• Published 30th Nov 2014
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Night Shine - SparkStone

Twilight's human brother, Night Shine's life is told, from the birth of Twilight to his days learning under Princess Celestia.

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Chapter 1 - Twilight Sparkle

It was only a few weeks. Though news that the foal may not come still lingered upon Twilight Velvet's mind, it was slowly healed thanks to the caring of their new adopted son, Night Shine. Night Light was watching Shining impressing his new little brother. He had a knack of showing off skills that were quite... something.

"Look Night! I'm standing on my hind legs!" He tells him. The baby was clapping and cheering before Shining lost his balance and fell. After that, Night laughed with his father at Shining's disaster of an entertainment.

"That was a fine display Shining! Very note worthy!" Night Light stated.

"But at least I can do it longer than you can dad." Shining stated.

"Is that a challenge?" Night questioned.

"Maybe it is."

The two stared off before having the contest of endurance. The two do a standoff, making Night Shine laugh. Twilight Velvet was simply chuckling at this.

"You two look ridiculous. What are you trying to prove?" she questioned.

"That Shining's old man still has a few tricks up his hooves." Night Light answered.

As time passes, the two continue to do this ridiculous contest. However, something happens. Twilight Velvet's mood shifts.

"N-N-Night? H-Honey?"

"Yes dear?" He asked while still glaring at his son.

"M-My water! I-It broke!"

The two slip up at the same time and fall on the floor, making Night Shine laugh hysterically. Night Light gets up and says, "WHAT!?"

"Oh sweet Celestia! I need to go to the hospital!"

"Shining! Get a carriage!" Night Light ordered. Shining Armor complied and did as told. After he ran out, Night Light went to his wife and helped calm her.

"Okay sweetie, breathe in and out. Breathe in and out. Breathe-"

"Horses on saddles! I know how to breathe dear!" Twilight complained. "You need to help me get outside!"

"Right! I think the wheelchair the doctor lent us is in the basement! I'll go get it!"

Night Light rushes through the room, passing his youngest son by an inch. A while later, he returned with the wheel chair and nearly hits his son again. The baby then takes the moment to wander away. After Night Light gets his wife on the wheel chair, Shining comes back and informs his parents, "I got a carriage! We just need to get Mom on it!"

"Alright! Shining! Come help me get your mother in there!"

The three left the house as they entered the carriage and made a mad dash to the hospital. Unknowingly to them, they left the door open and Night Shine to wander on his own.

The carriage stops at the hospital, and the two stallions bring the mare to the emergency room. The doctor brings her to a room and hooks her up to the machines. Magic was used to ease the pain, and let things run more smoothly. Shining was having the time of his life. He's getting ANOTHER sibling! Can life get any better? Unfortunately, the father wasn't sharing the same feelings. Right now, he was wondering how he's going to keep the house quiet. As Twilight Velvet relaxes some more, she smiles and says, "I... I can't believe it. It's actually happening...!"

"Another foal to the family." Night Light grins. "I have to admit, this is pretty amazing."

"Yeah! First Night Shine, and now another brother or sister!? Which one is it mom?"

"I don't know... but I have a feeling it's..." The mother pauses as she realizes something. "Wait... Where's Night Shine?"

Silence floods the room as they all stared at each other. Finally, the loudest scream that was enough to wake all the babies in the facility was made.

"MY BUCKING BABY IS AT HOME ALONE!?" Twilight Velvet yelled angrily.

"Shining! What were you thinking!?" Night Light questioned.

"Me!? You told me to get the carriage!!" He retorted.

"It's both your fault!" She screamed before grunting in pain. "Agh!"



"Miss Velvet, please calm yourself!" The doctor told her. "All this stress is bad for the baby!"

Twilight Velvet nodded with eyes still closed. She turns to the boys and says, "Bring... him... back... or my heart... will explode..."

The two run out of the hospital and back home in hopes to find Night Shine.

Night Shine was excited! He was crawling into a brand new world! The ponies around him seemed to acknowledge his presence by staring at him and screaming as they run away, probably to inform their companions of his crawl through town! Night Shine was also intrigued by what there was to see. Especially the castle up ahead. With that sight to see, Night Shine made his way to the pretty building! Little did he know, there was another friend waiting for him.

Meanwhile, in the castle, two bickering cousins on the verge of murder can be heard outside the castle walls. Cadence, a beautiful pink alicorn with a gorgeous purple mane was scolding at her lesser white unicorn cousin, with his prince blonde mane, Blueblood.

"Why do you have to keep bothering the maids and butlers with such trivial matters!?" Cadence questioned.

"They're not trivial!" Blueblood claimed. "My hooves needed a hooficure, my mane needed combing, and my drink needed to be brought."

"You were literally IN the kitchen when you asked for all that! The lemonade was ON the counter! Which was only a few feet away from your seat! And why did you bring the masseuses all the way from the spa chamber when it's RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR ROOM!?"

"They must serve every whim royalty demands is that not right?"

"My world, you're lazy."

"How dare you! If you weren't my cousin, I'd throw you into the dungeon!"

"Why not try working? I help around the castle unlike you."

"I help!"

"Oh really? With what?"

"I give the peasants something to do so that they may live in the castle with a purpose."

"You are beyond help."

Nearby, Night Shine somehow made his way on the castle walls. Playing on the funny shaped walls, he climbed up a step and climbed down a step as he made his way to wherever it took him. For a baby that was barely a year old, he was pretty smart. (In a way). But that intelligence would not save him from a misstep. He finds himself falling close to the shouting duo.

"How dare you wench!"

"What'd you call me!?"

"You heard me! I called you a-" Suddenly, Night Shine falls on Blueblood and bounces off of him. He suddenly screams and half faints. "AAGH! I'm being assassinated! I knew some pony was jealous of me enough to do this! I've seen it coming! I suspect Cadence! Augh..."

Falling overdramatically to the floor, Cadence catches Night Shine with her levitation. She stares at the baby as it smiles at her. She suddenly awed at the creature.

"Oh? Who might you be Mr. cutie?"

"Cutie!?" Blueblood screamed as he jumped up and scolded her. "That... THING tried to assassinate me!"

"It's a baby." Cadence pointed out before putting Night Shine up to her face. "Who's a cute baby? You are! Yes, you are!"

The baby giggles at the pink mare and pokes at her horn. Blueblood simply rolled his eyes.

"Repulsive." He snorts.

Cadence shoots a fireball at Blueblood, making run away screaming, "FIRE! FIRE! SEE!? CADENCE IS TRYING TO ASSASSINATE ME!"

Cadence happily trots off with her new companion in her telekinetic grasp.

As Night Light and Shining Armor arrived at their house, they saw the opened door and realized the worst possibility.

"You don't think?" Shining asked his father.

"That Night Shine might have wandered out on his own? Maybe." Night Light stammered. "Let's see if he's in there just in case!"

The two ran in and looked in every nook and cranny, from the kitchen to the living room, the baby's room to Shining's room, and the master bedroom, but no avail. The two met up again and asked.

"Did you find Night Shine Shining?"

"Did you find Night Shine Dad?"

They screamed as they ran out of the house and looked at their entire neighborhood.

"He's got to be around here somewhere! Let's ask around!" Night Light suggested.

As they ventured out to the suburban territory of what is Canterlot, in hopes to get some answers. Luckily, they meet many that have seen him.

"Oh! That thing was your son?"

"That was your baby brother?"

The stallions nod yes quite rapidly.

"Yes! Have you seen him?"

"Do you know where he went?"

"No, I got too scared at the thing."

"I closed my eyes and hid in the corner, so no."

"That thing's a pony?"

"Who are you talking about?"

The boys pound their head as they start to panic even more. Not knowing what to do, the dad suggests something drastic.

"Okay, obviously no pony knows where he is. So... You're going to tell your mother-"

"What!? Why do I have to tell her!?"

"Because it is a stallions job! Plus, I do not want to be the one who tells your mother that we lost Night Shine forever."

"Night Shine isn't gone forever! He's just... gone for a while..."

"Even so, she's not going to be happy."

"But I don't want to be the one to tell her!"

"How about a contest then?"

The two stare off before continuing the previous contest. Together, they did a hind leg standoff in the middle of the neighborhood. First one to fall tells Twilight Velvet the news.

As Celestia strives to listen to the noble's attempt to negotiate an unfair trade before simply saying no and giving a long description of why not, she starts to wander off in her mind.

If this is where my subjects are headed, I'm going to lose it.

"Aunt Celestia!" Cadence calls out. "Look what I found!"

"Oh praise the sun!" She spoke softly. "Excuse us, it seems my niece has something to say to me."

The noble nods and bows before leaving their presence. Once he left, Celestia turns to Cadence.

"Make it long and descriptive. Every detail."

"Okay! Well, it started when I was outside arguing with Badblood until this little angel fell on him and brightened up my day! Look!"

Cadence shows off Night Shine to Celestia, which made her heart melt. That adorable smile challenges all foal everywhere. She nuzzles the baby and says, "Oh! Aren't you just precious?"

"Isn't he?! Can I keep him?"

"Heavens no!" Celestia rejected. "You're far too young to be caring for a colt! Let alone a foal!"

"But... He has nowhere else to go." Cadence whimpered.

"I suppose I can take care of him." She thought. "But I must first see if he has any medical conditions. He looks as if he has some sort of disease on his hooves."

"Your right! And the lack of fur is a bit concerning too." Cadence added to that note.

"Let me hold him. I'll do my own scan before I go do the check up."

As Cadence releases her grasp on Night Shine, Celestia carried him only by the diaper. The reason why she didn't grab all of him was because Blueblood came in whining.


"Huh?" Celestia turned, not noticing her lack of hold on Night Shine. The diaper rips and Night Shine falls on the floor. The three stared at Night Shine as he didn't move or cry or anything. Finally, the mares screamed.


At the hospital, Shining smiled triumphantly while Night Light lowered his head.

"Tell no pony of our contest." He says sternly. As Night Light looked to his wife's room, he had a huge gulp before walking to the room to give his wife the demising news that may literally make her heart explode. That was until Celestia and Cadence ran by them with the baby in their telekinetic hold. Night Light and Shining Armor drop their jaws as the princesses run off with Night Shine.

"I need to see a doctor NOW!" Celestia yelled.

"Your best doctors! If they're not busy of course!" Cadence added.

Twilight Velvet saw the two run by the window with Night Shine. Her eyes shrunk as she yells, "MY BABY!"

"Miss Velvet! Please calm down!" The doctor asked.

Twilight Velvet also saw her boys run after the princess. She couldn't believe the day she was having.

Night Light and Shining Armor raced their way to reach Celestia and Cadence in order to get Night Shine back. They kept calling them in order to get their attention.

"Princess! Princess Celestia!" Night Light called.

"Hey lady! That's my brother-!" Shining was bonked on the head by his dad in annoyance.

"That's rude Shining!"

"But she has Night Shine!"

"I know, just keep trying!"

Over by Cadence, she heard the stallions in the back and tells Celestia.

"Auntie! Those guys are calling you!"

"Ugh, I don't have time for requests! This baby needs treatment! Where's the medical room for newborns?!" Celestia questions.

"Over there!" Cadence points to the left.

They quickly turned and entered the room. The men followed after them, and thus, the four plus the baby were finally in the same room.

"What do you want!? Can't you see we have urgent business!?" Cadence scolded the two.

"B-But!" Shining stuttered.

"But nothing! I need to check on my son!" Celestia stated, already declaring it as her own.

Night Light was shocked. Was the princess adopting him!? "No! Wait! Hold on! That's MY son! You have MY son right there!"

"What!?" They yelped.

"Yes, so please give back my baby brother! Please!" Shining begged.

Celestia had on a nervous look. She stares at them before turning to the head injured baby, who had fallen on its head and has yet to woke up. She smiles slightly before saying, "Uh... P-Please give us a moment so that we may check his condition."

"Condition?" Shining repeated.

"What did you do to my son!?" Night questioned.

"Uh... We sort of... Dropped him on his head... and he won't wake up..." Cadence muttered.

The boys dropped their jaws once more as Celestia clenches her teeth in the bad news. The father wasn't pleased.

"My wife is going to kill me... after I kill her with the news I have to tell her..."

"M-Maybe Night Shine will wake up later! Let's just bring her to Mom for now." Shining suggested.

"Princess, with all things good and godly, please prevent me from striking my wife using words that will end her life." Night Light begged.

As Twilight Velvet was currently giving birth at the moment to another member of the family, the group came in.

"Hey Honey! We found-"


Shining Armor and Cadence fainted while Celestia and Night Light covered their eyes too late. The doctor wraps up the purple foal and says, "It's a girl!"

"What!?" Night Light said as he raced over to his wife's side. "She's... beautiful dear..."

"Show the kids their new little sister." Twilight Velvet told him.

"Unfortunately, your son as well as my niece has fainted." Celestia informs them. "I'll just bring them to the other room to rest."

After the three left, Night Light brought Night Shine to see his new sister. As they got close, the foal's horn shot a spark at Night Shine, making him wake up. He cried and cried, making his sister cry as well.

"Oh thank goodness, he's alive." Night Light sighed in relief.

"What was that?"

"Uh, I mean, they're so cute!"

"Yes... They are..." Twilight Velvet sighed. "By the way. Why did the princess foal nap our son?"

"That's not important right now. What we should be asking is what her name is going to be."

"I already told you what her name is going to be!" she stated.


"Yes! I did!" Twilight bonks her husband on the head. She hold the baby close and says her name.

"Her name will be Twilight Sparkle."