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After being just the teensiest bit greedy, Rarity opens up a can of worms that has farther reaching consequences than anyone could have possibly imagined.

(Description will be lengthened once i have more chapters up.)

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Its good, but seriously consider changing the title man, there's already two Spilights with the same title.

3826272 *sigh* Figured something like that might be the case. I'll see what i can come up with.

So Rarity is a dragon?:rainbowderp: How the heck did that happen?:rainbowhuh: Wait...it had something to do with the gem Spike gave to Rarity and the old holder for the elements she put the gem in isn't.:facehoof:

Pinkie Pie not Pinkie pie.

Ponyville, Canterlot, Rainbow Dash, Rainbow when referring to Dash, Rarity, Twilight, and those are really just the proper names I remember. Always capitalize proper names. Also, she'd not shed'.

Moving on, find a proofreader because this is excellent looking so far and quite interesting, but I'd hate to keep seeing it riddled with simple errors that are going to turn readers away.



I try to catch those myself whenever possible, but it's not easy the first time through.

And yes, i do need to find a proofreader...

Is this a Spilight or Sparity? I don't want to start reading and find out it's the wrong one.

annnnnnnnnddddddddddd they are already gone

If you can't get the names every time than hit ctrl+f and put them in and double check them: Spike, Twilight, so on.

Interesting turn of events...


The problem is really more the fact that most pony names are, infact, common words. i try to capitalize where I can remember, but I often miss it. the normal auto-capitalization feature doesn't do that with these 'names' because they're not 'real' names. trust me, I go over these things like three times, and I STILL keep missing these things.

I'd make a very poor editor, I'm afraid.


Good point. sorry, i'm bad at labeling my stories, i just write 'em.

Yeah kinda wanna know what this is about sparity or some random ass mf dragon idc about


If you guys REALLY want spoilers that badly, send me a note.

You were doing so good until the back half. Missed one Twillight, two Celestias, two Discords, and Rainbow Dash is two words, not one.

Can't wait for more chapters

Well, that explains why Spike is wingless and Vaeron could fill in a lot of holes about dragons. Though why and how Rarity got this way is still a mystery.

4075179 Judging by the description, I guess that rarity turns into a dragon. If this is, I will leave a dislike.
You have been warned.

I swear to god, if you ship Rarity with that dragon and not Spike, I'm going to be super pissed!!!!!!!! >:(

They forced her into bondage?

Did I not call this? Did I not call this? I didn't even read the story when I called this. I knew rarity would become a dragon. Dude, you need to rewrite your description, especially if people can call out plot points like this. Unless that dragon isn't rarity.

Comment posted by Obsidian Ink deleted Jun 16th, 2014

4551892 The description is planned to be altered once i have enough material down to cover the basics of the beginning of the story. I have a longer blurb in mind, but if i do it too soon, it gives away the plot before it's actually happened. I'm terribly sorry you dislike this approach, and can only ask you to bare with me.

4550598 I hope he ships rarity and the dragon and not spike :trollestia:

I'm caught up. Prepare for a dislike *likes story*
Ever heard of a troll?

4552334 I like the story. It's just the description was way easy to read. Or it wasn't and I am just a genius.

I love this story can't wait for more chapters

4552781 To be honest, i'm surprised you got that from just the description. most people would've assumed she took something and someone came after her for stealing, or an ancient artifact that tossed her into a wide flung adventure.

Transformed into a dragon? you must be psychic.

that or the Title tied into it somehow. ^^'

I've read chapter 6 and it seems that she does not agree with what he says, so it seems like Rarity won't be shipped with him. In the episode he appeared in, he's dangerous, seems to have a short temper, and was willing to kill a child. How would Rarity fall in love with someone like that?
The only dragon for Rarity is Spike!!!!!!!
(I'm a huge fan of Sparity, so don't you dare troll that shipping!!!!)

4552839 read the title and the first two lines of your description in a British accent. the accent makes you feel smarter.

Rarity + Spike= Hate
Rarity + Random Dragon= Interesting

if possible, i would like a small bit of clarification here. If you wish not to spoil it, a private message would be fine. It sounds interesting, but my soul will not allow me to read a Sparity only shipping story.

4552839 really, it surprises you that someone from the information "beautiful scales", "rarity" and added in the "Transformations" Group
could come to this conclusion:trollestia::raritywink:
But seriously, the plot you were going for is so obvious, i would be surprised if not at least 95% who did read the description came on that idea.

4590082 And i completely forgot that other people than me can add stories to groups. *Facepalm self*

I wonder how Thorntail is reacting to this.


4676517 probably gagging.

Obsidian: It sweet so far. I'm glad you decided to get the misunderstanding part of the story out of the way quickly so we can move on to what I hope will be the more interesting parts.

I am curious about Vaeron now. How does he know how to do the same thing that Spike can? Or is he Spike from the future:pinkiegasp:. No that is just stupid.

An update! I'm happy to see this story continued!

I would say that using dragonfire to send a message is something that dragons in general can do, not just Spike.

Yeah, that's what I took from it too. It's a neat idea. Most authors I've read go with the idea that it's a spell that Celestia cast on Spike, or some weird side-effect of his magical hatching by Twilight. I like the idea that it might be something dragonfire does naturally, which suggests that Spike and/or Twilight might have stumbled on it completely by accident (probably literally). That sets up a nice little story of its own, doesn't it?

5058275 Isn't stupid. There is a time travel spell, and if used by a dragon, could be permanent.

Oh my god I'm loving this story, it's like everything good in a 300 mile radius got together with MLP and a dragon then merged into this gem. I have been looking for a good Rarity turning into a dragon fic for weeks if not months. I found a few before this, but they were all horrible. Please answer my prayers again and continue this. I'll be your best friend!~:pinkiesmile:

If your stuck on how to end it, Spike facing and rejecting his greed ended his transformation into a big dragon sooooo

6657743 oh, i've got PLANS for this one. things just are a little hectic right now, making it hard to write. Don't worry though, there's gonna be a LOT more chapters.

Lizards with many legs, hard hides, eyes that turn to stone when look in them unless lizard dead. Bugs that claw through rock, and eat dogs whole. Little things on two legs with wings of bat, that throw fire at us. Many others too.”

Soooo..... Basilisks, Changelings and Succubi. Fantastic. :ajbemused:

“Oh my...” Fluttershy whimpered, still staring at the pale dragoness before them.

“Oh fer... she's dun locked up.” Applejack said, facehoofing.

“Is something the matter?” Discord asked, looking down at Fluttershy.

“She's got Dragon phobia.” Twilight said

That would probably be Draconophobia.

I can just imagine...

"say, Raridragon. Are you still wearing the necklace?" :rainbowhuh:
"Actually, yes." :raritywink:
"take that off." :facehoof:
"What?" :duck:
"Take. it. off." :twilightangry2:
(removes necklace) *poof!*
"Oh." :duck:

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