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Are you writing about something that falls outside your experience or education? Are you getting tired of reading stories rife with technical, cultural and scientific inaccuracies?

Then welcome to the Questions and Answers Group! Or the Q & A Group for short! Here people with extensive knowledge in a particular field of interest or study will be able to post threads for which others can learn more of the intimate details that they might implement into a story.

We have a few rules here to better facilitate the exact purpose of this group.

1. Respect Everyone - This includes keeping questions in Q & A threads serious and oriented towards becoming informed. If you'd like to organize a Q & A thread or would prefer a general social discussion. Please head to the Social Thread. Do not belittle, insult, bait, threaten or discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, income level or education level.

2. Stay on Topic - Do not stray too far from the subject matter of a specific Q & A thread. If you think that a topic worthy of specific interest is warranted that has stemmed from a previous Q & A, feel free to head the Social Thread to discuss and plan it.

3. If you want a specific Q & A for a subject that does not currently exist, send a personal message to one of the group's administrators, and we will work on finding someone willing to hold a Q & A devoted to that topic.

4. If you feel that your Q & A thread has reached a certain threshold of quality where it should be saved for future, easy-to-access reference by future users, please contact one of the group's administrators, and we will discuss adding it to the planned Archive, which will organize Q & A threads according to subject.

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