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Talon and Thorn


Medley is often known as a rather prickly pony but recently she's been more moody than usual. Could it be something to do with the holiday season and the fact she isn't going to visit her family this year?

When her friends find out the reason behind her bad mood they set out on a quest which takes them across Equestria to try and bring a very Medley Hearth's Warming to her.

A festive story taking place in the Cadenceverse.

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¡Yeah! ¡Another story in this ’Verse!

Nothing like working for transportation. I hear stories about women working their ways all over the country by helping male truckers.

This Fancy Pants. is as nice as the 1 in the ManeVerse. In alternate Universes, one never knows.

It looks like they might get back to Ponyville on time. That means that something else will go wrong in the next chapter. ¡Gotta keep up the dramatic tension!

“It looked bad,” said Lyra, “But we persevered and now we’re on the home stretch, nothing can go wrong now!”

Dang it, Lyra...

Now I'm picturing the train pulling in, only to find that Medley changed her mind and coughed up the bits to go to her folks' place in Manechester in some sort of awkward Gift of the Magi slap in the muzzle.

Another Cadanceverse fic? Sign me up!

Poor Medley. that's gotta suck!

Oh, Lyra! What wacky hijinks do you have planned?!

Nice fancy Pants, there. good job making sure they weren't too competent at their jobs, too. It would've been easy to have them be super-competent, but this is a lot more realistic and better.

*Throws ALL the pillows at Lyra*

D'aww! Talon, that was great. :D

Dogger and Rockall, huh?

Was Germane Bight not at home?


Despite the title of the next chapter they won't be travelling that way, this is an everyone rated story :pinkiegasp:


Not necessarily as nice, just not a nasty pony, he is after all getting good service at this point.


There was a third brother at one point he was also named after a shipping forecast location but I forget which one I used, I guess Medley's lucky she didn't get named Lundy, unless she did, she left home for some reason.

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