• Published 30th Nov 2014
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Night Shine - SparkStone

Twilight's human brother, Night Shine's life is told, from the birth of Twilight to his days learning under Princess Celestia.

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Prologue - Night Shine

At the hospital, the doctor informs two spouses of the situation. It was simply a moment of uncertainty. Outside of the room waited a young stallion who seemed to be as equally worried. Not much was said afterwards, and they took the carriage home after the check up was done.

"It'll be alright Twilight." Night Light assured his wife. "Things will work out."

"But honey..." Twilight Velvet whimpered. "Did you hear what he said? The baby... might..."

"Sh, it'll be alright. We still have Shining Armor, don't we?" he reminded her.

Velvet smiled at Shining Armor as he gave a nervous grin back to her. Though, Shining Armor had something else in mind. About a few months ago, he was told that he would have a sibling soon. He was extremely excited to have a little brother or sister. He could teach him or her everything he knows! And he'll be their best friend as well! What better then a friend who lives at your house? He couldn't help but ask.

"So... About that brother or sister...?"

Twilight Velvet broke down and cried waterfalls. Night Light held her and comforted her well he gave Shining the It's not going well, change the subject! look. Shining takes a look around to help find some sort of distraction. Quickly, he spots a basket up ahead.

"Uh, hey! Look! There's something on the sidewalk!"

The parents look out and tell the stallions to stop the cart. Getting out, they see that the basket is making noises. Night Light takes the first look of what it was. He levitates the blanket away, and reveals what it was. Sadly though, no one knew what it was.

"What is that?" Night Light questioned.

"It looks kinda like... a baby." Shining points out.

"But... It's hooves! There... are things coming out of it!" Twilight Velvet described it.

"Yes, and there's no fur except on its head." Night Light added. "Must be a deformed foal that no pony wanted."

"That's so sad!" Shining stated.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it." Night Light sighed. "Let's go."

"Wait..." Twilight stops the two. She looks at the whimpering baby and holds the basket. Night Light begins to sweat realizing where this is going. "I... Think we should keep it."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! We can't just take some colt off the street! Or... Filly... Whatever it is! We don't know a thing about this pony!"

"But it's just a baby! And besides, we did promise Shining a sibling."

"I get a mutant pony for a brother or sister!? Sweet!" Shining cheered.

"But, honey-!" Night Light pauses as he gazes at his wife's adorable pout. He struggle to fight off any more, and submits. "Fine, we'll take it."

The two cheered as they went inside the carriage while Night Light looks to the stars.

"Please give us strength."

At the house, Shining was sent outside of the room again while his parents were changing the creature's diaper. At the moment, they were still deciding what they should name it. Shining listened to the conversation of the two in discussion of the naming.

"How about, Dawn?" Night Light suggested.

"That... no, I'm sorry, but that's not a name for a boy sweetie." Twilight Velvet remarked.

"Better than Twilight Sparkle. That's obviously a name for a girl too!"

"If I had a filly, I would name her that you know."

"Hmm... How about we name it after me? I mean, if you get a girl, you'll name it Twilight. So how about we name this little guy... Night Shine?"

"Oh... That's not a bad name actually!" Twilight Velvet admitted.

"Shine Buster's a good name too!" Shining Armor suggested to them from the other side of the door. The parents laugh as they finish up changing the diaper. They walk out with the baby in levitation and shows it to Shining Armor.

"Shiny! Meet Night Shine! Your new little brother!"