• Published 30th Nov 2014
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Night Shine - SparkStone

Twilight's human brother, Night Shine's life is told, from the birth of Twilight to his days learning under Princess Celestia.

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Chapter 4 - Celestia

Celestia sat across from Velvet and Light, unsure of what was going on. Twilight and Shining watched from upstairs as Celestia gives them some time to cope with everything, especially since they’re in such a dire situation at the moment.

“Take your time.” Celestia tells them. “I know you two have been through a lot.”

“Thank you, Princess.” Night Light nodded.

Twilight Velvet looked down and thought about something to say. With the simplest one being obviously the first to asked, she says, “I don’t mean to be rude, but why are you here?”

“I heard that one of your sons is quite ill.” Celestia explained. “And I know that you cannot afford or find any pony that will be willing to do research on him without taking it… so far.”

“Where are you… going with this?” Night Light questioned.

“With my staff and my abilities, we can figure out what is wrong with him.” She offered. “I promise you no experiments of any kind will be tested on him unless it is absolutely required for his health.”

Night Light and Twilight Velvet’s eyes widen, and the kids upstairs gasped at each other. They stared at the Princess as she doesn’t falter in giving aid. The family could barely speak or even move. Twilight Velvet manages to bring some power into herself in order to continue her questioning.

“This… is wonderful, Princess, but may I ask… why?”

“Well…” Celestia says while letting her eyes stroll upwards. “I haven’t forgotten about almost kidnapping your son on accident. As well as how much my niece simply adores him so much. There are other reasons as well, but most importantly, it is in the interest of his survival. If he truly is not of pony origins, then we should keep what is the last of his species alive.”

Night Light held his wife’s shoulder, and asked, “Honey? Are you alright?”

“I don’t know if… I really want to help Night Shine, but what if…-”

“What are you waiting for!?” Twilight Sparkle exclaimed, running downstairs and facing the adults.

Shining caught up to her and gently pulled her back. “Twily! We shouldn’t be here!”

“If we can save Night Shine, why don’t we just do it already!?” Twilight cried. “I don’t want him to be sick anymore! I want him better right now!”

“Twilight…” Velvet cooed.

Twilight turned to Princess Celestia and begged. “Please Princess! If you can help my brother, please do it! I don’t want him to die!”

Celestia watched the crying filly look up to her with such hope. The princess dons a motherly smile and says, “I will, as long as your parents agree. And I will make it to where he will not be harmed while he under my care.”

The adults face each other once more, and continue the discussion. “Now, are we in… agreement?”

Night Shine was on the bed of an unfamiliar room. He looked around and saw many ponies in white masks and rubber gloves. Some ponies had on glasses and brought with them clipboards. He can hear the voices talking of research, scanning, and medicine. He can also hear a soothing voice comfort him along the way.

The pink and violet blur goes in front of him and says, “Don’t worry… Big sister Cadence will watch over you… You’re going to feel a lot better… trust me… ~! ”

Night Shine, although a bit blind, didn’t hesitate to smile. As he waits patiently for whatever to happen, the researchers to their job.

Hours pass, and the doctors finally return with results. Princess Celestia and Cadence stand before him as he gives them a summary of what they have found.

“So, how is he doctor?” Cadence asked.

“What were you able to find?” Celestia inquired.

“He’s very unique, to say the least.” The unicorn stated. “He doesn’t seem to have a normal… er… body like all of the other species.”

The two looked at each other confused. Celestia than asked, “What do you mean?”

“For one, he’s very malnourished, and needs protein. He’ll need to eat meat.” He pointed out. “Not only that, but he has no magical resistance whatsoever, and has concocted the slumber sickness.”

“Slumber sickness?” Cadence scoffed. “That’s silly! Only babies get it. And even then, it’s not this bad.”

“Yes, were the case of a creature with magic within their body. This boy however carries little to none at all. If this continues, he’s going to sleep for good.”

The two stumbled a bit from hearing that. It’s a frightening way to go. “What do you suggest we do then?” Celestia asked.

“I would try to pool in magic to the boy.” He explained. “But it’s risky. Too much, and he may not control it. Too little, and it might not be enough. We’re very unsure of what to do at the moment, so I was sent to ask what you would recommend.”

Celestia held her chin for a moment, deep in thought. Considering the chances, she too thinks that they should play it safe. But in the meantime, enough magic for him to wake is just what they need.

“I’m going to pool in some magic to test the theory.” Celestia declared. “Bring me the boy. Cadence, go and find a griffon merchant, and bring him here.”

Cadence complied and left to do as told. The doctor leaves and returns with Night Shine. Celestia lightly taps her horn on the boy, and allows a small surge to go in. Nothing seems to happen, so she does another gentle tap. He doesn’t wake, but Celestia persists. She keeps at it four to five times until he blinks a bit. He scratches his head and looks up to the princess, suddenly making him widen his eyes and shrink a bit.

“W-Whoa…” Night Shine muttered.

“Hello there.” Celestia smiled.

“H-Hi…” He replied, fearing the tall mare looming over him.

“Why, you were sick for a very long time.” Celestia informs him. “How do you feel now?”

Night Shine looked down and gave a wide frown. “I’m… really, really hungry… I also can’t feel my hind legs very well…”

“Oh my… We’ll need more checkups with you.” Celestia thought.

Night pressed his thumbs in his hands and avoided eye contact with the tall, crowned mare. As she placed her horn onto his forehead, it shines and sparks a bit onto Night. Nothing seems to change however.

“Can you feel them now?” Celestia asked.

“A bit…”

“Try walking.” Celestia suggested.

Night got off the cot and attempted to stand on all fours. The doctor saw this and stopped him. “No, no! You have to walk on just your hind legs.”

“But… Mom said…” Night was about to debate, but the doctor continued.

“You are not a pony, young lad. You are… well, we’re not sure yet. But your species doesn’t get around like that. You walk on only your legs. These here? On your forelegs? These are hands.”

“What are… hands?”

“They are used to grab and hold something firm. It’s natural for you to do so, like your species.”

Night looked at his hands for a moment and looked to the doctor and asked, “I’m… not a pony?”


“Than what am I?” Night wondered, tilting his head with a small frown.

“You are the son of Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Brother of Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor.” Celestia answered. “You, are Night Shine.”

Night looked down in though and gave a small smile. He looked up to the princess and asked, “Um… who are you?”

“Just call me, Auntie Celestia.”

Author's Note:

Apologies for everything my friends. Here's a chapter, and another coming soon.