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I am a writer dabbling in many genres. I only write what I love, and can only hope for others to love it the same. This is usually no the case.

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    Hey guys. So...

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Leaving FiMFiction · 5:18am Mar 6th, 2017

Hey guys. So...

I've decided that I no longer want to write stories for FiMFiction anymore.

I'm ending my current story, partly because of this and partly because I'm no longer happy with how it's going.

The main reason is that it has been brought to my attention that FiMFiction has been become a bit of a breeding ground for some truly hateful people, topped off by the fact that honestly I don't read fanfictions any more.

The whole place just feels dead to me now. Which is a shame, because I have such fond memories here.

This doesn't mean I'm done writing. I'm still creating content on Tumblr, FurAffinity, and a few other sites. And I've been told that Archive of Our Own is a nice place to post fanfiction, so I might move there. Maybe rework one of my terribly flawed stories over there.

It's been fun. But honestly, as with DeviantArt, I no longer have any interest in creating for this website.

Thanks for the ride, and good bye.

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Comments ( 3 )

Well... could you at least send us links to the other places you'll still be at?


Most of the places I am at are NSFW, so linking them is prohibited.
This is a list of all of my Tumblr blogs. I have many. I do not write fanfic on Tumblr however.

My Furaffinity I cannot link to, but I don't write fanfic there either. Instead, I write more original works, along with a few Pokemon smut fics. If anyone wants to find it, it is under the username tmansl997 (a user name I wish I could get rid of.)

I also write chapters for the Unending BE Addventure on occasion, I tag them all with my user name.

That is all that I have I'm afraid. I haven't decided whether or not I actually want to write fics on Ao3 yet. To be completely honest, I'm a bit burnt out on trying to write fanfics. I'd rather try and continue developing my drawing skills and focus on my comic fanworks instead. Still, that doesn't mean I won't try and write stories when the mood hits me.

What do you mean FiMFiction has become a breeding ground for hate?

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