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This group is for introverts who want to spread the word about being an introvert. '
You don't have to interact if you don't want to. It's just to spread the word to extroverts to create a sense of understanding.
You can rant, as long as you aren't horribly rude.

There is an official rule list in forum.
You can post stories involving introverts, but a character has to be an introvert in the story.

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I have found my people! :yay:
And now I must go recharge. :facehoof:
Seriously, hi there. :twilightsmile:

This group made me giggle. So I shall join.

Lumie is an introvert.

And since there's talk about spreading the word, I shall say this:
Introverts are not, by definition, shy. They are not, by definition, socially maladapted. They are not unfriendly. They love people just as keenly.

The only difference is this:
Extroverts expend mental 'energy' at rest, and regain it socializing. If you feel stressed out being alone for a little bit, and feel super-invigorated after going out? You're probably an extrovert!

Introverts expend energy socializing, and regain it at rest. We love going out with friends too! But after we need some time to recharge our batteries. On the plus side, we don't get so antsy nearly so fast being by ourselves!

Does having four friends, only having a real social interaction for an hour a week and spening most of my time with fanfics count as being introverted?

I have found my people. Umm... :fluttershysad: If that's okay with you... :fluttershyouch:

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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