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Trixie just wanted a quiet Hearth's Warming alone. Then a magical flying reindeer crashed into her cart. Whom Trixie somehow managed to convince she's actually a competent hero. Now Trixie is on an epic adventure to save the holiday from an evil villain. Can Trixie finally be the hero? And is this story rendered in stopmotion?

A Christmas story I whipped up. Basically this is meant to be a homage to older Christmas specials and kind of intentionally cheesy and over the top. So if it's cheesy and over the top, I totally meant for it to be. But it should also be an action adventure story.

And yes, I'm aware it's late! I have a life!

Cover Art thanks to VOJELLY on DA!

Chapters (3)
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What's this? A fanfic that actually takes into account character growth and comic canon? Spectacular!

Very nice story so far. Trixie seems to be staying fairly in character and is interesting without being overblown. I look forward to seeing more of this.


Indeed. I enjoy the fantasy that Trixie GOT A CLUE after the Alicorn Amulet incident, (and the Magic Heart novel acted like the Alicorn Amulet incident didn't even happen), it's like the show's writers don't know what to do with her when she's not being an obstacle to overcome, when the comics show that Trixie is perfectly capable of adding to the story without being a baddie.

Ok! Great story so far as usual! :pinkiehappy: I really like the idea of having Trixie in a heroic position in a "Holiday Special" of all things. I...um must confess I made a most unforgivable mistake...I read Trixie's song in the style of a Weird Al Yankovic polka. I'm so sorry.

Hmm ... though I think that Trixie is making a big assumption when she figures Leidr is a renegade Pegasus. There's something else, something obvious and far worse, that it could be ... a Windigo.

Dang it, I forget the movie that had that dance-off line!

I love the cheese (in both senses)! I hope that doll and the rat who was in love with her work it out somehow, good luck to those crazy kids.

One thing surprised me: Cupid is prettier than Vixen? For some reason I would have guessed the other way around.

Trixie was currently dancing while humming a Hearth's Warming Eve carol.
“What are you doing?” the Rat King asked in a completely bewildered tone.
“Dance off, seemed a bit more fun,” the nutcracker said, continuing to hum before doing a moonwalk back a few feet. “Come on! You were so theatrical before!”
The tyrannical rodent growled and stalked forwards. “No, seriously! What are you doing?!”
Trixie did the closest thing to a smirk her wooden face was capable of. “Trixie's doing what she does best! Diverting attention! VIXEN NOW!”


Interesting choice to make Santa Hooves a reindeer instead of a pony.

Action-packed, funny and heartwarming. And the Rat King got what he deserved. Love it. :D

So glad Trixie got an uninterrupted moment in the spotlight. :D

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