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Upon reading an ancient book from a long-lost civilization, Twilight accidentally unleashes an army of creepiness upon Equestria. However, these characters seem to have been downgraded on the scare factor due to them being ponies now.

Art by BEN-pastaaa

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Aww.... and here I was hoping Slendy and Fluttershy would have a bit of development before he left...

It's gonna be them zapping each one back in the book isn't it? :ajbemused:

Oh god splendourman is in there too.

I see splendourman, slenderman, jeff the killer, ben, the mask guy (forgot his name) but what the hell is the blue one and the female pony with the button cutie mark?

mmm i thought the Tulpas where a creppy pastas... well i guess that only the evil ones

The mask guy is eyeless jack. This is gonna be fun like and fav. I have been waiting for a story like this you know.

Hit you with a stick I say he stabs them with a knife. I have a question your making the creepy pastas pushovers Jeff would easily rip someone open with his hands or hooves, he has done it before and slende would tear them all apart the stare wouldn't even have an effect on him. That is a lot o fproblems so far.

1898761 true, but the joke is that they have come to the canon world, not the fanon world, so there is no blood or violence, hence why Slender Man didn't kill Fluttershy by staring at her, therefore, Jeff cannot find a knife, since a knife has not appeared in the show yet, so the closest thing he can find is a stick.

I HAVE BEEN DECIEVED THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. But it is still pretty entertaining so ill watch. Say can you make a story where they did go into a non-cannon scenario.

So Big Mac is with his honey and they're making out when the phone rings. He answers it and the voice is “What are you doing with my daughter?” You tell her and she says “My dad is dead”. THEN WHO WAS PHONE? (Yes, it was probably her mother.)

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you, "Slender Mane" ?


This is gold.
I shall stick around to see what happens..

i all ways wanted something like this to be written

thank you sir thank you so much

and i hope jeff is in the next chapter

a little fast paced. other wise looks interesting

can someone name them all i only know like 3 out of the 6 creepypastas on the front

1901633 from left to right, Splendor Man, Sally, Jeff The Killer, Slender Man, Eyeless Jack, Ben, Masky.


thanks i guess also when is a new chapter coming

:derpytongue2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2:All of my yes and derps.:pinkiehappy:

more please

when are new chapters coming up????

Hehehe, I knew Slendermane didn't stand a chance against Fluttershy's stare.

So, I read this real quick before going to school and now I can say I follow you for another reason than fwiendship. A bit rushed, but I like the idea and would love to see more :3

Like + Follow = New chapters...Please:fluttershysad:

Cutie Mark Crusader Demon Slayers, yeah!!!

great they're gonna get fucked up

you updated!!!
what took so long?

2309044 I had a classic case of writers block. Updates should be more frequent now.

Oooh will we be seeing Cupcakes Pinkamena?:pinkiecrazy: Also great story, very funny and what took so long?

Update: Just looked at the bottom coment. Hate it when that happens.

herobine? really?

but he is still he is a real creepypasta

in minecraft
in reallife

Applebloom!!! :twilightangry2:
U were asleep! I didn't think you'd mind. :applecry:

It would be awesome if the Crooked Man got a chapter. :twilightsmile:

When they go against zalgo they don't stand a chance

I demand more. but really this is a good story. I wish it would be longer for them to live.

i hope the not so creepypastas get a good home and slender and jeffy didnt die... sadface.

2419871 OOH! OOH! DON'T FORGET SONIC.EXE AND TAILS DOL AND THE OTHERS! :twistnerd::pinkiehappy:

This cancelled? Pff that sucks, a lot of potential in this one.

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