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Lyra, Parish, and Octavia have a client, only they can't see who it is.

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At the center of eternity, the cradle of creation, lies madness’ beating heart. Thine lips shall never speak the mad god’s name, thine eyes shall never gaze upon its majesty, for the begotten consequences be too horrible for mortal minds.

~A scholar at the Ancient One Archive

And heres another good one that I personally liked. :pinkiehappy:
I'm curious though journey what gave you the idea to write this? :rainbowderp:

Not quite as good as the SCP one from yesterday, but I liked this piece.

I'm sensing an homage to Frederich Nietzsche famous quote "When one gazes into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you".
Well I am definitely a total sucker for anything involving the Elder Gods, and various other Lovecraftian abominations. Needless to say I ate this story up for breakfast :twilightsheepish:

I honestly thought that would be the worst received one. I have no idea why it has gotten so popular. The story on that one is minimal at best. :rainbowhuh:

Yes, this is a little tribute to Azathoth, who I do not mention by name but heavily imply in this one and The Wandering Shadows.

Look up The Strange Music of Octavia. Without that one, this would have probably never been created, and the first two clues that there might be something more going on than a set of stories.

3385507 I'll be sure to do that! :pinkiehappy:

Definitely interesting. I admit myself curious as to what other stories are coming.


Good horror stories, in my opinion, scare children but intrigue adults. Of course they offer everybody a thrill, but they cause us to ask questions about the mysterious foe pitted against our protagonists, or simply whatever we're presented with in the case of SCP-009.

009 was enigmatic in how it operated; possessing god-like powers yet not being referred to as such. The stakes are raised at the very beginning of the story by telling us the protocols for its containment which begs the question as to what could be so powerful. Seeing that the communication protocols had been crossed out, that causes us to ask why communication for something clearly so powerful and menacing would be cancelled if it posed this great of a threat.

The Mad God is also somewhat enigmatic. It's a God: an entity of raw power, the embodiment of creation and destruction. But as opposed to 009, we are TOLD of its power as opposed to being SHOWN. When we enter 009's lair, we see the end results of its power. When we see the ponies interact with 009, the thing becomes characterized even if it only uses others. We also witness the short-term effects of 009 from the physical trauma it can inflict on its host from the mind. Additionally, we learn its motive is entertainment; and when it gets loose, we know it can't be negotiated with. That final redaction, the lengthy one, lets us know that it's something that Equestrian society knows to fear. It should also be noted some of the more direct measures of its power, such as the fact that the creature poses a threat to even Princess Luna herself should she enter 009-2's dreams.

In the case of the Mad God, however, we are simply told. It's hard to characterize an unspeaking thing. I know that the point is to present an anomaly that exists beyond our realm of comprehension, and it is not to say your work on the Mad God was poor, but actions from the creature would speak louder than words.

You did good with the confines of your scenario, but it wasn't nearly as intriguing or mysterious as 009, something that I still think about regularly.


Good stuff. Lovecraft through and through!

I was hoping for The King in Yellow, but the origin of the Mad God's Pipers works for me. I hope Octy comes out of this more or less intact...

Considering that this is the unofficial prequel to the Strange Music of Octavia, your mileage on Octavia may vary.

I shall check it out, that sounds interesting. And ominous.

Grom nom nom, delicious Lovecraft. :rainbowkiss:

I just love the feeling of smallness I guess reading stuff like this. The things beyond understanding being described in such odd ways always intrigues me ^.^ very well written and very good feel to the story.

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