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I am a budding electronic music producer who's trying his hand-erm-hoof at writing. I use ClubCreate, FLStudio 11, and play the piano and ukulele. check my channel for Let's Plays and Music and stuff.


Gilda left Rainbow Dash in a cloud of dust as she pushed off to fly away that year and a half ago. What things she left are things she never got to say and feelings she never got to express. A year and a half later, Fluttershy discovers Gilda in her nest/perch on one of the Everfree Forest trees. Fluttershy tells Rainbow and Pinkie. The trio set off on a journey to find Gilda, and that leads them to Gilda's most recent hiding place; Fillydelphia.

Sometime later, the group attempts to get Gilda to stay. This leads into many things, such as Rainbow tackling Gilda, and Gilda scratching Rainbow's foreleg. Gilda escapes temporarily, and Pinkie is assigned to return with Gilda. The tired griffon is unsuccessful at eluding the party pony and, reluctantly, Gilda follows Pinkie back to the place where she left Fluttershy and injured Rainbow Dash.

NOTE: If the original author sees this and wants me to take it down, I will understand.

I'm sorry I don't know the original artist for my cover image. If the artist sees this and wants it down or replaced, again, I will do it.

First story. Feel free to criticize to your heart's content.

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I just realized that I have no idea how to tag even though I read that guide.

It would help if you linked the original fic

Comment posted by MusicAndStuffProductions deleted Aug 5th, 2013

2989587 I did put a link to the original. It's at the Author's Notes section.

that was really sweet :heart:
You should remove that *sex* tag, the kissing is already mentioned in the *romance* tag ;)



Sorry 'bout that.

This was my first fic, so I still had no idea how to tag.
Truth be told I still have no idea how to tag.

EDIT: There. It should be fixed now.

Hey dude, this is really good :twilightsmile: this gave enough detail to make the story full but it didn't progress crazy quickly :pinkiehappy: genuine like and favourite here, this is great

Yay! another Gilda story! I wrote my own, but it's not done yet...:rainbowlaugh:

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