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When Princess Celestia is taken from her world to a planet of humans, she is immediately housed by a human named Alex. Promising to take care of her until a certain portal would open, he only asks her to stay in the house until then. Celestia however doesn't completely trust this alien creature and his sudden hospitality. She wants more than words before she'll listen to him.

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i've just noticed that alex is a really common name in HiE fics, has anyone else noticed that?

5001445 i've never seen a kyle HiE but i've seen like 10+ fics with alex and the rest have been either anon or something ridiculous like miles or navarone

Only a few elite Anons, are able to wear the name Alex, the others are just named Anon.:pinkiehappy: Yes i am Happy that he has a name, it is not important but sometimes it get´s on my nerves to read always the same name, it is like you have to hear every day the same thing.

If they are going to have a romance like i think they do, then i hope he goes with her or she is staying there. I would not like it if they are have...........e?r....... to part? (i am not sure if the word fit in here)
Nice story, maybe i start the one with Ruffy too, i have enough time at the moment.

Yeah, I don't usually like the name anon or anonymous. Especially the ones where they mysteriously have a green or white body with a question mark for a face. I know you're supposed to use your imagination to fill in that part, but it's just so creepy.

This story is also supposed to have a bit of sadness in it for various reasons. I haven't thought of the ending yet however.

5007395 That is ok, i think it needs a bit bad or sad stuff to make it interessting and turn it good at the and again, or something like that. Even if i would like to read more soon, i think you should take as much time as you need.

I would like it if you make the ending a way that would allow a sequel if you like to do one later. Maybe Celestia could just go back to Equestria and in the Sequel they could meet again and an adoption and....i stopp here^^

Sorry i just love adoption storys and everytime i try to make a story into one, i would like to read a story from the beginning of a romance, till after an adoption and then i would like to read about their children a bit or the family bonding. I know that can´t happen i only one story, but that´s the reason why i want the story to be able to have a sequel.

I like adoption stories too. The children are so adorable.:twilightblush:

5007465 yeah, i somehow like it more if they are adopted, that way they have to create a bonding first.^^

Well i think i have to stop for tonight, tomorrow i have to try again to find a way to get a bit money for a while.
I have to write a few more candidacies, any payment would fit for a while.

Yours is not the only one, but your story could be one of those i love to read if i come back after i have done what i have to do.:twilightsmile: Well good night, i suppose it is not that late for you hmm?^^ I have 23:43 right now.

4:45 PM. Not too late.:twilightsmile: Night!

ome more rest and let your muzzle off a bit. I think you made a hole in the wall."

i honestly not sure if i understand it right, muzzle is her mouth i think, but why is he saying that she made a hole in the wall? Was she snoring or is it something else?

I like that chapter, i don´t know if that Charlie guy is supposed to be a possible Villian or something, because he maybe just waited for an Alicorn.

She basically punched a hole in the wall from her panic using her head. I meant the snout of the horse if that makes it any clearer. :twilightblush:

5062162 aahhh okay, i just didn´t knew what the could mean. I think i just didn´t thought it happend in that moment.

Well i was pretty sure with the muzzle thing, it somehow just confused me a bit what he could mean.

PS: Thank you

I'm glad it wasn't too off.:twilightsmile:

Your welcome! :pinkiehappy:


Wot is Pony Plaza?

Never run 4 stories at a time. It's a horrible dilemma to put yourself in. :ajbemused:

yeah that is right, i know someone which has a new Fanfiction nearly every week and i still wait for new chapters for at least three of them. He made a quick ending for a good story, just because he wanted to continue with another one. I know that is his good right, i was just a bit angry about it, because he said it wasn´t planned. To make it short, he put an end to a good story just because he wanted to have many others. It is like you say

This is a nice chapter, i just don´t know what to think about the potential evil Human you have there. i just hope the story don´t have to end right after they finish the action with the maybe evil Human.

It's hard to decide which is better. To have so many unfinished stories, but promising to keep working on them even though you may give up someday, or have the small chance to finish it with great wonder.
Or to end it so quickly to have your gallery look healthy.

No, the stories that are not one shots will have at least 10 chapters and average around 20 depending on the theme. Words usually have at least 1500 words (At my good pace) and at my best attempt average around 2000 words or more if possible.

So don't worry, this story will have a decent number of chapters.

5206064 well okay^^
The one i was talking about has about 24 storys, and i think at least 12 of them are from 1-4 chapters.
I have to look again, but i think i noticed that he started this year with his writing.

You're gonna have to wait and see. :pinkiegasp:

Mmm-Mmm spaghetti... I like it with the mushroom sauce better, though.

wen I saw the name alex I thoth this was a crossover with prototype 2.

5248540 Because Alex is such an uncommon name lol

5250707 or brcuse i just clered that game.

Sounds interesting, I'll read on and see what's up.:twilightsmile:

Hey when is the next chapter gonna be up? I honestly really wanna know what happens!:pinkiesmile:

Yes, it was.
The next chapter tells what happens after. Only, it's less messy.

After I read this, I had only one thought in my head: "... fuck ..."

To make it clear, I mean this in a positive matter.

Was the secret surprising?

5326472 Well... yes. Yes I was a bit surprised. I didn't expect that Nightmare Moon would have been in this World.

But this opens some questions:

1) How get Nightmare Moon there?
2) Is this the same Nightmare Moon as the one Celestia had banished to the moon a thousand years ago?
3) And if this is the same, does this mean there is a time difference between Equestria and Earth?

Let's see.

There was a thousand year time period when Nightmare Moon was imprisoned.
Alex has been taking care of ponies for about three years.

So that means, the three years before Nightmare Moon returned as Luna, she had somehow escaped the moon for a short period of time to meet Alex on Earth.

5326537 That's a bit simple, don't you think? And which event lead to Nightmare Moons escape? Shouldn't Celestia have noticed something like that?

How Nightmare Moon got to earth is the question that branches the strange magic that brings all ponies to earth, and for some reason to Alex. There is as much mystery in here as there is cuddles.

But they will be answered. slowly.

5326580 ... you really can be cruel.

It entertains me, yes.

Plz make another update!:applecry:

In the making dear. Don't worry! :twilightsmile:

I share the opinion that the end was a bit weird, but you already said that we probably understand it in the next chapter.
I think i like Harrold and Alex was it? I hope it got the name of the main Char right:twilightsheepish:

I somehow still don´´t like Charles and that means i don´t know how to feel about it, but this chapter was okay.

I shall put more cuddles in order to even out the sourness so far.

I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not really unexpected, but not less good^^

Will be interesting to see his reaction when Celestia tells him about her relationship to Nightmare Moon. It will sure be difficult... for both of them.

Grate Chapter. cant wait for more of this story

Not bad. I wonder what's going to happen when it's time for her to go home.

that was beautiful on it´s own way. I like shy and childish Celestia.

The moment she spoke about Cadance i remembered an idea from another Story, that was about her Cutiemark.
In this story Cadance was told to be the Princess of Love, but it was just a misunderstanding, she brought ponys together, not made them love each other or helped them to love each other.
To be honest i liked that idea, because for a time i got the idea that Cadance could force some ponys to love or love each other, and this way she could still bring potential lovers together, but don´t force them to love each other. It seems it was because her Cutiemark was a Crystal Heart and not a Heart, i know official she is the princess of love, but i liked that ..... euphemism? about her Cutie mark, it didn´t made her look that dubious for me.

I think you probably know that there exist storys, where the princesses are more or less pretty forceful

This is all interesting to know. Thank you for telling me about it~:twilightsmile:

i like all of it. but i must say i liked celestia's dream the most

i think what i liked the most from that chapter, were probably Celestias attempts to look sexy, and that his sister already know that she liked him. I guess it would be nice, if she would be one of the first, which would accept her love to Alex.
As i remember so far, i think this was one of the best chapters for me.

I don´t know if you would like this, but i would like a sequel, if he should go with Celestia to Equestria. I want him to meet the main six, or at least Twilight, and Twilight could be crazy enough to believe she would have to serve Celestias special somepony as well, after that i guess they would need a talk. Okay not sure how good sometthing like that would really be, i didn´t really thought abou it befor.

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