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Commissions · 2:53pm Apr 16th, 2017

Commission Status: CLOSED

Slot 1: CLOSED
Stage: Writing

Slot 2: CLOSED

As an author of horse words, I decided to throw my lute and shortsword +2 into the ring and offer my services to the public! As of this post, I am somewhat new to accepting commissions, so I beg pardon and hope you will bear with me.

Below are my rules and regulations concerning commissions. I am typing this as I go, so I apologize if this ends up being considerably longer than anticipated, but if you wish to commission me and I am to receive a commission from you, it is best for all parties involved to be fully aware of the situation we are both agreeing to.

Please note that the rules (and most important to you, prices) may change in the future. These rules are only in effect as soon as you ask me for a commission, not before or after. I will review everything with you before accepting a commission, so don’t fret about a lack of communication.

Let’s get right into it!


I will have up to two stories available for commission at all times. I do not expect to write fanfictions that exceed 20,000 words in length, but should that come to pass, I will make one of the following choices on a case by case basis.

> Accept the commission after current commissions slots are complete.
> Deny the commission on the grounds it will take too much time to write.

I do accept “short fic” prompts and vignettes. I do encourage the idea for them to be sufficient enough to break the 1,000 word fimfiction limit.

I do accept “micro fics”, stories that will end up less than 1,000 words. These by necessity will be posted in my Journeyman’s Journal or Journeyman’s Journal: Adult Edition stories depending on the content. These will generally have priority due to their short size (See Pricing for details on cost for micro fics).

The status of my commissions will always be marked on this blog post, and I will have a link to it at all times on my Fimfiction page. When a commission slot opens up, I will contact the next person in the queue and discuss their commission. Should both parties (myself and the commissioner) agree to terms and how to proceed on the commission, the status slots will be updated accordingly.

I will take a your counsel on the matter, but I reserve the right to have as many chapters as I deem appropriate. I will discuss budgetary concerns with you concerning story length. It should be understood that achieving an exact length of a story, especially for longer commissions, can be very difficult. I will aspire to do my best to meet your word/budget restrictions, but should I feel like a story may be better suited if it were longer or shorter, I will bring it up to you. Longer than anticipated word limits will be upcharged on the second payment. Shorter than anticipated stories will receive a downcharge on the second payment. See Pricing for details on the matter.

Should I deem myself unwilling or unable to write a particular story, I reserve the right to deny a commission. See Content for further details if needed.

Requesting Commissions

For my own peace of mind and ensuring there is both a trail of discourse and clear communication, I will not be accepting any commissions unless I am sent a private message using Fimfiction’s private message system. Please provide a range for both word count you desire and price you are willing to pay. I have a particular style, so I will make suggestions concerning price and word count on an as needed basis and will be forthcoming with this information. I have provided this format for you to fill out if you are uncertain about what you need to provide:

Fanfiction name (if applicable): A list of names you would like your story called.
Cover art (if applicable): Please provide no more than three images and source links if you wish to have a particular cover art.

Minimum word count:
Maximum word count:

Minimum price range:
Maximum price range:

Commission description: Your commission details

Please note I do reserve the right to decide the final title of the story and the cover art, but I will accept any and all recommendations you provide.

I will work with you over PMs to hammer out the details of your commission up to and including: content, plot twists, characters, length, commission cost, ending, themes, and genres. Exact details of this discussion are done on a case by case basis depending on what your commission is. I do have a Discord account and will offer this should you or I need to communicate for an extended period of time. I will not force you to download the software and will communicate with  private messages if needed. I will also provide a predictive outline of the story and break it up into estimated word length segments.

Discussion with the next commissioner begins after I have an empty slot, and I will move down the queue of those that ask me. After the discussion, I will review all details of the commission with you, and should you accept, your commission will be added in the open slot. Should you have any questions or clarifications, I am free to answer them at any time. Should you wish to withdraw your commission and ask for a refund, I will only do so for full stories (Meaning, no refunds will be provided for short fics or micro fics). See Pricing for details concerning refunds.


I am accepting of a wide variety of commissions. I am very fond of horror, sci-fi, and adventure stories personally. I do accept requests for stories of a sexual nature as well. I will bring it up to you if I believe I am not skilled enough to give you a publishable product, and should you request something I am unsure I can effectively write in a story that I am otherwise capable of writing, I will bring this up to you as well. Should I feel like I cannot write your commission to my standards, I will deny the commission and state the reason why. You are more than welcome to alter your commission should you see fit and resubmit it for commission at any time.

For stories of a sexual nature, I have personally written a wide variety of fetishes, but there are some where I do draw the line. I will bring this to your attention if you commission something I am unfamiliar with uncomfortable with writing, or feel incapable of writing. If I am unfamiliar with your fetish, I endorse providing an example, but please do not provide it unless asked. If you have a fetish I am unfamiliar with and you find it enjoyable, I will strive to portray it correctly.

I am open to straying from the canon norm. I can and will write original characters (OCs) or alternate universes (AUs), providing I can understand their appeal to a wider audience. Anything I write will be published on Fimfiction, and it is expected for me to have my commissioned work available.

A confirmed commission does warrant you certain rights. I will send you periodic updates via Fimfiction private messages concerning progress, scene development, and characterization. I may include scenes or segments in the private message and ask for your opinion on the matter, or just confirming that you will be receiving what you are requesting. Estimated time of completion, word count, and pricing will be updated for in in this manner.

I will do everything in my power to give you a quality fanfiction to my standards. I will strive to give you exactly as you wish, paid with your hard-earned money


Upon confirming a commission and adding it to an open story slot, I will demand half the price of the story up front before I commit to any writing (for micro fic prices, see below). The other half of the price will be delivered upon story completion and after it has been edited.

For full stories and short fics, I charge ten (10) American dollars up front, with five (5) per thousand words. Word count will be rounded up to the nearest thousand. For example:

> A story of 1,000 words will cost $15.
> A story of 1,500 words will cost $20.
> A story of 2,000 words will cost $20.
> A story of 2,500 words will cost $25.
> A story of 3,000 words will cost $25.
> A story of 3,500 words will cost $30.

> A story of 5,000 words will cost $35.
> A story of 10,000 words will cost $60.

Of course, I cannot know the ending word until the story is completed and edited. After the review (See Discussing Commissions) I will give you an estimate word length and will give you a final price. Half of this price must be paid upfront before I start work on your commission. The other half is paid upon story completion.

Should the length of your story during your review shift between then and story completion, your second payment will be debited or credited accordingly. For example:

> A story estimated to be 5,000 words will have two payments of $17.50. Should the length (and thus price) shift to 10,000 words, the second payment will be $42.50 upon completion.

> A story estimated to be 5,000 words will have two payments of $17.50. Should the length (and thus price) shift to 2,000 words, the second payment will be $2.50 upon completion.

Micro fics will have a flat rate of $10.

All transfer of funds will be paid through the Paypal service.

Finally, and it may sound draconian or petty, but failure to pay the second payment, or refusal to pay the second payment, will render your fic unpublishable for Fimfiction or yourself until I have confirmed payment.


I do appologize, but I will not accept refunds for short fics or micro fics. If you make it far enough in the commission process to request a refund, and that I am not selling a satisfaction guaranteed product, requests for refunds will all be denied. My only exemption is that If I have yet to start writing your story, or am still in the scripting phase, I may accept a refund on a case by case basis. I will allow you to plead your case, but the final decision lies with me. Multiple and/or repeated refund requests will result in automatic denial of refund or refusal of future commissions.

Paypal does ensure a fee when conducting a transfer of funds. Should you request a refund, know that, even if I accept, I will not be reimburse you for Paypal’s fee.

Final Thoughts

That ended up a little longer than I thought, but I hope I was clear enough for potential commissioners. Should you have any questions, feel free to pass me a message. The bard will be here a long while.


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