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Starry Flake's Quick Summery of Her Life · 5:13am Aug 18th, 2014

Hello my name is Starry Flake. When I was a baby I was kidnapped from my home, Hallow Shades, and brought to the Crystal Empire. There I was sold to a mean old mare. After Two years staying with her I ran away and found myself in an adoption center. From there I was given a home with my foster parents, Lily Mist and Carmel Candy. We stayed in the Crystal Empire for about a year. After the bullies won't go away, we decided to move away to the peaceful country. Fillydephia was where we settled

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Thou shalt returneth one day...


*grabs purple pom poms, megaphone, and inhales* (to the tune of Pinkie's Welcome to Ponyville song)
Thank you thank you thank you, I'll throw my hooves round you!
Thank you thank you thank you, you must be good and true!
Thank you thank you thank you, I squeak hip hip hooray!
Thank you thank you thank you for the follow tooodaaayyyyyyyyy!
I very much appreciate it! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

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