to discuss the issue some more.

In the locker rooms of the Wonderbolts, the group relaxes some as they continue to talk about small matters, such as the life in the Wonderbolts today and such. Rainbow was enjoying her trip with Spitfire so much, she was thankful to Alex for everything. A moment passes and Soarin comes into the room.

“So this was where you guys decided to hang out.” Soarin noted. “Gotta say, you must have really wanted to talk to Spitfire that you’re willing to put up the stench.”

“I was trying my hardest not to comment on it…” Rarity sighed.

“I don’t mind. It’s not that bad of a smell, really.” Alex assured him. “I should know. There were plenty of ponies that loved getting dirty.”

Dirty, huh?” Rainbow nudged Applejack, almost making her pop her lid.

“Hey, Alex?” Spitfire called.

“Yes Spitfire?”

“Since it’s been a long time and there’s not a ton of ponies we don’t know, mind if you…” She then stretches some before laying on the bench with her back side on bottom. “Give me a rub riiiight here?”

A blank face was splashed onto everyone as Alex sighs and complies. Soarin laughs as he makes a quick, innocent comment on the scene. “You know, if you two got married, Alex would be waiting at home ready to give you a belly rub every day.”

Alex then stares at Soarin in surprise of that joke. Spitfire looked up to Alex and said, “You know… that wouldn’t be so bad.”

The group of ponies awkwardly watch this harmless input turn into a strange event. Rainbow had no idea what to make of it, but thought changing the subject for Alex’s sake would be for the best.

“So, Alex!” She quickly yelped. “Uuh… Where do you plan on visiting next?”

“Oh! Well, there’s a place that I need to go. But it’s pretty dangerous.” He told them. “Luckily, I heard you girls have been through places like this before. If you can take me there, you’d be a great help!”

“Sure, who’s the pony you’re seeing?” Rainbow asked.

“She’s a writer of adventures.”

Chapter 6

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The Do of the Daring

A train to a far place followed by a hike to an even further place, Alex and his companions trek the swamp and unknown. The human and the dragon walk in the back as they carry a backpack of supplies while Twilight reads the map. The others checking surroundings making sure no trouble passes by them.

“You know, it’s pretty nice having some pony else help me with the carrying.” Spike commented. “Really makes the trip a whole lot easier.”

“I don’t mind. It wouldn’t be kind to make you carry stuff every time we go somewhere.” Alex noted.

“Yeah, it WOULD be.” Spike strongly said, making sure Twilight heard him clearly.

The purple pony rolled her eyes as she continued to read the map. Meanwhile, Rainbow is whispering something to Alex.

“Hey, you know, we’re pretty close to a writer we know here too!”

“Really? How odd. I didn’t expect any pony else to be here.” Alex stated.

“Well, this is just a secret between you, me, and the others here.” Rainbow assured him.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell just any pony, Rainbow.” Twilight warned her. “Even if Alex is a kind human, we should respect the confidential and sensitive info about, You-know-who.”

“I understand.” Alex replied. “The friend I’m visiting as well would like the privacy too. I hope she’s alright with me bringing company.”

Pinkie thought of something as she skipped down the pathway with the group. “Hey! What if Alex already met up with-”

Suddenly, Pinkie’s hoof was wrapped by a rope before pulling her up to a tree. The group jumps a bit and backs away, unfortunately leading Spike to another rope trap as well. The backpack Spike was carrying drops and lands on Alex, and the group is still left bewildered from the past couple of events. As the ponies look around in confusion, another mare jumps into the scene.

“HA!” She shouted in her battle cry, almost leading on a first attack until she realized who it was. “Wha!? It’s you!”

Rainbow practically squealed once she saw another pony of admiration jump into the scene. “It’s Daring Do!”

Daring Do gave a sigh before going near a tree and pulling a hidden rope from a hole inside. The traps released Pinkie and Spike, plopping them onto the ground. The ponies calmed down as Daring Do starts asking questions.

“What are all of you doing here?” She asked.

“We’re just here taking a friend of ours to another friend.” Rainbow explained. “You know, basic friendship stuff.”

“Well, I don’t know any pony else who lives here that’ll be friendly.” Daring warned them. “Just the usual guys tracking me down.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be on our way.” Twilight told her. “We’ll be back to talk a bit more when we have the chance!”

“Alex? Are you alright?” Fluttershy asked him. Daring Do’s ears perked up once she heard the name aloud.

“Help me get this stuff off of him.” Spike requested.

“Wait, did you say Alex?” Daring questioned.

The group looked at Daring Do as Alex managed to lift the backpack off of his body. He gave a tired gasp before looking at Daring with a smile. “Daring! We found you!”

“Alex!” Daring yelled with eagerness.

The adventurer runs to the human and ands a solid hug to the ground. Twilight and Rainbow’s mouth were wide open at this discovery of friendship.

Around 3 years ago, a secretive mare sits in her room. Having her wings be treated as well as having a roof over her head during her time in a whole new other world, she has come to appreciate Alex’s hospitality.

However, she also wishes to leave as soon as possible in order to keep Alex away from the danger she possess at the very moment. Holding onto an artifact that can control an army of guardians protecting a forest, she tries her best to think of the best way possible to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

In her room, she opens a map on her desk. The map of the amazons was laid out on the table. The same place where she found the artifact, the Emperor’s Emerald. With it, it will call out the powerful guardians to do the bidding of any pony who holds in in their possession. This same power may also be used to take over Equestria, something she can’t let happen.

As she looks through it, she failed to notice Alex looking over her shoulder as he scans the map carefully.

“Writing something for your new book?” Alex questioned.

The mare yelped and turned to Alex while attempting to hide the map.

“ALEX! Whoa boy! You scared me there!” She told him.

“My apologies Yearling.” Alex says honestly. “I just came to check on you, just be sure that everything is alright.”

“Oh! Everything is fine. Sorry to worry you.” She replied.

“Alright then.” Alex nodded. “So, I read your story.”

“Oh? You did?” She spoke with uncertainty. “Well, what did you think of it?”

“I really enjoyed it.” Alex told her. “It was exciting and very well written. It felt like the writer went through the experience herself.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” She smiled warmly.

“But there's a problem.” Alex noted. "There’s no ending."

“Yeah, I’m still trying to figure that out.” She told him as she looked back to the map.

“So, that means you’re trying to figure out where you’re going to hide this?” Alex said, holding the Emperor’s Emerald itself. Yearling turned quickly with widened eyes. “You left it at the living room’s coffee table.”

Yearling holds her face, almost ready to slap her face to her own foolish mistake. Alex sits down with her and says, “So… I’m sort of concerned about what you’re going through back in Equestria. Do you just write stories? Or is there something more?”

The tired mare sighs and says, “I’m an archaeologist. I also write about my travels in order to have an extra amount of funding for each trip. Especially since I can’t just hand any artifact to a museum, only to have it stolen or misused.”

“I see… And I’ll also assume that your real name is Daring Do?”

“I’m sorry for not telling you Alex.” She says honestly with dropped ears. “I was hoping to keep you out of trouble.”

“I understand.” Alex assures her. “But I’m concerned about you as well. You’re about to go back with people chasing you down. Are you sure you can handle that?”

“I can handle whatever those dumbbells throw at me.” She tells him with sheer confidence. “What I’m worried about is going around with the Emperor’s Emerald. It isn’t safe there.”

Alex sighs and crosses his arms. “So I’ve read.”

“All I have to do is figure out a place they can’t get to. A place they won’t figure out where to find either if possible.”

“Then why don’t you just leave it here?” Alex asked.

Daring looks up at Alex with widened eyes once more. “Huh!?”

“I’m sure whoever is out to get you isn’t aware about my residence. And that artifact is useless in this world, isn’t it?”

“That is true…” Daring thought.

“If you choose to leave it here, I’ll make sure that it’ll be safe.” Alex promises her. “If there’s any way I can help, please let me know.”

Daring holds her chin in thought, making sure this was a good idea. She sighs as she says, “Do you have a type writer?”

“I do. Why?”

“I thought of a way to end this book.” Daring told him.

Whatever happened to the Emperor’s Emerald? Well, let’s just say, it was hidden by… top men…

“YOU’RE THE TOP MEN!?” Twilight and Rainbow shouted.

Alex scratched the back of his head as he grinned in embarrassment from the last line of the book. The Emperor’s Emerald was safely stashed away in the safe at Aurabelle’s private bank, maximum security, and never to be seen by the light of day again. One of Daring’s most trusted accomplices in hiding the infamous treasure was right before them the whole time.

“So, I needed to ask you about the Emerald.” Daring stated. “Personally, face to face.”

“It’s safe. I had someone I know lock it up. It’s never going to be seen ever again.” Alex informs her.

“Thank goodness…” Daring sighed in relief. “If that thing came back here, there would be a lot more trouble.”

“I never would have thought that you also got to meet with Miss Yearling too.” Applejack stated. She turned to the archaeologist and said, “We have a lot more in common than I thought.”

“I don’t think we’re that different Applejack.” Daring told her. Looking back to Alex, she smiles and says, “Anyways, I’m glad to see you again Alex. It’s been a long time.”

“I’m glad to see you again too Daring.” He grins.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Rainbow hugs Alex so hard, he suffocated a bit. She was squealing in excitement and said, “Oh my gosh! Dude! You’re so lucky! AND so cool! I didn’t think about it much, but you really ARE awesome!”

“Thanks Rainbow.” Alex chuckled as he gasped for air.

“Wow Alex! You were famous before you even GOT here!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Remember girls! What we say here, stays here!” Twilight tells them. “We can’t bother Daring any more than we should.”

“Actually, for once, I need help.” Daring stated. “Particularly, your help Alex.”

The human raised an eyebrow, but kept a smile on. “Are you sure?” He laughs lightly. “I’m not much of an adventurer you know.”

“We have to go Alex! We just gotta!” Rainbow begged.

“Look, I don’t want to peer pressure you into it or anything.” Daring told him. “But there’s a reason why I really want you to come with me.”

“What is it?” Alex questions.

“I think I figured out what sends ponies to your world Alex.”

The room became silent. Alex stares at Daring in slight shock. His expression simply stares off into space, confused of how this came to be. The connection to everything about ponies going to earth is here? Suddenly, what became a trip to meet with friends, now feels like a step closer to the truth. The secret behind everything.

“Show me…” Alex says quickly.

The group travels through the jungles carefully. Alex looks around to make sure nothing dangerous follows them. Twilight and Rainbow are hiding the blissful joy in their minds as they officially go on an adventure with Daring Do herself! The others however were much more concerned about the other creatures or foes that may occur on this trip.

Pinkie was enjoying herself however, hopping nearby the others. Spike looked around nervously as he walks beside Alex closely. The human soon picks up the dragon and gives him a piggyback ride.

“Here Spike, you can help me keep a look out just in case.” Alex said to him.

Spike grinned and complied. “Sure! You can count on me!”

“So Daring, what can you tell me about the place we’re going to?”

“There’s not much to say.” Daring said honestly. “I looked around, but there’s not much to it. The only thing that sticks out is the open space and the pedestal in the middle.”

“How far are we from it?” Twilight wondered.

“It’s just around here.”

Sure enough, it was as Daring Do described. It was an open space with a foundation of stone bricks. Nothing was on this flat stone layer except for a single pedestal. Upon closer inspection, the pedestal had symbols, particularly of some sort of ancient language. Applejack noticed something quite odd.

“That’s funny… It looks sort of… familiar…” Applejack stated.

“That’s intriguing…” Daring told her. “When I found this after I went to Alex’s world, I thought it was familiar as well. But seeing how you might have seen this before as well, it might not be a coincidence.”

“Does this mean that this pedestal sends ponies to your world, Alex?” Fluttershy asked.

“It has something to do with it.” Alex thought. “But I don’t recognize this language from my world. I could only assume it’s something unique to your world.”

“I looked up as much languages in Equestria that I could find, even some that aren’t spoken anymore. But this still escapes me.” Daring informed them.

“What about the strange symbol in the center?” Rarity questioned, pointing out the hand like carving right in the middle.

“This is why I brought you here Alex.” Daring told him. “When I found this place, I saw the hand symbol on it, and at first thought it was suggesting that a minotaur was needed. I was wrong when I managed to have one inspect it. With that out of the way, I thought maybe only a human can open the secrets behind it. But seeing how you were in another world, I thought that this was one place I won’t be able to get open. And then you finally came 2 years later.”

“I see.” Alex nodded. “Then shall I place my hand on it?”

“That was the plan.” Daring admitted. “However, I’m worried about what could happen. I know nothing about this place, and that just means that all of you could be in danger.”

“What other way is there?” Rainbow questioned.

“Um, if it’s alright with you, is it possible for me to stay waaay over there?” Fluttershy requested, pointing at a spot off of the stone platform.

“I would feel better if we can get as many of us to safety as we can before we start whatever it is we’re about to do.” Alex stated. “I would hate for there to be any trouble.”

“I think it’s for the best.” Rarity stated. “Let’s leave this to the professionals.”

“I’ll scan for any changes in the field.” Twilight told them.

“I’m gonna stick with ya just to make sure things don’t go south!”

“I’ll be right here beside ya Alex.” Applejack assured him.

“Alright Alex, go ahead.” Daring told him.

He nodded and after waiting for the rest of the group to head for safety, he slowly placed his hand onto the pedestal. Twilight immediately began scanning the area while Rainbow, Applejack, and Daring checked the area if there was anything going on. Nothing seemed out of place. As Alex waited for something, he suddenly heard something.

“… Hello… Alex…”

Turning around quickly, he checks if anyone was there. Alas, it was the same ponies as before. Twilight gives a concerned expression to Alex as he gives a bewildered gaze off to the distance.

“What’s wrong Alex?”

“You didn’t hear that voice?” Alex questioned.

“What did you hear?” Daring asked.

“The voice greeted me and said my name.” Alex told them.

“Whoa, that’s freaky.” Rainbow remarked.

Looking back to the pedestal, something interesting happened. Looking at the symbols, he suddenly understood what they read! Squinting at them for a moment, he reads it aloud. “For those who wish to abandon this world of magic, prove your right.”

“Wait, I thought you couldn’t read it?” Rainbow pointed out.

“I thought so too.” Alex replied. “But after placing my hand on the pedestal, I felt something change in me.”

“Do you think you can figure out what it wants?”

Alex held his chin, thinking about what it could possibly mean. He has already placed his hand on the pedestal, giving him the ability to translate the symbols. What more can he do that he hasn’t already done? After a moment of thinking, he wondered about what it said. To abandon this world of magic. Is it possible that these ruins actually belong to…?

Placing his hand on the pedestal, he tries something. Breathing in slowly, he says aloud…

“I am only human. I can only do what my hands allow me to.”

The platform then shakes before stairs started to form and descend deeper down to the ruins below. The group is astounded by the sudden shift of the seemingly plain platform. Once it had settled down, the group formed up again at the pedestal.

“Whoa! You did it Alex!” Applejack cheered.

“How’d you know what to say?” Twilight asked.

“It was something that someone told me back in my world.” He shrugged, grinning. But… how could it be possible?

“You’re a natural Alex!” Daring said with much appraise. “Maybe you should come with me on my travels.”

Alex gave a weak smile and politely declined. “As fun as it is, I don’t think I can help you too much in this field. This labyrinth seems to be one of the only exceptions.”

“Suit yourself.” Daring shrugged.

“Let’s go check the place out!” Twilight told them.

The group traveled down the ruins. As they went on, green flames lit upon their path. The bricks of what looked like sand stone slowly became more and more golden. When they reached the end of the path, they found what looked to be a shrine. The totems were of many strange faces, standing before a path of red carpet lining up to what seemed to be a chest. The group carefully approaches it, watching out for any traps. As they reached the chest, they carefully opened it slowly, waiting for the click to go off and warn them for anything to happen. But nothing does. The chest finally opens all the way, but as they looked inside, nothing is there.

“Aw, what!?” Rainbow complained. “What a rip!”

“Is this really all there is to it?” Daring wondered. She shook her head at the thought. “No… There should be something else.”

“What about that think on the stand over there?” Pinkie suggested, pointing out the stand just a bit further from the chest. Approaching it, they find a letter placed on a book. Alex walks up closer to pick up the letter. Opening it, he reads it out loud.

Everyone wanted to leave because they couldn’t survive alongside such powerful creatures. So we found a world where we could become the superior species using only our intellect. I however wanted to stay. Because of this, I was told that I can do just that. But after I live my life in this world, I must return to this room so my body can lay to rest in the coffin set for me. Although it will be a tragic fate to ask my companions to take me here so I may rest in peace, it is the only way to fully accomplish my final assignment. To close the portal before it becomes unstable.

“Unstable?” Fluttershy repeated.

“That must mean… All of the ponies going to your world are…!”

“Coming from an unstable portal.” Alex finished.

“The chest we opened isn’t a chest… it’s a coffin.” Daring realized.

“Ugh… How distasteful…” Rarity thought.

“This is getting exciting!” Rainbow exclaimed. “Still too bad there’s no traps.”

“The real bad thing about this is we still have no clue about this portal or what this place even is.”

“Hey! We forgot the book!” Twilight pointed out. “Let’s check it out.”

As Twilight went up to the stand and levitate the book out of its place, the stand rose. Upon rising, the sound of something moving within the walls echoed out to the room. Everyone stood still not sure what was going on. Then, Alex saw what was going on. He jumped to Twilight and shielded her from darts coming at her from several places. Everyone shouted as Alex fell unconscious.

Chapter 7

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A Memory Long Forgotten

Back at a temporary headquarters of A.K. Yearling, the group takes a good long break in order for Alex to recover. Whether it was luck or coincidence, the poisonous darts that struck Alex had lost their effect for being unused for so long. It didn’t mean that Alex was in no need of treatment, but it wasn’t as bad.

Applejack wasn’t letting him off the hook though.

“You stay in bed mister.” She warned him. “Just take it easy until your fever goes down.”

“AJ, relax.” Alex told her. “It’s not that bad. Honest.”

“Every pony, even Miss Yearling, agreed that you should rest and get better as soon as possible.” She informed him. “We’re not going anywhere until you feel all better.”

“If you say so.” Alex sighed in defeat.

“Good. Now, I’m going to go prepare something for us to eat.”

As Applejack exited the room to cook for everyone, Twilight enters with the book they received from the tomb. She looks at Alex with a solemn expression as if she was full of disappointment towards herself.

“I’m so sorry about what happened Alex.” She apologized. “I should’ve been more careful.”

“It’s alright Twilight.” Alex told her. “They weren’t lethal. So either way, it’s fine.”

“It’s not fine!” She yelled. Holding her mouth, she pauses before looking down with droopy ears. “It’s just… I wasn’t thinking straight, and…”

Alex holds her hoof and gently pulls her to him. When she was at the bed, she received a hug from him. “I’m just glad you’re alright. Whether it was your mistake or mine, it’s fine. So long as you’re okay.”

Twilight blushes a bit, letting the hug continue on for a bit longer. Once it was finished, Twilight showed Alex the book.

“I… This is the book from earlier.”

“That’s the book?” Alex said in surprise. The book looked like a story book. “That’s a bit strange.”

“I thought so too.” Twilight agreed. “But it has your species in it.”

“Really now?” Alex tilted his head, interested in this new information. Having the book in his grasp, he opens it and sees a girl…

… With white hair and red eyes…

His eyes shrunk and his mouth opens a bit. This isn’t a coincidence. The girl in the book resembles her all too well.

But what does she have to do with all of this?

“Alex? Is there something wrong?”

Alex shakes his head. He can’t jump to conclusions just yet. He has to learn more about all of this. “It’s nothing Twilight. I guess I was concerned over nothing.”

“That’s good.” She remarked. “If there’s anything troubling you, just tell me.”

“Right. Now let’s check out this story.”

There once was a little girl who loved this world of magic. She would befriend many beings of beyond and farther. Even though she was human, one of the weakest creatures in this world, she was loved no more nor less.

One day, her human tribe tired of being the weakest. They had no say in the world as well as little magic to control. Using their intellect, they came up with an idea. A theory of multiple worlds existing and one may just be the one they would like to reside in from now on. To be erased from this world so they can rule another.

This will be their final craft in magic before they abandon the world of magic altogether. The human clans banded together and over the course of time, have made the Tomb of Travel. With it, they found a world born without magic.

But the little girl wanted to stay. She refused to leave the world she was born from just for the lust of power. Listening to her plea, they allowed her to do so. In return, she must do one thing.

“You must stay in this Tomb.” They told her. “This will be your home. This will be the place you live and die.”

The little girl agreed before all of the other humans left. So she lived her life in this world of magic.

But this Tomb was not to her liking. Selfishly leaving the place she promised to stay, she left for a world of wonder. She found many friends of amazing capabilities and scoured around for adventure. She was daring, adventurous, but most of all, a friend.

But her selfish desire would not be without consequence. To this day, she has not returned as she promised. The Tomb was left empty and her disappearance was forever left a mystery.

Inside the house of Alex, he rises from his couch in surprise. He looks around the place, surprised that he was back where he was. Getting off of his seat, he walks around and looks at everything in place. It was definitely his house from the looks of it.

But there was something off about it. It seemed as though this was his house before all of the events that occurred. Before Celestia ever came followed by the events that occurred after. As he holds his chin at thought, he hears someone near.

“Hello there.” She spoke. Alex turned around to see it was her, Luna herself! “Do not be alarmed. I only wished to… speak with you.”

The moment of Luna’s pause, she gazed at Alex for but a moment. She felt her heart race a bit out of nowhere. Unsure why this feeling is there, she tries her best to ignore it and continue questioning Alex. “I have… many questions concerning you. I have peered into your dream and felt a bit of familiarity to you, even though this is the first time we’ve met.”

“First time…?” Alex repeated with a raised eyebrow. “Luna, this isn’t my first time meeting you.”

“Have… we met before?” Luna wondered.

“Do you… not remember me?”

Luna only gives a solemn look to the human and nods. “I… am very sorry. It would seem that would be the case for now.”

“I see…” Alex nodded.

“But I do have a theory… One that I hope is not true.” Luna stated. “And I believe you know the answer.”

“What is it?”

“When you met me, was I referred to as… Nightmare Moon?”

Alex was silent for but a moment before responding. “Yes… You were.”

Luna frowns at this, but raises her head. “I see. Alex, whatever I have done to you is unforgivable.”

“Luna, it’s not your fault.”

“It is… At least, that’s how I feel.” Luna tells him. She looks at him with a request. “I wish for you to come to Canterlot as soon as possible. Please meet with me so you can tell me everything. I want for us to discuss this face to face.”

This invitation had Alex somewhat excited. He was about to see Luna again after so long! He smiles greatly and accepts. “Of course Luna! It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other! I’ll come as soon as possible!”

Surprised but happy of his excitement, Luna nods in quiet glee. “I hope for us to get together soon.”

“What are you doing?” Daring questioned somewhat loudly and sternly as she stood by the doorway with a platter holding three soup bowls. Her voice was loud enough to wake up Alex and Twilight, finding that the violet alicorn was resting on his bed as well. She quickly jumped off and quickly started making excuses.

“I was just reading the book with him and then fell asleep! I didn’t mean anything when I did! I was just listening very closely, to the book you see! Because it was important to find what the book was about since it came from the tomb and-”

Twilight was hushed up by Daring by the hoof. She gave her a bowl of soup and said, “I don’t care. I was calling you down for dinner.”

“R-right.” She said blushing immensely. “Um… bye!”

Twilight trotted downstairs as quickly as possible. After she did so, Daring sighed and sat beside Alex’s bed. “So, what’s with you two? Are you going steady or what?”

“No, I’m not.” Alex stated. Daring gave him a bowl of soup as well. The two ate together as Daring started asking more questions.

“Did you happen to find anything about the book?”

“Well, yes.” Alex admitted. “Though, I don’t know what to make of it.”

“That sounds strange when you put it that way.” Daring stated. “So what did you find?”

“This book has a human girl in it.” Alex noted. “Not only that… But she looks the same as my little sister, Rochelle.”

“You have a little sister?” Daring spoke, surprised. Alex nodded and continued.

“She died a couple years back… But seeing someone with her hair and eyes… it’s becoming stranger and stranger…”

“I see…” Daring responded. “This is a lot of information to process. And I still don’t think we’ve learned all there was to that tomb we were in.”

“What do you think we should do?”

Daring stared at the ceiling as she thought about a possible course of action. Within the moment, she looks to Alex and says, “I think I ought to look in the ruins myself for the time being. I’ll call you if I find anything interesting.”

“Are you sure you want that?” Alex asked.

“You have a lot of other ponies you want to see, right? Besides, I took too much of your time and really need to get cracking on these mysteries.”

“I see… Alright then.” Alex nodded.

The two sat quietly, drinking their soup. In a few moments, Daring took something out of her pocket and gave it to Alex. “Oh, and take this just in case.”

“A compass?” Alex said as he held the object in his hand.

“Yup. Just want you to remember this visit.” Daring stated. “But also in case you get lost.”

“Thanks Daring.” He smiled brightly. “I’m glad to come see you again. Even if it was only for a little while.”

The day ends with a new opening to a brand new adventure. One that Alex may find himself trapped in the chaos and tragedy that may unfold. For now, that is a tale for another time.

Chapter 8

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Train Ride Talk

“Come on Every pony! Let’s get going!” Twilight exclaimed.

The group followed Twilight as the violet unicorn had made early plans before Alex or anyone else could get a suggestion in. The plan was now lead by Twilight as she says something important has occurred to which the traveling companions must now make their way to Canterlot. To make it to Canterlot, it’ll take two days by train. They must make a stop to rest, then continue to Canterlot from then on.

Unknown to everyone else however, Alex also has a meeting with Luna. He is quite excited to see her, yet has not said much to the others about it either.

After getting on the train and getting comfortable, the group sat down in the booths and looked outside to the window, watching A.K. Yearling wave farewell to them. Alex smiled and waved to her as the train started to move.

An exciting moment in their little adventure has passed. Right now, was a time to rest.

Or so it seems.

“Urgh…” Alex shivered. The others took notice and quickly checked on him.

Applejack was the first to get to him, checking his temperature.

“It looks like you’re still sore from that fiasco.” She noted. “Why don’t we take you someplace to rest for the time being?”

“I guess that’ll help for now.”

“I’m glad you’re finally listening to me.” Applejack grinned. “Well, we’ll take turns staying close by in case you need anything.”

“I call first shift!” Pinkie shouted. “You heard me! That means I get to talk to him first!”

“This ain’t a contest Pinkie.” Applejack told her. “You go right ahead and take him to a room with a bed on this train.”

“Okie dokie!” Pinkie replied, walking Alex to the bed.

After the two left, the girls sat down at the booth table and started talking.

“So, why are we going to Canterlot?” Rarity asked. “I don’t recall Alex asking to go there.”

“Well, as you all know for some time, Princess Celestia went to the Alfree Kingdom to discuss some matters with their King.” Twilight reminded them.

“But she sent us a message earlier today that she just finished up and will be heading back to Equestria!” Spike finished as he waved the scroll.

“Oh! So we’re just paying her a visit?” Rainbow guessed.

“Actually, I want the Princess to meet Alex.” Twilight told them. “I truly believe he plays a large factor in the teachings of friendship. He probably has more experience with friends than any of us! Except maybe Pinkie.”

“It would be pretty interesting to have Alex meet the Princess.” Applejack thought.

“Of course, we should make sure Alex is okay until we get there. That place we went to really made him tired.” Fluttershy noted.

“I’m hoping that we won’t run into anymore problems either.” Twilight sighed.

After a moment of silent agreement, the group looked at each other for a while. It took some time before Rarity broke the ice. “So, what do you all think of Alex so far?”

“I’ve known him long enough to say that he was, and still is, a good guy.” Applejack claimed. “He sure is insistent on being the care taker around the house. If he ever started dating, he would make any girl happy.”

“Quite observant, Applejack~.” Rarity teased. “Are you quite sure you don’t have feelings for him?”

Applejack rolled her eyes at the comment.

“I think Alex is pretty nice.” Fluttershy commented. “We don’t talk a lot, but he seems very kind. His appearance did surprise me for a moment though.”

“I think he’s pretty cool.” Rainbow stated. “He sure knows a lot of ponies.”

“Yes, don’t you think he’s quite a gentleman?” Rarity swooned. “Don’t take it seriously, but I think he and Sapphire Shores would be great together!”

Twilight raised an eyebrow and said, “I remember you mentioning that. So Sapphire and Alex know each other?”

“Yes! Like old friends!” Rarity stated. “Isn’t it just the sweetest sight?”

“What do you think it’s like in Alex’s world actually?” Rainbow wondered.

“It’s quite something.” Applejack stated. “There’s no magic there from what I’ve seen, but they have something pretty great that makes up for it.”

“Really? What is it?” Twilight questioned.

“Their technology.” Applejack recalled. “They have machines that do way more than what we have, powered by electricity.”

“You mean, the same kind of electricity from the clouds?” Rainbow asked.

“I’m not exactly sure on the specifics, but something like it I assume.”

“And all humans use them?” Twilight questioned further.

“I think most of them do.” Applejack replied. “Not all of them know how they work or how to make them though.”

“I see.”

Pinkie watched Alex as he lied in the bed, trying to sleep. Unfortunately, the big eyes staring at Alex made him too wary to do so. Instead of sleeping, Alex decided he would rather talk to the big-eyed Pinkie.

“It seems like there’s something you want to talk to me about.”

“Oh! Yes, there is!” Pinkie exclaimed. “Like, when is your birthday? Or what’s your favorite birthday cake flavor? Do you have birthday parties in your world? I think there should be parties no matter what world it is! I mean, if there were no parties, it’d be gloomy, you know what I mean? Plus, you’re such a fun guy, I think you have a LOT of parties! Am I right? Please tell me I am!”

Alex chuckled a bit before he nodded. “Yes, we have parties.”

“Wow! Your world already sounds super fun!” Pinkie exclaimed.

The two enjoyed their time together talking. Alex looked outside the windows as they passed through the sights at high speed. Around that time, Alex had a thought.

“I bet Rochelle would love to see this…”

Pinkie tilted her head for a moment, seeing Alex’s smile fade away a bit.

“What’s wrong Alex?” She asked, pretty concerned about her friend.

Alex turned back to the pink equine and replied. “It’s been a while since I talked about my little sister. Seeing a human that looks like her in a picture from this world made me think a bit.”

“Think about what?”

“About things I should’ve noticed I guess.” Alex answered unsurely. “None of my family had eyes or hair like hers. It was odd, but we thought nothing of it.”

“Well, my sister’s look different from me, but they’re still my sisters!” Pinkie pointed out.

“Definitely.” Alex smiled in agreement. “It’s just that… Now that I think about it, while I do have memories of her being in the family, I don’t remember the day she was born. My parents died before they could share any of those memories, and even our photobook doesn’t show what hospital she came from.”

“Why? Did you adopt her?”

“No…” Alex replied, still unsure. “I truly believe she is my sister by heart and blood. But with all this information coming in, I don’t know what to think of.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t think too much about it.” Pinkie thought. “It doesn’t matter if she’s your sister by what’s in the gene thingy, right? She’s still going to be your sister no matter what!”

Alex grinned at her reasoning and relaxed a bit more. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right!”

They chuckled from their talk before returning to their talks. It’s not long before they finally reach Canterlot.

Chapter 9

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Finally! Canterlot!

The train comes to a full stop and the doors open. The group exits and looks up to see one of the most prestigious cities in Equestria. Finally, they have arrived at Canterlot! Alex looks up to the castle in the distance and has a good idea on where he wishes to go. Twilight also has the same idea, but it seems their meeting in mind is with a different pony.

“Well, just so we’re all clear, we’re going to the castle up ahead.” Twilight told them.

“It’s hard to miss, so even if Alex gets lost, he can just go to the castle by himself.” Rainbow stated.

“Alex?” A voice called out to him. He turned to see a beautiful mare with a silky mane. The way she stands was elegant as the city itself. Alex smiled as he recognized who she was.

“Fleur De Lis! Is that you?”

“Oh, it is you, Alex!” She said happily. “I’m so glad to be able to see you! I wasn’t able to attend the event that you planned a few days ago, but I’m glad I was still able to see you!”

“Oh my, you know Fleur Fe Lis as well Alex?” Rarity spoke in surprise.

“I guess you could say I’m one of his close friends.” She giggles some. She turns to him and says, “Alex, there’s somewhere I need to go, but would it be too much trouble to ask you accompany me for a while?”

“I’d be glad to take you up on that offer.” Alex accepted.

“Well, we’ll leave you two be for some time to talk to each other.” Rarity told them. “Come on girls.”

“Eh, but…” Twilight muttered, only to be pulled by Rarity.

“Let’s not bother them. Old friends should talk about old times sake.” Rarity told Twilight.

Twilight looked at Fleur De Lis and Alex exchanging laughs as they talked. She sighed and nodded. “You’re right… I just hope he doesn’t get lost.”

“Good! Now then, let’s just spend some time here in the city now that we have the chance.”

The group splits up, touring the city once again to see the sights. Alex and Fluer De Lis left together to talk about their time way back when. Twilight was somewhat fidgety however after they had left.

Meanwhile, in the castle at Canterlot, Princess Luna drinks a cup of coffee to begin her day as early as possible. The night makes her weary in the day, so she must act quickly for things to go well. Alex is about to come over, and she must prepare as much as possible.

“Alex is coming…” She mutters to herself. Taking a look at the mirror, she reviews herself. “Do I look alright?”

She looks at her face and sees nothing stretched. No wrinkles or bags under her eyes. “Thank goodness…” She sighs in relief.

Princess Luna goes up to the balcony and looks at the table with her tea set. She levitates the tea pot and thinks about what to prepare. She has a hard time deciding however when she turns to look at her possible choices.

“Which one… Which one…?” she mutters again, pondering at her choices. It takes some time, but she suddenly notices one. One that she feels would be the right choice. She pulls it out and prepares the tea. “Must… be… perfect…”

Alex was having a good time catching up with his friend and new friends. Alex was able to meet with Fleur De Lis’s husband, Fancy Pants. They hit it off when Alex was invited to join them for their wine tasting party. As they tasted the wine, they talked about other things.

“This tasting is honestly a bit drab.” Fancy Pants noted. “I’m glad you came to make things more interesting.”

“It’s a pleasure to spend time with friends.” Alex smiled.

“Yes, ever since Fleur here told me everything about you after you arrived with news telling it, I was quite interested in meeting you. Shamefully, the business had me stay behind during your celebration. And Fleur here didn’t want to leave my side at the time either.”

“She’s a very kind mare.” Alex nodded.

“Thank you Alex. It’s nice to hear you say such praise.” She giggles.

Alex takes another sip of wine to taste. He didn’t really want to spit, so he decided to swallow. His sips were as small as they can be, so he was the most elegant one in the party despite being the most otherworldly.

“It tastes nice.” Alex thought. He held his chin for a moment before he realized the flavor was familiar. “This is… Mare’s Vanity.”

“Very impressive Alex.” Fancy Pants complimented him. “Not many get to try that. It’s hard to get one's hooves on such an expensive and even rare bottle.”

“You’re an expert on care taking and wine tasting, Alex!” Fleur said, clapping her hooves together.

“Thank you,” Alex replied gratefully. He turned to the castle, still in view despite it being a tad far. He then remembered that this may be his chance to see them again. Something he shouldn’t forget. He looks at the two and says, “I just recalled I have some business in the castle. I hate to be rude, but I must go.”

“It’s quite fine Alex.” Fancy Pants told him. “Perhaps we can meet again at another event.”

“I hope it’s soon then.” Fleur smiled.

Alex smiled as he stood and said his farewells. After he left, Fancy Pants thought of something.

“Hmm… Business at the castle? Maybe he’s familiar with the wine because he’s royalty.”

Fleur gasped and questioned the idea. “But if that were the case, does that mean he’s… seeing one of the princesses?”

“Who knows?” He responded. “But he is a unique one indeed.”

Luna was making tea while being careful not to make any mistakes. It was going well until she realized she doesn’t know when Alex will arrive. Suddenly, many thoughts came up to her mind.

“If I prepare the tea too early, it may get cold!” She realized. She breathes in and breathes out calmly to regain her focus. “I’ll just have to keep it warm on the stove.”

She attempts to remain composed, but another thought comes up. “What if it gets too hot to drink?”

She pauses and realizes her mistake. “Why am I worrying about tea!? I should worry about my attire! Should I wear this crown and crest? Or should I…?”

She stammers with many thoughts in her mind, trying to make this moment with Alex absolutely perfect.

Alex arrives at the castle. He looks around for his companions, but they have not yet arrived. After a few minutes of waiting, he decides to go see Luna right now.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine if I go on ahead.” He thought to himself. “I’ve kept Luna waiting for far too long.”

As he approaches the tall doors, the guards by the door wait beside it.

“Do you have business here… Uh, sir?” One of them said, unsure what Alex was. The other guard, however, had his jaw open slightly in surprise. Alex turned to that guard and realizes who he was.

“Bronze Blade! Is that you?”

“Alex! I can’t believe it!” He said joyously. “I haven’t seen you for years! What are you doing here?”

“I came to see Princess Luna. She invited me to come and visit as well as catch up on old times.”

He gasped with sparkly eyes. “You and Princess Luna were…!!!”

The guard who witnessed this was bewildered by this. “Wait, wait, who is this man?”

“He’s a very good man.” Bronze assured his partner. “Let me escort him inside.”

“Is this really alright!?” He questioned.

“Trust me when I say, ‘He’s a good man’.”

The guard sighs and allows it. “It’s on you if he causes any problems.”

Bronze agrees and enters the castle with Alex. They exchange stories of their lives thus far as they make their way to Luna’s quarters.

Luna levitates the tea set at the balcony from her room. She checks the tea, the cakes she had the chefs make, and a shinier crown and crests. She also received word of a strange bipedal creature entering the castle. That must be him. She ordered everyone to treat him like a guest and to spread the word.

It’s finally happening. She thought. I don’t know who he is or why he makes my heart race, but… I must know who he is… or was. Why I know of him a bit more than the stories my sister told me of him.

She sighs in an attempt to cure the goosebumps she has right now. In moments, a knock on the door echoes her room. She walks towards it with unease and gradualness. When she opened the door, she found one of her servants.

“Hello, your highness.” She bows.

She groans quietly, somewhat unhappy of the rise of tension to drop so flatly. “Rise, Lunar Drop. What have you come here for?”

Lunar Drop waves her hoof to her left. “There is someone who came to see you.”

Alex enters her view, smiling with a friendly wave. Her perspective on the young man shines like many different stars dancing at the night. Her heart races and her eyes shrink with surprise as he comes into view.

“I hope I didn’t arrive too late, Luna.” He says honestly.

“N-N-Not at all!” She assures him, barely regaining her composure. She clears her throat before proceeding any further. “Ahem… Please, come inside.”

“Do you require any assistance?” Lunar Drop asked.

“Remain on standby outside of my room.” She tells her.

“Understood your highness.” She responded before closing the door.

Alex looks around the room of the Night Princess. It’s like the night itself, nice and cool as well as wondrous with star like drawings upon her ceiling.

“This room fits you. It’s beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She smiles back. “Would you like some tea?”

“That would be nice.”

As they sit down outside at the balcony, they looked down to see a wonderful view of Canterlot. The city looks amazing from where they were right now.

“This is a lovely view.” Alex says somewhat excitedly. “You must be used to it by now, huh?”

“I feel blessed every time I get to see such a place prosper. I think today is one of those lucky days where things are going smoothly.”

Alex felt something warm inside from what she said. As he takes a sip of his tea, his eyes shrunk as he found a pleasant surprise. “Violet Night Tea.”

“You recognize it?”

“This is the same tea back home. I used to drink this a lot.”

“Hmm… I took a liking to this flavor when I returned to Equestria.”

Alex’s expression dims down a bit from hearing that. Luna noticed and realized that he sympathized with her. What happened a long time ago.

He really does care for her.


“Yes, Luna?”

“I brought you here to do more than talk about pleasantries.” She stated. “About how I know of you and how you know of me.”

Alex looks at her before placing his hands on the table, twiddling his fingers.

“It was about 4 years ago. In my world, ponies from this world would sometimes somehow mysteriously cross to my world.”

“I’ve heard the stories from my sister on how she went to your world.” Luna pointed out.

“I see. Well, as for 4 years ago, there were many different ponies. You were one of them.”

Luna took in the information and pondered on it before having a frightening theory. “Alex… Are you saying 4 years ago… I was there?”


“But 4 years… Who was I during that time…?” She questioned.

Alex placed his hand on Luna’s hoof, trying to make sure she would stay strong. Soon, he answered back. “Nightmare Moon.”

Silence flooded in. Luna was shaking at the thought. She could barely remain firm. If it wasn’t Alex, she would have stormed out.

“The time you were there, you were injured and weakened. My sister and I took you in and cared for you.”

“Rochelle…” Luna spoke.

Alex nodded. “We grew to know each other. A lot of things happened. An… incident also occurred.”

“I’m starting to recall, but it’s still so fuzzy.” She stated.

Alex held Luna’s hoof and told her, “Things happened back then, and they weren’t all good. But no matter what happened, I never blamed you. Not as Nightmare Moon and not as Luna. You’re still my friend, and that won’t change.”

Her eyes started to tear up. She began to cry as she wipes the tears before embracing Alex. She hasn’t regained all her memories, but she has remembered her dearest care taker.

The chariot lands at the castle with the guards bowing at royalty before them. Princess Celestia herself steps out of the chariot and looks up at the castle.

“It’s good to be back.”