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I am a writer dabbling in many genres. I only write what I love, and can only hope for others to love it the same. This is usually no the case.

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This story has picked up my intrest looking forward to more my friend ^_^ (also dont go hollow)

You have my attention. Keep going...

I must say I really like this, I definitely can't wait to see more to this in the future.:twilightsmile:
I'm also kinda curious as to what kind of role Nightshade will play in the story as awhile back I came up with a batpony stallion with the same name, I mean sure he was a unicorn but still I really want to see where this all goes :yay:

Now that ive finally got to read this, I am very interested and cant wait for more. It was a nice start, and the characters are very a nice cast. I like it!

I like it so far. and I love the backstories for Star and Nights backstories.

Its good to see Dream making friends, and Ghouls? I like the idea of it.

How'd you come up with the name Hollow Shades?

7187713 The name was discovered on the official map of Equestria, from what I remember. For years it has been the headcanon home town for thestrals/bat ponies. I've decided to expand upon this, making it a home to all of Equestria's outcasts, all of the creatures who want to live in Equestria but don't feel safe in normal towns because of their appearance or background.

I'm curious about the rather broken structuring of the sentences (sudden line breaks in mid-sentence); it made this chapter somewhat difficult to read. Is the structuring intentional, or is it just an error that occurred during the editing process?

Also, I'm really enjoying this story so far.:twilightsmile:

Line breaks mid-sentence? I'll have to look into that, sounds like a formatting error. If possible, could you point out where you saw them?

7319733 Nevermind, saw what you meant. No idea how that happened!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, should be all fixed now. And also thanks, glad you're enjoying it! Glad to know some people are getting something out of it at least.

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