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A terrible affliction has befallen the peaceful town of Ponyville, and the lavender unicorn and her friends are right in the middle of it! And the edges of it. Heck, it's pretty much lavender unicorns all over.

A story unrelated to anything.

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I came. I saw. I lol'd.

What you did there, I see it.

Some crazy shenanigans going on :twilightoops:

I'm having a giant "what the freak am I reading" moment right now xD

This is...good? I'm not sure how I feel. Maybe a more comprehensive description shall come when I am less confused.

If the entire town morphs into Twilights I will laugh and laugh.

Well, okay then. I didn't realize I would be correct. I was expecting some sort of metaphor.

[“Lyra? Seriously? Who has time to find Lyra?” Dash quipped.


“It’s my go-to fraction."

Twenty percent isn't technically a fraction, Rainbow. And you want to be Twilight? I don't think so. Though an army of Twilight level unicorns could be useful.

Kinda remind of that story where everypony was Trixie.

Right now I'm just thinking Celestia sized Twilight.......if only.

Also, what about the cutie marks? Rarity still has hers so I assume that whatever this is it doesn't change those or she simply hadn't gone that far. If it does change cutie marks, what does it mean for those without them originally?

I really want to see more of this.

Not bad Dash, way to adapt. Gonna have to learn some more math if you want to be Twilight, however.

Interesting that everypony is turning into lavender unicorns when from the sound of things Twilight is a lavender alicorn.

*sees title*
bravo, good sir.

Jesus Christ, how horrifying. :twilightoops:

I am grinning like an idiot. Please continue.

I love this fic so much right now. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't decide if I want to laugh, or strangle you for the continued usage of "said the lavender unicorn". It is a sign of a good author that you can tell who is speaking without being told though, so I suppose you are off the hook.

Is Spike with Twilight in Canterlot?

Everything should be alright as long as people don't start developing OCD as well.... DUN DUN DUN

I hope this doesn't mean you've given up on Harmony Theory. :twilightoops:

But twi is an alicorn, and Pegasi already lost their wings so how does that work

The final twist of the story will be that all the ponies of Ponyville find themselves shipped with whoever the author's favorite pairing for Twilight is. Cue epic hornduels and screaming matches!

...before somepony gets it in their head to start somethin’ stupid.”
“Like an arts degree?”
“Sure, why not?

That line right there got you the thumb, and the fav.

Well, yeah, it's kinda the point of the fic considering the title, no? :twilightsmile: Though you make an excellent point, it is indeed a great signifier of skill that the trope can be abused for comedy and still *work.*

“Lyra? Seriously? Who has time to find Lyra?”

Man, fuck 20% cooler, this is Rainbow Dash's new catchphrase.

I would die if I turned into Twilight, THAT UGLY MANE CUT, THAT PURPLE COAT, THAT TAIL. Euuuugh

This is not going to end well.

And before we find that Twilight is indeed the culprit.

I wonder who else is affected?

~Skeeter The Lurker

I see what you did there. lol. Sneaky! Just waiting for everypony to turn into Twilight alicorns! :twilightsheepish:

...and then Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Spike turn into alicorns Twilights? :trollestia:

Soo.... if everypony else is turning into Twilight.... what's .... what's Twilight turning into? D:

Comment posted by CWi deleted Apr 6th, 2022

This is awesome. I love this so much. Can't wait to see more hilarity ensue!

I think the line that sold me on this fic was

“Excellent. Since that matter’s settled, I suppose all that’s left is deciding which of us stays to keep the town from panicking onetwothreenotme!”

Pure. Win. Thumbs up and fave.

The real Twilight is in the shadows watching it all unfold.
It's all going according to plan! First use Ponyville (and the surrounding area) as a test bed for her spell to turn everyone into Unicorn!Twilight, then step #2: Train them in the art of magic and if all goes well expand to larger cities. Then afterwards with her Twilight army she takes over Equestria and/or the neighboring countries! GENIUS!

Oooor it's all just a tragic fluke!

Hm, I don't think it's Discord's doing. Pissing off (at least) one whole town by turning them all into high-level magi seems a bit too sucidal.

Or Twilight is a virus, spreading in all of the Maretrix.

You haven't referred to anyone other than Rarity as "the lavender unicorn" yet. On that fact specifically I'm wavering between disappointment and apprehension.
Otherwise very funny, ironic, and meta fic. You have been the catalyst for many facedesks and I anticipate many more.

I'm an arts student and I resent that statement.
Nonetheless I shall fave and up-thumb this. It's too damn funny not to.

An idea for your story that al stalions turn in dusk shine

I can't wait to see Scootasparkle, Twilight Belle, Apple Sparkle, and Big Twilitosh. Or Big Shinintosh?


I do not understand why LUS is considered a derogatory thing on this site. Truth, an over abundance of it can be very, VERY annoying, BUT SO CAN AN OVER ABUNDANCE OF PROPER NOUNS.


"Hi, Fluttershy." Twilight said.

"Hello, Twilight." Fluttershy responded.

"How are you?" Twilight asked.

"I'm doing fine." Fluttershy said in return.

"Glad to hear." Twilight happily said.

Lyra? Who has time to find Lyra?


It's my go to fraction.

you sir ... have ALL the win here

Twilight is the Pony Borg!

She's assimilating the rest!


They still have their own cutie marks, right? So they shouldn't be getting Twilight's magical talent, even if they do get unicorn magic out of the deal.

Wonder of any of the stallions have already genderflipped, or do they just get the coloration and horn? Dash still seems to have her athletic build, so they're not identical copies of unicorn!Twilight, not yet at least. Come to think of it, do pegasi lose their cloudwalking abilities along with their wings? Better carry a sturdy umbrella. :twilightoops:


Lavender bedlam is best bedlam.

Comment posted by Buckshot2825 deleted Jun 11th, 2013

“It’s my go-to fraction.”


Also, Poor Zecora :pinkiesad2:
(P.S. Stupid site wouldn't let me edit my comment >:()

I suggest Sparkaloo, Twiley Belle, Sparklebloom, Twility, Rainbowlight, Sparklejack, Twikie, Twittershy.

Yeah, yours are better. But there's also Twicord, Twily Hooves, Twike... oh man this story's gonna be awesome. I wonder if stallions will change genders?

Yours are good too. :twilightsmile:

I wonder if an extended "twilification" will also end up influencing (until full change) everyone towards the lavender unicorn's mindset, tendancies, ...
A few days later, Twilight comes back from Canterlot and opens her library's door...

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