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"We're so close,/To something better left unknown/I can feel it in my bones,/Gimme sympathy/After all of this is gone." -Metric, 'Gimme Sympathy'

Feeling bad for how she acted last time she was in Ponyville, Gilda wants to apologize for her behavior. With the help of her old friend Rainbow Dash, Gilda starts out with two ponies in particular; Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

Image created by DepisedAndBeloved on deviantArt

Written for the Everfree Northwest 2014 Writing Contest.

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Ahhh.... you smell that? It's the sweet smell of a Gilda redemption fic, oh how I love it.... may I put this in my group?

4005286 Many Thanks :pinkiehappy:

I'm actually gonna do a Gilda story later on,

I'd also love to see this made into a full-blown story, it definitely kept me interested.

4005370 Well, this is just a little one-shot for a contest. However, I will hopefully have another fic similar to this up by the end of the week for the same contest.

Closer, you write the best fics ever. You deserve more followers! :eeyup:

Author Interviewer

Admittedly, I can believe the ponies outright forgiving Gilda if she appears contrite. That's what ponies do. But as a reader, all I have to go on as far as the veracity of her apology is an assertion that she's been "working to better herself". I have to take her word for it, and I'm not coming from an angle where I'm ready to do that yet.

That's why the story doesn't work for me, but I did want to credit you for that little conversation between Pinkie and Fluttershy. It doesn't really add anything to the story, but the bit about Pinkie speaking alligator was actually pretty funny. Keep writing!

My comments are always my personal experience with the subject of the story, and they're always kind of long, so, I apologise to anyone who's reading this comment for an opinion on the story, the story was good

Even if what Gilda did in the episode (due to its themes it's one of the ones I haven't watched more than once, along with the Bab Seeds episode) was just, to her, "harmful pranking", it can still be considered bullying. I'm not very proud of this, and I aint't writing this to be forgiven, but I did have some experience on both of those sides.

You know how it normally starts around middle-school, beggining of high school (5th grade or 7th grade?), to me it started out pretty early, ealier than the cmc, in fact.

I had been receiving psychological treatment since I was about 4 (this one was a different type of psychological treatment, it was long before I tried to harm myself, or anything,) and all I did was draw, and talk about my day, because, really, what else is a 6 year old going to do?

The first school I went to was a regular public school,but one that had great conditions, it had a library, with vhs tapes and the internet (we weren't allowed to surf the internet without help, although as a first grader I didn't really could, I mean, writing and all), and books, tons and tons of books.. The local pedo-psychiatrist came once a week and I was dismissed for about 30 minutes. Well, apparently I had been sorted out as a "gifted" student (unfortunately not in mutant powers), and they were testing for the autism spectrum (at the time, still asperger's).

Anywho word got out around that I was getting special treatment.....(as per law I had the option to leave for some time a day, if I was feeling angsty, and I was offered activities like chess, that were only avaliable to third and fourth graders, on the first year). I guess now I can see how douchey of me that I was being given special treatment. Even if I didn't choose to use it all that often.

This big kid, a fourth grader that was aged 13 (he had flunked 3 times already), twice as big as me, and with a very potent voice, picked me up by my pants (my jeans, which I didn't fit all that well so ahem, my....non mentionables started to get pressioned) and put me in a trash can. Like, literally, picked me up, and threw me there. Thankfully I was pretty small (I was about one meters and 12 centimeters at the time), so I fit there. It was full of peels, old milk and juice boxes (that we took for snacking during recess, from school) that still had some drops left to squirt on me, amd I was covered in ants.

I never did reveal this to anyone, no matter how many times my councelour asked me if I was "Alright"...

I think it certanly didn't help me with my anger problems later down in life.

I changed schools in the third grade, and I started hanging out with the girls, for two reasons, one they were generally more gossipy and less violent (I'm not being sexist, that was how it was in my school at the time), two, if something happened to me, or I didn't show up, one of them would go and tell a teacher or anyone about it.

That worked out pretty weel, until I got to fifth grade, there were those old broken down shacks, that were once used for pratical classes, but, seeing as the government had stopped those (due to safety issues), they had been slowly decaying. They were wooden, and looked like those big ship containers. Some guys started to pull of already piercing out pieces of wood, getting the fiber hand in a bag (don't ask me how they didn't get itchy, I don't freaking know) and then one of them distracted you with small talk, while the other run to your back and dropped the contents of the bag inside of your t-shirt.

Fiber glass is a really irritable substance, and it caused me several allergies, I had to be rushed out to the Pe zone, and I took 3 showers, but I still could feel the damn fibers, little thorns, digging into my skin.

And this is like Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking, but my favorite t-shirt (which had been given me by a friend before she moved out of the area, and which I didn't find until I was in facebook at least about 5 years later, that pissed me off)

The next year I started verbally insulting those who insulted or beat up other kids, like a dark knight, or somehting, I rarely got into trouble, but I did sure receive pushes and insults back...one time I even got hit in the head by the stone pavment, one of them jumped on my head.

Seventh and eight years I was actually so beaten up, I weekly had to go home with my nose bleeding, my eyes swollen, my body full of dark spots. It was serious. A sort of elite task force was formed to protect me (I'm not joking), they were actually the kids of the secundary (like 11th-12th) grade, social care and studies class, who were supposed to keep an eye out for me.

They did their best but the high school classes were divided, up to ninth grade on one side, tenth to 12th on the other, and when they arrived near me, I was already beaten up.

After I was thrown down a third story flack of stairs (Not in the space between them, that was a hole, as the stairs had sort of a snail like format), falling down step after step after, until I got to the curve (snail starway), and hit the wall, I decided to fight back.

It was not the best decision and I regret it, I was thanfully unhurt, if a little sore, and so I packed heat....with golf balls. Yeah, silly isn't it?

Now, do not try this at home, kids, but golf balls were heavy and small enough to use. Once they started approaching I'd get the balls out of my pocket and hit them with them.

I started getting on more trouble than them, which was unfair, but, I was technically using a weapon. Yeah. I had 56 incidents registered, and 48 times where I was kicked out.

And then next year that stuff happened.....suicide and all.

And then, now I'm one of the worst students of the school, since I. instead of hitting someone, or throwing their soda can to their shirts (full, but he was teasing me), I just storm off. We're back to the first grade times where if I'm feeling bad, I can leave, although now they have to mark me a fault, since, well....that regulation was removed, with the new government, which had a clear focus on "education".

I don't ask anyone to forgive me, I'm a bad man-boy-person, whatever. And I admire the way they so easily forgive, it's a kid show, of course they're going to do it (if we're staying faithful to the characters), but still.

I greatly enjoyed it, and I'm sorry, for two days now I've been telling you the shittiest times of my life, sorry.

As for my advice to kids suffering from bullying.

Have you seen the episode with babs? Yeah, pretty much that, I know situations wildly vary but it's always a good idea to tell someone you trust. And never swoop down to their level, or any sort of reason and probability of everything going down smoothly with you getting taken care off, goes down the drain. They don't care who hit first, if you hit back, you're equally as bad.

(It's unfair, but hey)

Thank you for writing this

Anybody else think that this story'd make a good episode?

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